Is Nature Mourning The Dead One?

The North Korean media has add a new bizarre claim to the already bizarre demonstrations following the death of the “Dear One,” Kim Jong-il — a petty dictator who starved his people and destabilized a region. Now the state-run media in “the second happiest place on Earth” is proclaiming that Nature is mourning the passing of the dictator.

The media is citing ice cracks in the volcanic Chon lake near his reported birthplace at Mount Paektu and a mysterious glow on a mountain top as evidence that Nature is weeping. They cannot say God is mourning since the state is atheist.

In the meantime, Western experts are finding evidence of less divine signs over the death. South Korean intelligence is saying that satellite photos show the train that the “Dear One” supposedly died on never left the station on the claimed trip.

In the meantime, the “Nature mourns” crowd is continuing to find signs including a major snowstorm that hit when Kim died. Then again, there is that other notable event during the same period called winter.

Source: BBC

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    “There is little reason to worry about the policies of a Paul administration, despite his current lead in the Iowa polls. But the rise of the tea party and the vacuum of leadership in the Republican Party have created a space for Paul’s lethal fantasies, which if enacted would return us to the bad old days of mass poverty, rampant pollution, racial supremacy and all the other ills that characterized the America of the robber barons.”



    “But won’t there be some blowback? Won’t Mr. Romney pay a price for running a campaign based entirely on falsehoods? He obviously thinks not, and I’m afraid he may be right.

    Oh, Mr. Romney will probably be called on some falsehoods. But, if past experience is any guide, most of the news media will feel as though their reporting must be “balanced,” which means that every time they point out that a Republican lied they have to match it with a comparable accusation against a Democrat — even if what the Democrat said was actually true or, at worst, a minor misstatement.

    This isn’t an abstract speculation. Politifact, the project that is supposed to enforce truth in politics, has declared Democratic claims that Republicans voted to end Medicare its “Lie of the Year.” It did so even though Republicans did indeed vote to dismantle Medicare as we know it and replace it with a voucher scheme that would still be called “Medicare,” but would look nothing like the current program — and would no longer guarantee affordable care.

    So here’s my forecast for next year: If Mr. Romney is in fact the Republican presidential nominee, he will make wildly false claims about Mr. Obama and, occasionally, get some flack for doing so. But news organizations will compensate by treating it as a comparable offense when, say, the president misstates the income share of the top 1 percent by a percentage point or two.

    The end result will be no real penalty for running an utterly fraudulent campaign. As I said, welcome to post-truth politics.” (end of excerpt)

  3. Bron, I think Paul is trying to appeal to christian fundamentalists and civil libertarians at the same time. Don’t know how it will work out for him.

  4. FROM SM’s link:

    “Bob Vander Plaats, a social conservative kingmaker, said that while he respects Paul, “sometimes his libertarian views trump his moral compass.”

    that is an interesting statement.

  5. Jill,
    Your comments are outrageous. I want to know where your evidence is that Obama trashed the economy. The recession started in December of 2007 under Bush’s control. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the give away to the prescription companies and the two wars off budget were the major reasons whey the economy tanked. Look at job numbers and you will see that they have improved drastically since Obama took office. You are barking up the wrong tree.
    As to your outrageous comments comparing Obama to Kim Jung IL, facts and reason won’t deter your mission, so I won’t bother.

  6. Buffett is a fat cat social do gooder who gave Arnold advice and trashed California.

    OK SM you got me there. But I have a feeling it is a “marriage” of convenience for Warren. Obama screws up the economy, those “savvy” business friends of Obama’s screw up their companies and Warren buys them at fire sale prices.

    How savvy do you have to be?

  7. When anyone claims that Lefties worship Obama, that person immediately loses my attention. The extraordinary claim here is that Obama is above criticism; he has been criticized every minute of every day since halfway through his campaign.

  8. “Bron, Wrong…. Warren Buffett is as savvy a businessman as there is in the US, and he is best friends with Obama.”

    Buffett also wants to see a lot of good things done to help our economy, maybe I’m missing the point here, but associating Buffett with the Fat Cats who’s greed got us here is completely mistaken.

  9. Mom – I found it funny that some giant posterior in Congress would comment on the First Lady’s physique.

    Imagine how calmly they would have reacted if some D Congressman had noted how the former FL always had the glossy look of a Xanax zombie .

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