Greece Declares Pedophilia A Disability Deserving State Benefits

The Greek government is being denounced by the National Confederation of Disabled People after it added pedophiles, exhibitionists, and kleptomaniacs to the list of disabled people entitled to state benefits. They have joined pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists as persons entitled to ask for government assistance.

For example, a pyromaniac or pedophiles is now entitled to disability pay up to 35 percent while a diabetic is entitled to only 10 percent disability. Presumably, a diabetic pedophiles could received 45 percent disability, so it might be useful for diabetics to claim an interest in child or fires or both.

As Greece struggles with demands to reduce its bloated state funding, this is not a useful step. In Greece, one out of five workers is a state employee, a whooping 20 percent of the working population. The state is having to cut benefits for citizens. I am all in favor of paying for treatment for pedophiliacs and kleptomaniacs, but should it be treated as a disability? What do you think?

Source: ABC

37 thoughts on “Greece Declares Pedophilia A Disability Deserving State Benefits

  1. This is puzzling – what the heck could they be thinking? I could see labeling some of these things as a disability requiring medical treatment but they wouldn’t interfere with earning a livelihood. I’d like to hear the justification.

  2. Disability should be based on a person’s physical or mental ability to work. If the disorder is sufficient to make them truly disabled and treatment not help, then perhaps they are disabled.

    In this country, we place sex offenders in a Catch 22 situation. They are told where they can live, where they can travel and are publicly branded on the internet where any background search reveals them. Many are limited to living under bridges, homeless, broke and unemployable. There has to be a better way.

    Looking at pyromaniacs, a simple question. If you run a business, would you be willing to take a chance on hiring a compulsive firestarter? Or compulsive thief?

    Mental health treatment has been the red-headed stepchild for all too long. Insurance unwilling to pay for needed treatment. Where there is treatment, it often takes weeks or months to get an appointment. Many mental health centers have a policy of not treating sex offenders of any kind, and in fact, do not want to treat convicted felons for any condition that made them a felon in the first place. Compulsions are notoriously hard to treat successfully–look at smoking cessation, alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation programs. Their success rate is dismal when compared with treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

  3. Since we have the problem of PIGS…. Portugal…Italy….Greece and Spain…..(or Sweden)…and the potential to bring down the US markets….we best pay close attention to what they do and say…

    Not in this case out of Humanistic concerns., but the financial ability to survive….If the wave hits as I suspect…we will have a toppling market about March 2012….Just in time for March madness…another bad time in the country….

    Now on the other hand….If Germany…one of the strongest financially sounds economic institutions at the present time cannot sell bonds or raise money based upon the fears of where the EURO is headed….we have more things coming…that we best be set for….

    I suppose a global market is good for the banksters…..but not the average citizens….

    A disability classification is supposed to be based upon some sound criteria….I am not schooled in what is or s not a disability….best leave that to the ones that profess such knowledge….

  4. AY, in the USA, the Social Security Administration’s Disability Determination Service (DDS) has very specific criteria. Basically, the person must be unable to work five days a week, eight hours a day, on a more or less continuous basis.

    If the person is only able to work a maximum of part time due to a mental or physical problem, then they may be disabled. If they cannot do any job at all on a full time basis, then they are probably disabled. Most people think of a disability as being a physically crippling disorder. There are many others. For example, the agoraphobic who cannot leave the house due to severe anxiety and panic. Or the mentally ill who are really the walking wounded of our society.

    There are people who would like to get on disability and just not work, but their numbers are far less than some right wing politicians would have you believe. Most people, in my experience, want to work. When they are forced to apply for disability benefits, find being on disability demeaning and depressing.

  5. “one out of five workers is a state employee, a whooping 25 percent of the working population.”

    Must be that new math…

  6. OS,



    Yes…New math….or old school wall street….but its better than saying “I like firing people”…..

  7. “I am all in favor of paying for treatment for pedophiliacs and kleptomaniacs, but should it be treated as a disability? What do you think?”


  8. On Greater concerns…..and this is off of FOX/FAUX news so it may not be true……Say it ain’t so…..

    Twinkies Maker to File for Bankruptcy Again: Report

    Hostess Brands Inc, a wholesale baker, is again preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

    This would be second court restructuring for Ripplewood Holdings-owned Hostess, which filed for bankruptcy almost two years ago and had emerged from it last September.

    Irving, Texas-based Hostess has arranged for about $75 million in debtor-in-possession financing to keep it afloat during bankruptcy proceedings, the sources told the paper.

    Once in bankruptcy court, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread will try to reduce debt and renegotiate labor contracts, the newspaper said.

  9. I believe society should assume the cost of treatment if for no other reason than to protect itself as much as possible but providing a roof over their heads, food on their table, and clothes on their backs is their’s and their family’s responsibility.

  10. Anonymously Yours 1, January 10, 2012 at 8:33 am

    On Greater concerns…..
    Gives new meaning to the “Twinkie Defense” in upcoming Twinkie litigation in that case.

    Perhaps if they quit putting oil in Twinkies, their Twinkiedom could continue?

