Court Orders Arrest of Lawyer After Judge Called “Catholic Knight Witch Hunter” in Bizarre Filings

A bankruptcy case in Minneapolis has produced some unexpected fireworks after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher ordered the arrest of an attorney who filed a bizarre litany of anti-Catholic remarks in a filing. Dreher ordered the arrest of lawyer Naomi Isaacson (left), who is president of a group known as the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology Inc.

The group has previously stirred up controversy over what is described as cult-like activities. A site that appears tied to the group explains:

The Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology was founded and is headed by Dr. R. C. Samanta Roy, a naturalized American citizen originally from India. The goal of this non-profit organization is to establish a world-class educational institute in the Shawano [Wisconsin] area.

Isaacson is also president of a subsidiary called Yehud-Monosson USA Inc., which owns gasoline stations and convenience stores. It was seeking Chapter 11 status to reorganize. That was changed to a Chapter 7 proceeding after a finding that Yehud-Monosson had acted in bad faith — permitting a trustee to liquidate assets to pay creditors (the ultimate fulfillment of this group’s sense of persecution and conspiracy).

The papers in the case included such observations as the courts being “composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church.” Dreher is called a “Catholic Knight Witch Hunter” carrying out the orders of the Vatican.

Netts has indicated that the words are Isaacson’s and that she felt “caught in the crosshairs” between ethics requirements and her client’s demands: “I was trying to approach the broader picture for this client.” She insists that she tried to find a lawyer to replace her, but “no one will touch the case.” That is not a very persuasive argument. No lawyer is required to be the mindless mouthpiece of a client. I have severed representation of clients, including a lawyer, who was acting in a fashion disrespectful to the court or to counsel. Notably, Nett, 36, was raised in the group and says that she became a lawyer because Cohen told her Jesus sent him in a vision telling her to go to law school.

Both women were fined $5000 and the arrest warrant was issued when Isaacson did not appear in court. The judge dropped her earlier demand for letters of apology because she found the women “unrepentant.”

The papers suggested that the case was part of a Catholic conspiracy and that court officials were a collection of “dirty Catholics” bent on their destruction.

Another related site, citing Issacson, proclaims “Catholism is NOT a religion but a business.” The website publishes the response of Isaacson to the Court. Here (Isaacson Response) which includes the following statement:

With respect to the reference to Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, that statement is indeed true and accurate. In referring to Nancy Dreher as being a “Catholic judge”, it is not referring to being a member of the Roman Catholic Church. It is referring to a mentality and an adherence to a universal creed of White Supremacy. “Catholic” also refers to membership in the universal Christian faith. All Christians have a creed: a belief in the father, son, and holy ghost. They believe that no one has rights to “heaven” except through their dirty book. They hold the patent to “god” and can go to every nation on earth to force their vomit down everyone’s throat. Nancy Dreher cleverly asserts that she is not “Catholic” in the sense that she claims not to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church, but she cannot deny her “catholic” mentality or catholic Christian origin which dictates a person’s entire life. Only “White Christians” have a right to life, and whether or not any minority has any rights is in the White Christians’ sole discretion. Even now, even though Nancy Dreher was clearly wrong in holding a secret hearing, she still stubbornly asserts she is right. That is the catholic mentality of a Christian. Nancy Dreher certainly is not Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, or Bhuddist [sic]. Nor is she an atheist. If she were an atheist, at least one could expect to see some justice.

Nancy Dreher’s actions speak louder than words as to who she is, what she is, and what she represents.
Thus, every single word in the aforementioned statement is true. No cause for sanction

In addition to $500 for each infraction, Nett was ordered to take 10 hours of classes in legal ethics over the next year.

Just to make this bizarre picture complete. The judge is not Catholic and, while noting that Isaacson “has absolutely no clue what my religious beliefs are, if any, and it is nobody’s business,” Dreher stated in a footnote that she was “not of any particular faith.”

This is the not first such religiously infused attack on a judge. Convicted church leader Warren Jeffs filed a renewed motion to force the judge to recuse herself. This time, however, the demand came reportedly came from God himself. State District Judge Barbara Walther was told that she should “step away from this abuse of power against a religious and pure faith in the Lord.”

Source: Twin Citiesas first seen on ABA Journal

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  1. As a Jew I take offense at the use of “beyond the Pale.” Where’s my Jewish lawyer?

  2. The Cult of the Fifth Grade met this afternoon at the bus stop awaiting departure and decided as a group that there are grounds to perceive that the Judge probably has Catholic bias against these cultists due to her use of the words “unrepentent” and “Beyond The Pale”. We believe that the bankrupt persons now being arrested, fined, and held in contempt should raise the First Amendment on all four of its legs: free speech, right to assemble, right to petition their government for redress of grievances and right to exercise their religion. The bankruptcy judge is probably immune from suit under the civil rights act but that should be explored. This evening one of our members intends to scour some website to learn more from the court pleadings. Due to the nature of this judge and her actions we will not reveal any of our members names on this blog or elsewhere. Today in class we learned about reading a tape measure and cutting wood trim to fit the measurements. It is remedial in some respects but the Fifth Grade is the last place we will learn the important stuff before they start drilling us with social studies and decorum. Fini.

