New York Hospital Accused of C-Section Surgery On Non-Pregnant Sixteen-Year-Old Girl

There is a shocking account out of New York of alleged malpractice where doctors at the New York Downtown Hospital are accused of starting a C-section on a woman only to discover that she was not pregnant. While the incident has been denied, witnesses confirmed the mistaken C-section surgery in sworn depositions.

The allegations surfaced in litigation in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed in 2008 by former NYDH doctor, Suarna Mehulic.

Dr. Lana Boter answered affirmatively when asked whether there was “a C-section was performed on a patient at the hospital who was not pregnant?”

The patient in the 2007 incident was reportedly 16 years old. Dr. Anca Rosca also confirmed the procedure. She said that she did a sonogram but handed it over to an attending physician. She refuted the characterization of a botched C-section with a distinction that would likely not move a jury: “Nobody cut into the uterus to do a C-section. That’s what a cesarean section is, to cut into the uterus.” Yet, she confirmed that a surgery was performed on the girl.

The hospital may be making the same precious distinction when warning “no C-section has ever been performed in our hospital on a woman who was not pregnant, and if you were to suggest otherwise it would be an egregious and inflammatory error.”

The hospital however is not very credible in some quarters. Last year it had to pay $13.4 million in settlements for fraud claims from 2002 to 2006.

What I find interesting is the absence of any reference to a lawsuit or settlement with the girl. If a surgery was performed, I would be interested in understanding what the girl was told after it was discovered that she was not pregnant. As discussed in Mohr v. Williams, 104 N.W. 12 (Minn. 1905), even successful surgeries can be battery without knowing consent. If she did sign a waiver covering the procedure, there remains the question of gross negligence. Was she fully informed after the surgery of the alleged mistake?

Source: NBC

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  1. Dear Nicolas, I think that you have a mental issues or you are paid

    directly by New York Downtown Hospital. For likes like you Bernie Madoff

    or Enron executives are ” honest people and doing their job.” Dear Nicolas

    please learn who was Rosa Parks and Erin Brockhovich.

    Dr. Mehulic is a true hero. She saved many lives.Because of her my ilness

    is gone. I am cured. What else to say? So let me paraphrase your

    “statement evil never happened, Samaritan Doctor is mentally ill and you

    are only right. 16 years old teenager is also mentally ill (suffering from

    psychological disorder( pseudocyesis)” Mmmmm……..

    These are the false statements with only one goal to cover up your

    crimes and fraud. Nicolas, Department of State can not be wrong, you

    and now your crimes and the one especially from comments above that

    you are “Dr. Allan Klapper former Chief and Program Director of OBGYN

    at New York Downtown Hospital who was the culprit of chaos at this

    place.” Listen you are exposed by the comments above.

    Please read the Bible about Good Samaritans

    Thanks God for Good Samaritans. Thank you Dr Mehulic for saving my

    life. Dear Nicolas please read the Parable of the Good Samaritan

    and tell your bosses that they overpaid you to cover up their crimes.

    The Parable of the Good Samaritan 25 o And behold, a p lawyer stood up to q put him to the test, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to r inherit eternal life?” 26He said to him, “What is written in the Law?
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    Traditions and Commandments MATTHEW 15

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    17Do you not see that z whatever goes into the mouth passes into the stomach and is expelled? [4] 18But a what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. 19For out of the heart come b evil thoughts, c murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, d slander. 20 e These are what defile a person.

  2. you don’t need to pray for the 16 year old girl and her family. she has gone psycological evaluation and doing well considering what she is suffering from is a psylogical disorder( pseudocyesis).
    and please don’t compare mehulic to brockovich.
    Mehulic has mental issues if she didn’t she would have gone psycological testing that the state wanted her to do , instead she is practicing some where else…
    Only time will tell and show what she is all above.

  3. Dear Nicolas, shame on you !!! Where is your conscious?

    How can you sleep at night after all yours fabricated lies and defamation

    of good Samaratian Doctor who reported these crimes to the State.

    This is the problem we have in our country now, criminals who performed

    C-section on 16 years old non pregnant teenager ( people this is a

    teenager !!!) These Doctors are still working !!! How many innocent lives

    will pay their price due to chaos, kickbacks, corruption, and medical

    “mistakes” Are you saying that people who reported

    Bernie Madoff or Enron executives are mentally ill or that they are physically

    blind to report the evil or wrongdoing. Dear Nicolas your are saying that

    good Samaritan Doctor is unfit to do her job. What would you say to

    Rosa Parks 1955 or Erin Brockovich ? Would you say the same thing ?

    Obviously this is the evil act performing a C-section on a non pregnant

    teenager. There is no excuse. Dear Nicolas how much the paid you to cover

    up their lies and fabrications and to continue business as “usual”

    Dear Nicolas you forgot to mention main thing, “New York Downtown

    Hospital agreed to settle claims of Medicaid fraud with the state and federal

    governments.” “The hospital agreed in October to pay $13.4 million in

    settlements for claims of fraudulent actions from 2002 to 2006”

    check it out (source 4 NBC NEW YORK Local News)

    Obviously this is a corruption, dear Nicolas people are not blind or

    mentally ill to understand and see the truth !!! I pray for the 16 years

    old teenager and her family !!!

  4. It is so obvious that NYDOH did not do anything right to regulate the hospital,otherwise case like this would never took the place.
    Calling people paranoid just because they reported negligence ,and deaths appears as desprite act from the hospital side.
    Does hospital has any better answer?
    How we can trust to NY Dept Of Health any more?