    Chinese “food ingredients” are like mutant Japanese veggies following the Fukushima “experiment.”

    One wonders if Greece forbids the consumption of Twinkies as a requirement for diabetics staying on the disability rolls?

    Like the Professor said “it might be useful for diabetics to claim an interest in child [sic] or fires or both” … yeah would they get extra if they burned children while eating Twinkies?

  11. Dredd,

    If they put oil init…they could then qualify for subsidies….and they’d have a protected market….

  12. Wow! So, if I steal some childporn while low on sugar, would I be getting an 80% disability? They may have problems, but you gotta like the benefits.

  13. Germany is under pressure to prop up the Greeks in order to save the Euro and the overall European economy. Great Britain was recently chastised for not jumping in to prop up the Euro and the Greeks and the rest of Europe. The U.S. is under pressure to do things to prop up the Greeks, the Germans, the Brits, the Euro, the Europe overall economy. This is a good example of the admonition that you cant save stupid. But where does one draw the line of demarkation for stupid? The fact that Greece has its own system of social benefits separate from that of Germany is a telling example. If Germany does not want to subsidize the child rapists then they should not share a currency with Greece. By contrast the U.S. has a common border with Canada and Mexico and a NAFTA Treaty regarding trade. But we do not share a common currency. Europe, or much of it, jumped into this Euro experiment. Great Britain stayed out. It would be far more difficult for dissolution of the experiment if Britain and more countries had jumped into the pool. The rest of us on the sidelines have been waiting for Greece and the other P.I.G. countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) to get their act together. Greece chose to get their act together by subsiding the child rape act. The U.S., Britain, and Germany cannot now stop the disintegration of the Euro. It is time for Germany to go back to the Deutschmark, France, Italy, and the rest to their respective currencies. The Greeks can then fall off the cliff more coherently and land on their respectively penetrated and now flattened arses. The kids in the 5thGrade say no to subsidizing these schmucks.

  14. Anonymously Yours 1, January 10, 2012 at 10:15 am


    If they put oil … in it …
    Seriously, petroleum already is in Twinkies (and about everything else):

    Twinkies and their rocky ingredients were the subject of a 2007 book by Steve Ettlinger called “Twinkie, Deconstructed.” For research, Ettlinger interviewed bakers and even traveled below the Earth to see where Twinkie ingredients were mined. The dessert cakes contain sorbic acid, which is derived from natural gas. Some ingredients were found to come from the oil fields of China. Others came from phosphate mines in Idaho. So-called vitamins in the dessert come from petroleum.


  15. Pay for treatment but don’t pay for condition as a disability unless they are otherwise disabled.

    Seriously, Greece. From the land of Aristotle and Plato, that was some remarkably weak thinking on your part.

  16. In the United States, pedophiles can’t work either. They have to tell people what they’re convicted of, and once that happens no one will hire them. But we don’t give them benefits either.

    We’ve decided that parking our sex offenders under overpasses and waiting until they realize that they have nothing to lose by reoffending is a better idea.

  17. Dredd,

    As a Native Texan…descendant of the Texicans….I must protest that Twinkies are not getting all of the available Government subsidies….and tax breaks….maybe they should have a subsidy for the corn oil too….lol

  18. @Anonymously Yours:

    If Germany…one of the strongest financially sounds economic institutions at the present time cannot sell bonds or raise money based upon the fears of where the EURO is headed….

    Actually, this weeks six-month bonds were auctioned at an average yield of minus 0.0122% — pretty much everyone who got bonds was willing to *pay* the German government to hold their money…

    This is of course not a positive thing: it means that the German government is viewed as an island of stability in an otherwise highly chaotic sea.
    But to say that Germany has problems to raise money is a little far fetched.

  19. Berliner,

    I may need a refresher on this….but this seems to state that they have some problems for the 10 year ones…I’ll leave it up to your expertise though…..

    Weak German bonds sale fuels Europe debt crisis fears 2011-11-24 14:54:09

    BERLIN, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) — Germany failed to sell more than a third of an issue of 10-year bonds Wednesday, increasing worries about the European debt crisis.

    Investors only took 3.9 billion euros (5.2 billion U.S. dollars) of the total offer of 6 billion euros (8 billion dollars) in German bonds, normally considered a safe haven for investments.

    The weak market response further fueled concern the debt crisis is spreading to Europe’s core economies after France saw a sharp rise in its borrowing costs last week.

    “I’ve never experienced Germany being unable to place such a high percentage of its bonds at auction,” media quoted Rudolph Hessler of HSBC Trinkaus bank as saying.

    Germany’s federal finance agency, however, played down the market performance, calling it routine and saying it was no problem.

    This is out of your posted article…..

    Unlike corporate bonds, government treasury bills do not pay interest. Rather, investors typically buy the bonds at a discount, redeem them at face value and pocket the difference as profit. But buyers of Germany’s bonds on Monday paid slightly more than the face value of the bond today for the right to redeem them at face value in six months’ time.

    Now if you want an investment tip….Gorilla glass 2 would be where its at…See Dow Corning…new advent…

  20. Yes, they should be declared disabilities. They’re conditions not chosen or wanted by their victims, and they certainly interfere with the ability to get and hold a job that pays enough to live on.

