Chicago Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Station

We previously saw how a 36-year-old drunk driver crashed into a police cruiser. A man in Chicago, however, did one better: he crashed into a Chicago police station.

I am hoping the response time of the police was relatively short in this case after the plowed his 987 Chevy allegedly hit into the side of the station. He then doubled his problems by leaving the scene of the accident.
occupant of the car.

Source: NBC

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Station”

  1. Now there is poetic justice…

    Never could figure out when things happen to police affiliations, must have been DESERVED, after all, look at what they involve themselves with, corruptions, and fraud, all kinds of good excuses, we could not use if our lives depended on it….. Hell look at the maricoppa county sheriff, Joe M Arpaio, the man is indicted on the RICO ACT, for extortion racketeering money laundering fraud, what the helll….

  2. Well….when you don’t want to be arrested from DUI…and leaving the scene…Become a Uniformed Chicago Police….

  3. “Is this story really within the biosphere of this blog.” (Pietro – without a question mark)

    Must be as the owner of the blog posted it … your sensitivity to stories on drunks posted during the holiday is noted. (?)

  4. Is this story really within the biosphere of this blog. I did not put a question mark at the end of that sentence. Its a holiday week, courts are slow, take the week off rather than post this.

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