12 thoughts on “DITTO”

  1. Nal,

    The whole family enjoyed the picture and everybody wants the “ditto” guy to move in next-door to them.

  2. David,
    Great Picture. I wish I had thought of it first.

    I love it. I’m going to save it to show the family. We all sing but not as well as your Dad. Really cool.

  3. Amazing picture David!
    What pipes your Dad has! He is more than spry at 92. Congratulations and I hope he enjoys the dating scene!

  4. Ditto is the word uttered by Willard Romney when Newt advocated the arrest of activist judges last week.

  5. He looks like a Lady’s man…..I am glad you have a good relationship with your family…..

  6. AY

    Thank you. We feel that way. Dad plays golf twice a week (an 18 hole round on Weds. and 9 holes on Fri.). He goes to the gym twice a week and walks a couple of miles another two or three days. He’s cut his own hair since 1959. When my brothers and I play golf with him, we (all having inherited our mother’s myopia) rely on Dad’s eyesight to follow OUR golf balls. We refer to him as the man that time forgot. Mom passed away a year and a half ago and there are recent rumors Dad’s dating.

    Happy Holidays to all. Buon natale a tutti.

  7. RC,

    If your dad is 92 and appears in this great of shape…You are blessed…Thank you.

    To all….Happy Times to all who celebrate anything….Including Festivus….which appears to have been over looked on this blawg this year…

  8. I’ve never tried to post a You Tube video, so I hope this works. To all I offer my 92 year old father’s rendition of O Holy Night (12/14/11). If it doesn’t appear as a link, please cut and paste it. It’s worth it.

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