Meet Rev. O’Neal Dozier: Santorum’s Florida Campaign Chairman Under Fire For Saying Gays “Make God Want To Vomit”

Rick Santorum has long been ridiculed for his anti-homosexual views, but he appears to have someone who can actually extend the extreme of the spectrum to his right: Rev. O’Neil Dozier. Dozier has told his flock that gay “make God want to vomit.” He appears to know a great deal about things that make God vomit. His website describes him as “a prayer warrior who faithfully spends time in his own prayer closet and teaches his flock to pray.” This is one American who might be better off staying in the closet.

For those of us critical of the faith-based politics of both parties and the erosion of the separation of church and state, Dozier is a perfect nightmare.

Dozier previously announced (below) that “The Tea party is a Godly ordained party.” He added “[i]f not for the Republican party, and the Tea Party, the Negro would be a slave. The best thing to happen to the Negro, is the Tea Party”-

I can live with the sermon on God’s view of the tax code and the Tea Party. However, I assured that that is a Cincinnati Reds hat and not a Bears hat. This season has been bad enough. We don’t need to add Dozier.

Dozier has been a guest of George Bush at the White House and says that he was previously under contract with NPR.

When he is not rallying people to join “God’s party,” he is attacking homosexuals whom he declared as responsible for “something so nasty and disgusting that it makes God want to vomit.”

While most people would not want to be in the same room with such a person, Santorum was not satisfied with just an endorsement and instead made him his honorary Florida campaign chairman. He is now campaigning by Santorum by reminding Christians that Romney is a Mormon and is thus unacceptable for faith-based voters. Now, I cannot speak for God, but such an association would challenge the intestinal fortitude of many voters.

Source: Mother Jones

29 thoughts on “Meet Rev. O’Neal Dozier: Santorum’s Florida Campaign Chairman Under Fire For Saying Gays “Make God Want To Vomit””

  1. This wacko makes “Me” want to vomit, due to his stand on Gays. No I am not gay, but I also don’t believe in bashing or persecuting them. Also his
    assinine comments about Mormons….shows he knows nothing about them..again he makes me want to vomit…what a slime.

  2. Another idiot who just cannot help but embarrass himself, This uncle Tom,religious freak apparently has a direct line to God. NOT. Sir you are gonna rot just like the rest of us., no heaven for you. You and your undercover lover Santorum need to just get a room already

  3. Being one of the themes here, I’ll just repeat it takes a strong stomach to fish in those waters, as Santorum does.
    Another repeat with: “5 % are batshit.” Just I think it’s more.

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