Lying For Jesus: The Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

For those who oppose abortion no tactic is too sleazy. The scare tactic of stopping abortion by linking it with breast cancer was manna from heaven. The visceral fear of breast cancer would present the faithful with a weapon to be wielded with no regard for the facts. The fact that the scientific evidence shows no link between abortion and breast cancer fazed them not.

The recent Komen/Planned Parenthood publicity and Komen’s ties to this woo, has reanimated this long-dead controversy.

The Komen tie-in is via Jane Abraham, a member of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance board of directors. Abraham is also on the board of directors of The Nurturing Network, an organization founded and chaired by Mary Cunningham Agee. It was Agee who, in 1999, wrote in a Culture of Life Foundation newsletter that “the undeniable link between breast cancer and abortion is only the ‘tip of an iceberg’ of damage that medical science is now able to reveal about this procedure.”

Abraham is also founder and General Chairman of the Susan B. Anthony List. On its website, the SBA List touts its Komen connection while claiming:

There are also studies that link abortion to breast cancer- which is precisely what SGK is supposed to be fighting against.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a lie.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a report, Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk, that found:

More rigorous recent studies demonstrate no causal relationship between induced abortion and a subsequent increase in breast cancer risk.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found:

Breast cancer: induced abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk.

The American Cancer Society studied the link and reported the results:

  • Induced abortion is not linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.
  • Spontaneous abortion is not linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.

These scientific results are known to the anti-abortion cadre, and they’d rather lie to women.

H/T: Jodi Jacobson, Catholics For Choice (pdf).

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  1. I’m confused is this before or after the industrial revolution. Was this before the safe zone of 350ppm or where we are now close to 400ppm.

    America’s First Great Global Warming Debate
    Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster argue over conventional wisdom that lasted thousands of years.

    As the tumultuous century was drawing to a close, the conservative Yale grad challenged the sitting vice president’s ideas about global warming. The vice president, a cerebral Southerner, was planning his own run for the presidency, and the fiery Connecticut native was eager to denounce the opposition party.

    The date was 1799, not 1999—and the opposing voices in America’s first great debate about the link between human activity and rising temperature readings were not Al Gore and George W. Bush, but Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster.

  2. The Earth has warmed, the earth has cooled the earth shall warm and cool again.

    There you have it, Climate Change.

    Thomas Jefferson


    ” A change in our climate however is taking place very sensibly. Both heats and colds are become much more moderate within the memory even of the middle-aged. Snows are less frequent and less deep. They do not often lie, below the mountains, more than one, two, or three days, and very rarely a week. They are remembered to have been formerly frequent, deep, and of long continuance. The elderly inform me the earth used to be covered with snow about three months in every year. The rivers, which then seldom failed to freeze over in the course of the winter, scarcely ever do so now. This change has produced an unfortunate fluctuation between heat and cold, in the spring of the year, which is very fatal to fruits. From the year 1741 to 1769, an interval of twenty-eight years, there was no instance of fruit killed by the frost in the neighbourhood of Monticello. An intense cold, produced by constant snows, kept the buds locked up till the sun could obtain, in the spring of the year, so fixed an ascendency as to dissolve those snows, and protect the buds, during their developement, from every danger of returning cold. The accumulated snows of the winter remaining to be dissolved all together in the spring, produced those overflowings of our rivers, so frequent then, and so rare now.


  3. The Koch brothers contribution

    Foundation gave just $25,000 to Heartland in 2011 (the only such donation to that organization in more than 10 years) and that funding was specifically directed to a healthcare research program, and not climate change research, as was erroneously reported.

    Statistically speaking, the Foundation’s contribution represents approximately one-twentieth of one percent of Heartland’s total funding over that ten year period. The Foundation has made no further commitments of funding to Heartland.

    And indeed, when you look at the fundraising document, the coding next to Koch’s donation is “HCN” which certainly seems to be their health care code–other donors with that code include Bayer, Amgen, EliLilly, and GlaxoSmithKline.

  4. From the Atlantic

    Heartland Memo Looking Faker By the Minute

    Feb 17 2012, 12:14 PM ET

    After yesterday’s post on why I thought that one of the documents in the Heartland leak was a fake, I discovered that David Appell had been investigating along the same lines. Appell, however, looked at one thing that hadn’t occurred to me: where the PDF was created. One of his commenters elaborates:

    I used a pdfinfo script to analyse the memos. The info I got is that all the meta data dates changed on the day of the leak in the Pacific time zone (-8 GMT). This is likely where our thief resides. This is also where the “fake” was created on 2/13. The other docs, with the exception of the IRS form were in the central time zone (-6 GMT). The IRS form was -4 GMT. This has been corroborated by a commenter at Lucia’s. Based on this, and I’m not sure if I’ve covered every base, the strategy memo is a fake.

    The only other option would be if the create dates were faked, highly, highly unlikely or, the sender from HI didn’t have the doc, and someone from the west coast scanned it , emailed to her to send to the leaker. This, to me, doesn’t seem likely either. Logically, I have to go with HI’s story.