  5. You have a lot of anger lang.
    May be you need psycological evaluation.
    It seems that what you and mehulic is doing is out of revenge…

  6. So Dr. klapper NYDH kick you out so you can continue destroying lives of women in Pittsburgh now . We know you much better then anybody else.What about 82 years old female that you perforated her bowel? You are UroGynecologist at West Penn Allegheny now .
    If there is no corruption at NY Department of Health and your ” corrupted friends” who were covering up for you ,you would be in jail long time ago. Wherever you worked you left chaos and the best confirmation of it are your malpractice lawsuits at NY Supreme court and other courts. As per NY Supreme court there are filed 7 malpractice lawsuits against you!
    Who ever wants to know more about this can check out at: or just Google New York Supreme Court Scroll

  7. people talk about truth like they know things…
    when none of you including mehulic knows nothing.
    and shame on you for talking about”truth” like you were there?
    I wasn’t there either… but there is always two sides to each story.

  8. I am not sure about any of the other cases , all I know is that I worked with mehulic when she was not even in residency and she was given a false letter so that they could get rid of her. she was a terrible doctor then and I am sure now.
    Dr mehulic is not fit to be a doctor and she is doing all this probabl to just get attention because she is mad that she can’t practice in newyork state.
    Thank god for that, i don’t want to have her around.

  9. Nicolas,I recognize the language of Dr. Allan Klapper former Chief and Program Director of OBGYN at New York Downtown Hospital who was the culprit of chaos at this place.
    On 3/29/2008 Dr. Klapper sent the “thank you letter” to staff after the death of completely normal and healthy 28 y/o mother who died on the OR table due to iatrogenic perforation of the inferior vena cava.

    Dr.Klapper wrote to staff ” I am especially proud of our response to the “code white”.There could not have been any better of an example of the dedication and commitment of the staff at NYDH to the mission of our hospital.”

    Or in another case when Dr. Sierecki broke the clavicle of the newborn and the newborn became completely disabled and paralyzed, and mentally retarded, Dr. Klapper said that mother was too old and this was not the mistake of Dr. Sierecki who did not know how to manage the labor and deliver the patient.She also never learned how to tie the knot.Is she a surgeon now?OBGYN?(NY Supreme Court Index Number 10105569)

    Or when Dr. Klapper himself perforated the bladder of the patient he accused another attending that he did it and never told the patient what happened.

    “Nicolas ” do you need more to hear about what happened at NYDH? FYI Dr.Mehulic was not the only one who was witnessed NYDH crimes.

  10. Nicolas, shame on you !!! If you are a Doctor close your office!!!

    This was a 16 year old non pregnant teenager. Do you have a family?

    Let say maybe you do,imagine that C-section happened to your 16 years old

    non pregnant daughter ? What would you say dear Nicolas ?

    Obviously you represent New York Downtown Hospital, all the information

    above that you posted about 16 years old patient are false and are

    coming from you and New York Downtown Hospital. Dear Nicolas, how

    much they paid you to reverse the truth and lie to people and yourself.

    Did you do this C-section, for your information Dr.Mehulic works in Texas.

    Dr Mehulic works in the most prestigious and well known hospital in United

    States.Google her name. She is my doctor. She is the best Doctor I ever

    had.New York Downtown Hospital defamed Dr Mehulic to cover up for their

    chaos, substandard care, negligence, poor hygiene, kickbacks, corruption,

    medical mistakes,fraud of Medicaid, and luring homeless people into

    hospital beds to steal the money from Medicaid.

    Obviously this is cover up.

  11. Dr mehulic has mental issues, she was not fired because of this. Believe me it is hard to fire resident from any program. she was unfit to be a doctor.
    The 16 year old suffered from:
    False pregnancy or hysterical pregnancy, most commonly termed pseudocyesis in humans and pseudopregnancy in other mammals, is the appearance of clinical and/or subclinical signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy when the person or animal is not pregnant. Clinically, false pregnancy is most common in veterinary medicine (particularly in dogs and mice). False pregnancy in humans is less common, and may sometimes be purely psychological. It is generally estimated that false pregnancy is caused due to changes in the endocrine system of the body, leading to the secretion of hormones which translate into physical changes similar to those during pregnancy. that is why she did not sue, because she keeps on going to different hospitals and doing this and her parents know.
    Dr mehulic is a lier and should never be a doctor.

  12. Since a sonogram was done, it seems that there was a previous diagnosis of pregnancy. And for a C-section to be scheduled, it was supposedly near term. I’d say the incompetence started well before the operating room.

  13. Holy crap! I would think the daughter or her parents would have a slam dunk personal suit if she indeed was cut without proper disclosure and/or in error.

  14. Wow, we have gotten sooo good at lying in this society. It’s downright scary, and never ceases to amaze (and disgust) me the lengths that some will go to cover their egregious errors.

  15. Interesting. If the girl suffered no ill effects afterward that she is aware of, she might not think to sue. Meanwhile you know her insurance provider (be it for-profit, non-profit, or the state) was charged for it, if this actually happened. Given the pay outs for fraud I would say this is a legitimate concern.

  16. And what about her parents? I don’t know what the age of consent is in New York, but parents would have to be involved in surgery on a minor.

    Relevant details are missing. Was she supposed to have a different surgery? Was she mistaken for another patient who was scheduled for a c-section?

    Why am I reading this before going in for minor hand surgery? Am I going to wake up with an abdominal incision?

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