Obama Embraces The “Threat To Our Democracy” and Endorses Use of SuperPac

President Barack Obama has pledged that he would not accept help from “super” political action committees — denouncing them as a “threat to our Democracy.” That pledge, like many of his civil liberties pledges, has now gone into the waste basket. Obama has now called on supporters to load up the Superpac funds — erasing any difference (again) between him and his Republican rivals.

Once again, Obama supporters are blaming the GOP for the flip-flop — arguing that Obama had to lower himself to their level. Two former Obama aides are organizing the effort just as a former aide organized Romney’s controversial SuperPac. For about a week, I have noticed leaks going into the press about how Obama staffers are warning about the expected dirty attacks that will come from the Romney SuperPac. It now appears that those stories may have been placed in anticipation of this flip flop.

What is interesting is that Obama is not lacking funding. He is hauling in huge contributions. Yet, principles seem to be the first to go in this Administration when it is not politically convenient. What they have lost (beyond credibility) is a campaign issue. They could have run on the corporate influence on our political process. What is left is the cult of personality surrounding the President: it is not the principle, just the person.

Source: CNN

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  1. Blouise,

    “The Handmaid’s Tale” was a great book!

    An excellent children’s book about a dystopian society is Lois Lowry’s “The Giver.” Have you read it? It often finds its way onto challenged books lists.

  2. I find myself much in agreement with DonS here, particularly a comment he made earlier:

    “…there is a force in women’s issues- take contraception- that transcends the misogynistic bias of the system and the convenient D or R labels. The recent Komen dust up shows it’s power.”

    The ability of women to see through the b.s. of the two leaders of Komen and quickly understand that they were being attacked by an organization that they had greatly revered- and their instant and powerful response showed the power that women have if they will only stand up for their rights and rip some asses when anyone tries to marginalize them. I believe the vast majority of men were as outraged as the women by the attempt to destroy Planned Parenthood. What decent man wants to see the women in his life deprived of the healthcare they need?

    During the self- destruction of the Komen Foundation, I frequently heard the statistic that 98% of women of child-bearing age have used birth-control at some time in their life. How is it then that the Catholic Church still has so much destructive power over women’s choices in such a private matter? And how do Republican (and some Democratic) politicians continue to get away with passing laws destructive to women’s health and women’s rights?

    If anyone in our society deserves to be marginalized, it’s the degenerate old men who run the Catholic Church- who spent decades trying to cover up their serial molestation of children and centuries keeping women in a condition of subservient baby-machines.

    The other group that needs to be marginalized in our society is the Republican Party. The Rick Santorums, the Newt Gingriches, the Sarah Palins, the Michele Bachmanns- the Bible-thumping loudmouths who have instilled so much fear in the rank and file of their party that anyone who dares to express a rational idea is instantly lynched by their compliant media sycophants.

    The Komen incident and the Occupy Movement, gives me some hope that people are starting to get fed up with the status quo and taking action to protect themselves. I don’t think the Occupy Movement is dead, just hibernating for the Winter- (I haven’t frozen my ass in a tent since 1965 and at the age of 70, I don’t intend to repeat that experience now!). I believe that when Spring arrives, Occupy will be back and play a significant role in the 2012 elections. “It ain’t over ’till it’s over!”

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