  5. Bron
    1, February 17, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Fossil fuels are organic.

    so is cancer

  6. Elaine:

    Bdaman has never said the climate isnt changing, climate changes all the time as history and science proves. The idea Bdaman disagrees with is that it is caused by man when there is an inconvenient large orangish red orb way out in space which provides the energy for our little home. Every man made thing you see on earth is a result of the energy provided by the sun. Well that depends on whether or not you believe the earth is full of methane. If you dont though, then all the energy we use is only the energy of the sun laid down millions of years ago. Excepting nuclear energy.

    Fossil fuels are organic.

  7. Bdaman,

    “Ms. Elaine just because your having a warm winter doesn’t mean people AROUND THE GLOBE are. In fact people in Europe are freezing to death. Last count is near 500 in the last thirty days. Rome has snow for the first time since the 70′s. Sahara Desert sees snow for the first time since around the same time.”


    There you have it: CLIMATE CHANGE!

  8. How much did BP give the Heartland Institute ?

    On February 1, Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, announced an agreement between BP (formerly British Petroleum) and the University of California at Berkeley to establish an Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) on the Berkeley campus. Under the agreement BP will provide the university with $500 million over 10 years. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this is “by far the largest alliance ever between industry and academia.”

  9. Oh and who was it that tells me that one day of weather does not equal climate. We’ll one winter doesn’t either. Just a couple of years ago it was snowmegeddon and snowpocalypse. Oh forgot that was caused by Global Warming. Too hot, Global Warming, Too cold, Global Warming. Drought, Global Warming, Flood, Global Warming.

  10. “The Koch Brothers are kicking George Soro’s ass”

    Perhaps they are on the climate issue. This is especially important to them since they earn their money via environmental destruction and became wealthy through nepotism, rather than working for it. They are tied for fourth on Forbe’s list of the 100 richest American. Perhaps that is why there are so many people willing to lick their nether regions. Having read the Gospels and respecting their message, the phrase from John Prine’s song “Sam Stone” comes to mind: “Jesus Christ died for nothing, I suppose”.

    In this original thread about lying about cancer causes and in the sub-thread you’ve inserted to divert from the original, I see the same pattern. Worship of those with money which are the sins of greed and envy as defined by Christianity as two of the “Seven Deadly Sins.

    From the Torah (What Christians call “The Old Testament”) we have:

    “In the Book of Proverbs (Mishlai), King Solomon stated that the Lord specifically regards “six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth.” namely:

    A proud look.
    A lying tongue.
    Hands that shed innocent blood.
    A heart that devises wicked plots.
    Feet that are swift to run into mischief.
    A deceitful witness that uttereth lies.
    Him that soweth discord among brethren.”

    It seems that any way you look at it we see here examples of how religious teachings have been perverted in the service of worship of Mammon. A sad state for this country to be in. We are all of course responsible for our own moral and ethical conduct and will be judged, or not, after we’re gone. I do believe the stricture from Jesus: Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” is wisdom no matter what one’s faith. Therefore I am morally precluded from commenting on your adherence to your faith.

    However, to take things out of the religious range and put them in ethical terms I think you would benefit from reading this book which is a free download in PDF:

    Perhaps in the reading you might gain insight into why you act the way you do when it comes to the politics of protecting those of great wealth and also the perversion of religious belief in the service thereof.

  11. BTW, we’ve had the warmest winter I can remember here in Massachusetts–and I wasn’t born yesterday!

    Ms. Elaine just because your having a warm winter doesn’t mean people AROUND THE GLOBE are. In fact people in Europe are freezing to death. Last count is near 500 in the last thirty days. Rome has snow for the first time since the 70’s. Sahara Desert sees snow for the first time since around the same time.

  12. “Gene H:

    An O Bar is or was a bar in Palm Beach, Florida.

    and you would have known that an O Bar had nothing to do with science if you actually knew anything about science.”

    I didn’t say it had anything to do with science. I said it could be any number of things. But you keep making things up, Bron. Like I’ve said, it’s what you’re best at known for.

  13. How is New England being impacted by climate change?

    Part of New England’s charm is the distinct four seasons—a climate that includes crisp falls, snow-filled winters and temperate springs and summers. The climate has started to change, however. Snow cover is decreasing and spring arrives earlier. And the number of extremely hot summer days has been increasing. According to a report from the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment (NECIA) team, since 1970, the Northeast has been warming at a rate of nearly .5 degrees F per decade, with winter temperatures rising faster, at a rate of 1.3 degrees F per decade from 1970 to 2000, all changes consistent with those expected to be caused by global warming. 2010 was the warmest year on record.

    New England has clearly warmed since the end of the 19th century, with winter temperatures increasing more than summer temperatures, and with the greatest warming taking place in New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island. Annual precipitation has increased. While more rain has fallen in intense storms, snowfall in northern New England has decreased since 1953.

