9 thoughts on “The Ugly Face Of Maternal Propaganda”

  1. She never actually got that pony!

    When my kid was little he could read and he liked to read books that had pictures and he liked science. He was about six, and I had given him a book about many scientific theories, including evolution. It had pictures of how the horse evolved from the rabbit, and etc. The kids used to be in the back of the car in those days, safer (now probably different w/airbags and so forth, but back then, kid goes in the back). So I was driving along and he was sitting in the back reading parts of this book. He asked me could he have a pony. I said no, we didn’t have room for a pony and they cost a lot of money to feed and maintain. So a few minutes later, he asked, “Can I have a rabbit?” Sure, I answered; they can live in a hutch and they eat vegetables and like that. He asked if we could get a rabbit very soon, and I said sure. A few minutes later, he asked, “How long would it take a rabbit to turn into a pony?”

  2. Cute poem, Henman.

    Dad attempts the manipulation but what he’s really doing is teaching his daughter how to manipulate him. Kids learn which buttons to push very early. She knows now that Dad will try to bribe her for her affection. Bet she gets a new car at 16 so Dad can get a special smile and a hug. : )

  3. She who changes the Pamper creates a happy camper.

    She who gives the cookie makes Dad look like a rookie.

    She who reads the story of course gets all the glory.

    Dad don’t feel so blue- you know she loves you too.

  4. Daddy has his work cut out for him.

    Actually, this is the early stage of a lifelong behavior modification process wherein Daddy is trained to respond with what the munchkin wants. And it works. I have some personal experience in this area.

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