  3. I find this psychologically interesting. I’m sure that many judges have had to deal with this sort of aggressive, “personal” ranting, but it generally comes from people who suffer from (or are on their way to being diagnosed with) schizophrenia.

    Given that these filings to the court were the combined work of the lawyer and the client, both members of the religious group, it seems unlikely that both of them are schizophrenic.

    Can intense group environments shape in individuals patterns of cognition that outwardly appear to be manifestations of mental illness? (In non-clinical terms, are there groups that get their members to see the world in such a way that they consistently speak and act as though they are totally nuts, in that particular paranoid schizophrenic style?)

  4. LiBerty,

    There seems to be some confusion…


    On Wednesday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher held a sanctions hearing and ordered the arrest of lawyer Naomi Isaacson, who is president of a group that filed for bankruptcy, report the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Associated Press. Dreher issued the arrest warrant because Isaacson failed to produce business records in the case.

    Dreher also fined Isaacson and her lawyer, Rebekah Nett, $5,000 each for “beyond the pale” court pleadings, according to the Pioneer Press. Isaacson did not show up for the hearing.

    Isaacson had written legal papers filled with Catholic slurs, including accusations that the courts are “composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church.” Nett had signed the papers.

    Nett told Dreher she felt “caught in the crosshairs” between ethics requirements and her client’s demands for certain language in the pleadings, the Pioneer Press says. She said she tried to find a lawyer to replace her, but “no one will touch the case.”

    1. Anon,

      Rebekah Nett is the attorney for the Debtor, Yehud-Monosson, of which Naomi Isaacson (who also happens to be an attorney) is President.

      Not sure why they are wording it that way.

  5. anon nurse
    1, January 6, 2012 at 11:29 am
    Rebekah Nett is Isaacson’s lawyer.

    “Her voice at times revealing flashes of irritation, Dreher told Isaacson’s lawyer, Rebekah Nett, that anti-Catholic slurs the two women included in legal pleadings were “beyond the pale.”” (from the Twin Cities article)

    >>>Actually, Rebekah Nett is the Debtor’s (Yehud-Monosson) attorney not Naomi Isaacson’s attorney.

  6. Normally it doesn’t even register, but the “respectfully requests” at the end of the pleading just seems to glow.

  7. Just back for a tidbit. Clive, who is just off the boat and describes himself as: “half Irish Catholic and half English, Church of England” says that his mum explained that “Beyond The Pale” must be written with the B, the T, and the P capitalized and that The Pale is a demarkation line between England and Ireland. One who is Beyond The Pale is several things: Irish, Catholic, and Beyond Redemption. The B and the R in that later phrase must be capitalized. He further says that one half of him thinks that the other half of himself is rather “unrepentent” at all times.
    He further states that although this lawyer Newt (or whatever her name) has joined some off beat religion or cult, that if she is a “wee bit English” and perceives the Judge to be “an Irish Catolic” that there is no point in fining her, arresting her, or holding her in contempt, that the English are “unrepentent” by nature. Now, that is just Clive speaking and does not reflect the opinion of the Cult of the Fifth Grade. We gotta go back to class and learn how to read a tape measure. Bye.

  8. I think that it is significant that the judge found the two accused to be “unrepentent”. A nice choice of words. Perhaps an “unwise choice”. The article does not explain the legal basis for the “arrest”. Was it contempt?
    Contempt of what, the Church? Is there a legal basis for the term “beyond the pale”? Or is that phrase a Catholic phrase or allegory?
    Arrested for being a no show in bankruptcy court.

    The Cult of the Fifth Grade is meeting tonight to discuss our bankruptcy options and in that context we will be considering the ramifications of this article. We might just go belly up without redemption and without repentence because so far our actions are beyond the pale. Thank you for publishing this post. One of our members subscribes to Pacer and we are exploring this case further. We will report back tomorrow during our morning playground break.

  9. Rebekah Nett is Isaacson’s lawyer.

    “Her voice at times revealing flashes of irritation, Dreher told Isaacson’s lawyer, Rebekah Nett, that anti-Catholic slurs the two women included in legal pleadings were “beyond the pale.”” (from the Twin Cities article)

  10. James….the Judge or the Attorney…

    Both acted out of ignorance….But then again a Bankruptcy “Judge” is appointed for a term….not life….most of them have huge assed egos….

  11. James, I had just been thinking the same thing. Did they have the same ethics professor in law school, maybe? Or cut class the day they discussed what not to say in a filing.

  12. Looks as if somebody needs to sign up for a Dale Carnegie course as well as ethics.

    The last time I saw a tactic similar to this used, the lawyer was trying to insult the judge to such a degree they could claim the judge was biased and would have to recuse. That did not turn out well either.

  13. Nate,

    You’re in luck today…. There is a corrections page for you to make all of the noted grammatical, syntax and other perceived errors…. Look at the top of the page…. Good luck..

  14. Editing in this post leaves something to be desired… Who is Nett? The post doesn’t explain, she just appears midway through.

  15. Could be the water that they drink of….I understand where both the attorney and judge are coming from…. If the attorney has tried to withdraw and denied… What is the ethical obligation to continue to represent the client…. The filing with the court may be over the edge and final straw….

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