    According to the New England Climate Coalition, temperature increases could affect New England’s brilliant fall colors as trees migrate north or die out, and maple syrup production may be jeopardized because sap flow depends on freezing nights and warm days. And the ski industry will face the threat of less natural snowfall and the inability to produce artificial snow, which requires temperatures of 28 degrees or less. Under a high emissions scenario, for example, only western Maine is projected to retain a reliable ski season.


    I love New England in the autumn. Unfortunately, we didn’t have brilliant foliage around here last fall. Some of the leaves just turned brown on the trees and then fell to the ground. It was very disappointing.

  14. Bdaman,


    Warm winter weather impact on W. Mass

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We’re more than halfway through January and there’s hardly any ice near the Connecticut River here in Springfield. But these warm conditions could be affecting more than just those snow boarders and skiers plans.

    On January 24 temperatures in the area soared to 52 degrees. That’s 20 degrees above average. For many families that means saving on the often expensive winter heating bill.

    Nicole Chisholm told 22News, “You don’t have to bundle up in a bunch of blankets and worry about the heating bills, electric bills, that’s definitely one good thing.”

    Kids who are normally outside sledding down hills only have had a couple days to fit those winter activities in.

    Willie Williamson of Holyoke told 22News, “This is his first time going sledding this winter we had the snow, he really liked that so he’s kind of disappointed about the sledding but he gets to go outside and play still, he’s not inside he’s not cooped up, so he likes that.

    But overall, this whole winter has been mild. In December, Massachusetts recorded 12 days when the temperature was more than 10 degrees above normal. And if that pattern continues, it could start affecting crops.


    Warm winter weather worsens beaver problems

  15. Bdaman,

    “And even if CO2 is warming the planet it’s a good thing as the opposite would be far worse as the recent example of what is happening in Europe shows us. Over 500 people died in the last month due to extreme cold.”

    I take it you’re not so sure that the planet isn’t warming because of CO2 emissions.

    BTW, we’ve had the warmest winter I can remember here in Massachusetts–and I wasn’t born yesterday!

    Did I say anything about Al Gore? I’m not really interested in what he’s up to these days. You can keep tabs on him, if you like.

    I also didn’t bring up George Soros. I have no great love for the man–sorry to disappoint you.

    BTW, you didn’t answer a question I posed to you earlier this morning. I’ll repeat it for you: Do the Koch brothers provide funding to just one institute/center that promotes the “there is no such thing as climate change” agenda?

  16. Al Gore’s new direction

    Blood, Gore and capitalism

    THESE are busy days for Al Gore. In late January, the former vice-president turned climate-change warrior took to the high seas, leading a luxury cruise-cum-fact-finding mission to Antarctica for a bunch of billionaires and policy wonks. They were to see for themselves the melting ice shelf and enjoy what remains of the spectacular views. Then, on February 15th, he was in New York to launch a manifesto (pdf) for what he calls “sustainable capitalism”.

  17. MS. Elaine at the two minute mark of your video speaks volumes. The Koch Brothers are kicking George Soro’s ass. Like I said the so called consensus and the Al Gore proclamation that the debate is over is far from it. People are not stupid and can see right through the alarmist bull crap. And even if CO2 is warming the planet it’s a good thing as the opposite would be far worse as the recent example of what is happening in Europe shows us. Over 500 people died in the last month due to extreme cold.

  18. Solar power bankruptcies loom as prices collapse

    Governments across the world are curtailing benefits enjoyed by solar installers as panel prices drop because of industry overcapacity and low demand from traditional markets such as Europe.

    China launched an aggressive project, Golden Sun, to boost solar installations. Home to seven of the world’s eight largest solar panel manufacturers, China added a meager 490 megawatts of solar installations in 2010.

  19. Mespo:

    the amount of money spent on infrastructure is very small compared to the entire GDP.

    From the CBO:

    “In fiscal year 2007—the most recent year for which data on combined spending by the federal government and by state and local governments are available—total public spending for transportation and water infrastructure was $356 billion, or 2.4 percent of the nation’s economic output as measured by its gross domestic product. For the purposes of this study, transportation and water infrastructure encompasses infrastructure for all forms of surface transportation (highways, mass transit, rail, and waterways), aviation, water resources (such as dams and levees), and water distribution and wastewater treatment.”

    And from US Government Spending:

    Transportation is 5% of the Federal Budget.

    Hoenig is just saying that stimulating the economy doesnt work, the fallacy of the broken window is correct.

    By the way, Hoenig is not a republican.

    Liberals are so knee-jerk.

    If you would embrace capitalism you could have plenty for all and a safety net for those who need one as long as you keep government spending at around 15% of GDP. So if you want more money you expand the economy but keep spending at 15% of GDP.

    Everybody is happy, poor people have a job or a safety net, liberals get to have money for social programs, rich people get to make more money, the middle class can afford to have some extra money in their pocket, roads get built.

    But the down side is personal responsibility and an end to security.

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