Light Saber Versus Taser- And The Winner Is …

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

A man in Portland, Oregon, may hold the answer to indiscriminate use of   Tasers by police in his hands.  Seems the 33-year-old was shopping at Toys-R-Us, when he seized a toy light saber and began swinging the “weapon” at shoppers and mumbling incoherent statements. Police responded and the man met them in the parking lot seised for battle. A few swings later and the police whipped out their Tasers.  Simultaneously,  feeling and then opposing “The Force,” our Skywalker wannabe apparently mentally disabled the first taser when it failed to work. He then manually disabled the second with a well-placed blow of the plastic sabre breaking one of its wires. Sheer numbers ultimately led to the man’s capture. None of the shoppers in Toys-R-Us were harmed in the making of this episode.  The cosmic lesson seems to be that if you’re anticipating an encounter with Taser-wielding police, arm yourself with 1977  toys and sally forth!

Source: Yahoo News

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

10 thoughts on “Light Saber Versus Taser- And The Winner Is …”

  1. I had a tough day and this would be hilariously funny. If I was not concerned for the man. Tasers are very very dangerous and should be replaced with something more benign.

  2. pete,

    There you go being all humane and practical again. Talk like that will get you off of the Gestapo Christmas Card List.

  3. dammit jim, i’m a doctor, not a policeman.

    which is what it sounds like the guy needed, not a beatdown.

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