Forget The Football, What Was The Best Super Bowl Commercial?

Having lost a bet over a good bottle of wine to my father-in-law with the loss of the Patriots, it is time to turn to the real reason to watch the Super Bowl (at least when the Bears are not playing): the commercials. Before asking for your votes, however, I do want to say that I thought Madonna gave the best halftime show in memory. It was a real hit with my family. Now for the commercials, in a close contest I have to take the Doritos Man’s Best Friend commercial, though I admit I am a dog lover. What was your favorite?

However, there were some very strong contenders. I particularly liked the Chevy Mayan Apocalypse commercial. It appears however that the Ford people were not laughing, particularly their legal staff.

My kids and I also loved the Vampires commercial from Audi (which would round out our top three):


Update:  I missed the halftime commercial Eastwood (Yes, I went to participate in the halftime “Big Flush”).  I just saw it and really liked it:


What do you think?

30 thoughts on “Forget The Football, What Was The Best Super Bowl Commercial?”

  1. mespo,

    I have to agree….I also think that each commercial was unique in its own way….

    I read that Ford….who decided to not advertise this year was upset over GM’s commercial….and wanted them to pull it….Hmmmmmm

  2. Vampire commercial – :)….

    mugged/murdered cat commercial – sick

    Madonna – points for effort but surely not my thing (and hahahahah to the “Grandma Gaga…” quote although geeze, how does she wear those heals???!!!! I admire her balance 🙂

  3. Come to think of it … there was a dog in the Chevy truck commercial.

    2012 may be the Chinese year of the Dragon but it was Super Bowl XLVI’s year of the Dog.

  4. Like Nal, my favorite was the VW dog commercial. Good use of music, good use of dog, and a great reference to last year’s commercial at the end.

  5. I like the VW commercial where the dog was too fat to get out of the doggie door. The final segment was the bar scene from Star Wars referencing last year’s Super Bowl commercial.

  6. SwM & Bette N,

    Eastwood endorsed McCain in ’08 and was a Nixon supporter for years backing away from him after Watergate and Nam.

    He has professed to being pro-choice, supports gays right to marriage, and is in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    He’s in no one camp so fodder for everyone.

  7. Swarthmore, I’m confused. Isn’t Eastwood a well-known, lifelong Republican? So, now, even Republicans expressing patriotism are “too pro-Obama,” if they’re not completely insane?

  8. Madonna’s performance gave me extra time to take out the garbage, put the kids to bed and grab a snack and not miss a snap. The extra halftime time came in real handy.

    3) Doritos – “you saw nuttin”
    2) Chevy – Armageddon
    1) Doritos – baby sling shot / Kia – Mr. Sandman

  9. I liked almost all of the commercials and Madonna’s halftime performance was a huge hit amongst those who were partying with us.

    The Chrysler commercial was incredibly good and fit in well with their “Imported from Detroit” campaign.

    The frogs falling our of the sky at the end of the Chevy truck commercial was hilarious and the Sonic commercials were targeted appropriately to the age group for that vehicle.

    The M&M commercial received favorable comments from those in attendance.

    The final rating from the group I was with:

    1. Chrysler/Eastwood
    2. Chevy Truck/frogs
    3. Chocolate M&M

    No dogs made it into the top 3. Strange because 4 of the people there volunteer at a rescue center and everybody is a dog lover.

  10. The Eastwood commercial was wonderful. Definitely my fave.

    The one everyone will be talking about today, though, is probably Pete Hoekstra’s locally-run and utterly racist commercial:

  11. The Eastwood commercial was mawkish (and I say that as a proud son of the rustbelt living among people rendered helpless by a screwdriver) and would have been a complete ton of goo without his delivery.

    I like the Chevy ad. Full of great pop culture icons. It’s a dig at the old image of FORD = Fix or Repair Daily.

  12. Dog lover here as well, and that was a good one, but my vote goes to Clint/Dodge/Detroit halftime ad. Second place goes to the pregame Maddow ad. Doritos would be third with the Chevy truck not far behind.

  13. Also too – Everyone here hated Grandma Gaga’s halftime show. Over done worse than a Vegas show.

  14. I thought this was the worst year for commercials in recent memory. The only one I even half liked was the dodge “halftime” commercial & that was mostly because of the guy doing the voice work.

    Best game of any SB I think, certainly the most exciting finish. Too bad I couldn’t care less about the teams playing.

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