  21. In the United States one large charitable institution takes care of its own pedophiles. There are things that kids can do to stay away from them. First, tell your parents you will volunteer for anything but altar boy. Second, demand public school not catholic school. Third, no confession, tell your parents you want a dog to confess to, that the guy behind the screen who asks about your pee pee is scary. Fourth, when at Mass and plate goes by sit to the downstream side of your parents and stealthily remove their donation so that the money does not go to the peds.
    The group discussed this at afternoon break and we all agree.

  22. so to all the people out here that think that they should get disability well let me just give you something to think about ok… So say your child was raped by a pedo and then you hear a year later that your tax dollars that you pay out of your check each week are going to be keeping him fed clothed and a roof over his head so basically you are supporting him after he decided to rape your child I dont know about you guys but I personally do not want to be doing that. I would rather them live under a bridge than to support them fully after they did that to our children and possibly ruined our childrens mental state for the rest of their life… Im sorry but I dont think that pedo’s deserve that

  23. pete,

    I think that all Catholic Priest can marry but the ones with allegiances with Rome… This came about the later part of the 11th Century….The Eastern Ortho’s can be be married….but must abstain from sex before the Eucharistic feat…so much for the temple prostitutes…..

  24. The Cult of the 5thGrade met again on this topic and we have got to draw the line. Kick Greece out of the Euro. Let them pay the cornholers in Drachmas. Until that happens: no subsidy or back up to Europe as a whole. Tell Great Britain that they are with us or agin us. If we allow this to go on it will spread to the rest of the Euro countries and all childs will be left to guard their behind. No pun intended. Sick culture, sick Euro, sick Europe, sick of hearing about it, sick some dogs on them. Pedophile disability insurance my …..

  25. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. What is old is new again. Let’s make the rich pay their fair share.

  26. You know, there’s a lot of mish-mash in the language used to talk about disability, mental illness, and crime. Perhaps this is because we’re not really letting ourselves think about what the real issues are.

    Pedophilia is recognized as a mental illness. A person can be a pedophile and never harm a child — ever. That is not illegal! Compare it to a heterosexual who has never committed sexual assault, never sexually harassed anyone, and who, although he may not be getting any consensual sex anywhere, still refrains from imposing his desire for it upon any other person “not similarly inclined.” The difference, of course, is that a pedophile would never be able to have sex with the object of his desire because that is per se illegal — since children are not of the age of consent. Could he simply go without sexual satisfaction and refrain from committing any crimes? One has to presume that the answer to that question is YES.

    So starting from there, and saying, “Is he then unemployable?” what do we have?

    I actually know of someone who is afraid of his own pedophilic daydreams and consequently he is phobic in many ways. He is afraid to offend. He fears public places. He has agoraphobia. He has failed at employment many times already, not because he has ever molested any children (he has not) but because one or another problem at the job (unrelated to pedophilia) has overwhelmed him, and most recently, he had a disabling back injury while doing manual labor. My point is that it is not his assumed and self-diagnosed pedophilia, per se, that has disabled him; it is a combination of factors that include his extreme anxiety. It’s a complicated thing.

    A psychiatrist I know has treated a pedophile successfully by maintaining a list of very clear rules, starting with DO NOT BE AROUND CHILDREN. The good of this is that it is similar to the treatment of alcoholics by AA: NEVER TOUCH A DROP OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It is simple, direct, non-harmful, and successful. It does need constant reinforcement, of course. One would hope that a rational government would want to make this kind of treatment available to anyone whose mental illness gave rise to a danger of harming the society by compulsive antisocial behavior.

    I think a society DOES have an obligation to take care of people who are disabled by mental illness, and I think it is difficult to come up with the proper guidelines that would make that work in general. I knew someone years back who had been disabled by extreme social phobia that related quite clearly to repeated hospitalizations in his childhood, necessitated by polio and multiple reconstructive surgeries. In today’s world he would have made a fortune telecommuting because he was a genius and would have been perfectly fit for our computer-oriented technology/economy. But as it was, in his state, he couldn’t even get an interview. My point is that his mental illness made him DISABLED then but would not have been a DISABILITY now! But it would have been the same mental illness.

    Just as criminal conduct can be carried on by a person who is not motivated by the “criminal intent” necessary to fit into the technical legal definition (and thus, there is a category of defendant who is considered “not criminally responsible by reason of mental illness”), remunerative work can be carried on by a person who is not mentally healthy IF THE JOB IS ONE THE MENTALLY ILL PERSON CAN SAFELY PERFORM.

    Safety, though: A pedophile could not safely work in a school. Couldn’t he work in a factory that made steel beams? I think he would probably be LESS employable than many other people, but perhaps that “35%” deals with that issue. I don’t know.

    The issue of secrecy comes up. I think if you’re on disability for pedophilia and you get a 35% disability, that should be public information so people are aware that your disability may have some effect on their OWN ability to include you in social activities. You don’t want to put a disabled person (whose disability is pedophilia) in charge of setting up for the company picnic.

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