Can You Guess What This Man Was Arrested For?

David T. Peters, 66, of Streetsboro, Ohio chose this unfortunate teeshirt before being arrested for internet child porn. We have seen other arrestees with poor taste in booking attire, but Peters is certainly competing for the top spot.

Peters was arrested as part of a sting by the Ohio Internet Crimes against Children Task Force after allegedly trying to lure children into sexual relations and/or distribute child pornography through the internet. He appeared for his booking photo in a teeshirt reading “Internet was down so thought I’d come outside today.”

He is facing 20 counts of possessing sexually oriented material involving a minor and 20 counts of disseminating sexually oriented material involving a minor . . . and an immediate demand by his own counsel for prison jump suit.

Source: NEWS5 as first seen on Reddit

9 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Man Was Arrested For?”

  1. Gee, I could wear a tshirt like that b/c I spend way too much time on the internet and not enough time outside. And I don’t visit porn sites, abuse children, etc. Just read stuff like the Turley blog.

  2. He’ll get what is coming to him….Inside….and out….Now that he is Out….

    But you know…sometime this disease runs in family’s…I understand that he got the attire from him Mom….

    Man facing drug charges wears crack jacket to court
    Attorney shocked by defendant’s wardrobe

    A man facing drug trafficking charges made a strong first impression at his court appearance in Broward County when he showed up wearing a “crack shirt.”

    The man’s shirt included instructions for making crack cocaine.

    Michael Weinstein, the attorney who took a picture of the shirt, said, “I realized the gentleman who was up at the podium in front of a judge charged with trafficking is wearing a jacket with a how-to manual of how to cook crack cocaine. I couldn’t believe the gumption this person had.”.

    What more need be said…..

  3. Creepy looking guy. Glad he was caught. Sadly, he’ll probaby be out in a year. Free to roam and more than likely, sexually abuse a child.

    I cannot understand why perverts like him get slapped on the wrist and yet, someone selling pot gets 10yrs or more.

  4. After a few weeks in prison, I think he will become elegible for the Darwin award.

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