Can You Spot The Pig? Inmates Prank Police By Adding Swine Image To State Seal

Inmates at a Vermont correctional unit’s print shop decided to use some artistic license on the state police crest that appears on police cars around the state. They inserted the image of a pig. Can you find it? The answer is below.

Frankly, I am not sure the police officers spotted the image, but it is now being removed from cruisers with about 30 vehicles that have already been changed.

It may be a bit easier to spot on the 16-inch door decals and there is an investigation afoot. I am not sure what would happen to the inmates. While they could allege destruction of property, it would be a rather novel charge since the inmates created the property in the form of the design. They could, however, cite the costs to the vehicles which will now have to be stripped of the decals. The other provisions of the Vermont criminal code do not appear to fit this criminal Rorschach exercise. Of course, the inmates would clearly face correctional charges and loss of privileges.

Answer: look at the spots on the cow.

Source: Boston

30 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Pig? Inmates Prank Police By Adding Swine Image To State Seal”

  1. It happened a few years ago. The prisoner may not even be there anymore, so why punish the inmates.

  2. Now Ben & Jerry (proud vermonters) have to make an ice cream in honor of this talented fraud.

  3. Immoral Bent Cops (is there a straight-1 ?) as ever a serious insult to prime polite porkers !

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    After all is said and done I would like to get one of those decals off one of the Vermont cop cars.

  5. Jethro

    that’s one of the better ideas for using manure. i don’t think the yuppies who bought their retirement home downwind of the farm are going to like it much though.

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