19 thoughts on “Running With The Wild St. Bernards”

  1. my mother had a herd of wild dachshunds near her house. to catch them you don’t use traps or cages just an old piece of drainpipe.

    true story

  2. raff,

    Life is persistent and will adapt to the resources at hand. Dog slobber contains not only water, but proteins as well. And having first hand experience with the breed – a buddy in high school has six of them – there are three things a St. Bernard produce in copious amounts: slobber, hair and dog poop.

    That or I might just be a smartass in the first place.

    But we all know that never happens. :mrgreen:

  3. The little boy makes you appreciate the size and the temperament of those beautiful animals,having once owned a Great Dane who one morning dropped (10) pups on us and at the time the children were younger and saw how large dogs can be with children and having her own brood and still be great around the kids.

    AWESOME!!(To steal raffs line):=)

  4. carol

    I’m thinking he’s one of the wranglers to which the Professor refers. My guess is he ropes ’em, breaks ’em and rides ’em outta the forest one at a time.

  5. When I need saving…. and the rapture is upon us…. I want the “Real” St. Bernard with the liquor coming after me….

    The are beautiful….aren’t they….

  6. Dang Blouise! I was going to ask if this herd was near the spaghetti farm but you got there first 8-{(

  7. That’s quite an impressive collection of livestock. What most people don’t realize is that the moss and lichens carpeting the floor the St. Bernard’s natural woodland habitat are specialized plants that survive almost entirely on dog slobber. True story.

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