Two-Thirds of Polled Pastors Reject Evolution

A survey by the Southern Baptist Convention shows that 73% of Protestant pastors reject the concept of evolution — even when asked if they believe God used evolution to create humans. Forty-six percent maintained that the Earth is only roughly 6000 years old despite tests showing rocks that are millions of years old.

When asked if “God used evolution to create people,” 73% not only disagreed, but 64% “strongly disagreed.”

The poll of 1,000 American Protestant pastors also found that 74% believe the biblical Adam and Eve were literal people. Thus, roughly three-fourths of pastors believe that God literally began the human race with two actual people in the Garden of Eden.

Once again such polls only show how blasphemers like Bill Nye The Science Guy and scientists continue to live in some fantasy world with their carbon dating, telescopes, and fossils.

Source: CNN

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  3. The poll results are not at all surprising. It needs to be remembered that fundamentalism is not of ancient lineage. Its roots can be traced to the beginning of the last century and a small group of individuals at Princeton Theological Seminary. It began as, and remains, a reactionary movement, motivated principally by creeping liberalism in mainline Protestantism and the enormous popularity of “The Origin of Species.” One of its foremost tenets is biblical inerrancy, which means that every line of scripture must be accepted as literally true. Therefore, advances in biology, chemistry, physics and other scientific fields threaten the very foundations of Christianity from a fundamentalist perspective. For that matter, even advances in biblical scholarship are rejected by the fundamentalist mind.

    The comments of Barney Collier above exemplify fundamentalist fear in action. Although the arguments of so-called “intelligent design” advocates have been thoroughly debunked by scientists (and even by the courts), including the notion of irreducible complexity, the last arrow in the creationist quiver, those who believe that their faith is baseless unless Jonah really did get swallowed by a whale are psychologically incapable of accepting objective truth, much the same way that those who cannot abide the thought of potential adjustments to their lifestyle are unable to accept objective truth relating to climate change.

  4. Hi Barney,

    Yes, I’m with Bron on this one. Please document your abundant data disproving Evolution. If you can disprove Evolution, you’ll be famous!

    As I stated above, Evolution can be witnessed by humans. Please read my comment more carefully.

    You cite “…idiotic ideas that all life is connected, or everything came form some single celled organism and mutated and convoluted and contorted and evolved into every living thing we know today, over x-billion years.”

    What were you going to replace those “idiotic ideas” with? That some invisible, undetectable being waved its hand and created all of this? That’s truly the finest in Medieval thought. Totally believable. I nominate the Flying Spaghetti Monster (praise his noodly appendages) for the responsible deity. The Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe a mere 50 years ago, and created a false history, false memories, and fossil record, just to test our intelligence. Well, Barney, you and I won’t be fooled, that’s certain!

    “Science simply means knowledge gained by observation.” Pretty close. Are you claiming that you observed some deity create the universe? Did you get a digital video of that? Please share!

  5. bARNEY:

    “There has been spark plugs, bells, shoe soles etc… found in coal seams that are supposed to be millions of years old.”

    Where did you find that? That is pure BS.

  6. Frog + Kiss = Prince (child’s fairytale)

    Frog + Time = Prince (adult fairytale – also known as evolution)

    Looks like everyone on this blog also believes that a pineapple and a porcupine share a common ancestor. Looks like a lot have conveniently overlooked (or ignored) evidence of intelligent design in all living things.

    “…despite tests showing rocks that are millions of years old.”

    BZZZZZT (tacky buzzer sound) Try again. Reality – there is no way possible to date something to be “millions of years old”. Everything at best, is an ‘educated’ (and I use that term loosely) guess. Our most modern scientific dating methods are still contradictory. The scientists that all these nutjobs put so much faith in have dated living mollusk shells to be hundreds of thousands of years old. There has been spark plugs, bells, shoe soles etc… found in coal seams that are supposed to be millions of years old. Petrified tree trunks are found in coal mines running vertically through several layers of strata that is SUPPOSED to be millions of years old. Some text books even have circular reasoning regarding fossils and strata. A student can easily be confused – does the strata date the fossils, or do the fossils date the strata? We find fossils that are supposed to be millions of years old in strata above fossils that are not millions of years old. The fact is, no one really knows how old the earth is. However evidence showing that the earth and/or universe is not x-billion years old is quieted – because that contradicts with evolutionism. Evolutionism demands billions and billions of years in order to make it more believable.

    Atheists and the like cannot subscribe to any view or evidence that there is intelligent design or the possibility of a Designer involved so an atheist is forced to subscribe to hokey belief systems and idiotic ideas that all life is connected, or everything came form some single celled organism and mutated and convoluted and contorted and evolved into every living thing we know today, over x-billion years. However ridiculous such a belief is, they are left with no other choice but to prop up such a belief that violates science and laws of physics, and common sense.

    There is substantial evidence that contradicts evolutionism but evolutionism is a politically protected sacred cow and it is forbidden to even hint at bringing up all the contradicting evidence against evolutionism. Instead of evolutionists having healthy debates and skepticism about evolution, they hoard and protect it and use all sorts of ad hominem logical fallacies and straw man arguments to build up a hedge or protection around their sacred cow.

    What happened to the “old school” science when it welcomed OBSERVATION, testing, and just plain old common sense. The cause of science has become shipwrecked, in order to allow entertainment of such completely asinine theories such as evolutionism. Imagine how further along we would be if such stupid belief systems would have been abandoned, each and every time it failed when science was applied.

    It’s also amusing to see some of the individuals here, attempting to pit science against God and the Bible. At the same time Isaiah was written, the brightest minds of the scientific community at the time thought the world was flat, and some even thought it was carried on the back of a huge turtle. Even though Isaiah alluded to a circular earth, and Matthew wrote about events happening that could only be possible on a spherical earth with different seasons. Matthew Maury, the founder of modern oceanography sought out to find the “paths of the sea” mentioned in the Bible. It’s a good thing he paid attention because his discovery of oceanic currents paid off. The Bible mentioned freshwater springs at the bottom of the ocean, long before any “scientist” of the day knew of such a thing. There all sorts of examples like these, where it was written in the Bible hundreds of years before mans scientific “discovery” of things. But instead we read about people who try to pit science against God. Science simply means knowledge gained by observation. What does that have to say about evolutionism.

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