16 thoughts on “Who Said Cats Don’t Like Baths?”

  1. Our cat Lusse was wonderful, as all cat lovers know.

    She lived in the country, and knew the dangers of going out at night facing badgers and foxes. She loved to hunt, and we presume some mouse upset her stomach when she polluted herself so badly she went to hide.
    Washing up under a warm stream in the kitchen sink of the polluted half was not fun, but she, wise as she was, tolerated it calmly.
    Her dignity as a clean cat and beauty queen restored, she licked herself back to form resting on the house’s best towel on the sofa.
    As best we know she was mostly Silver Chinchilla but with a beautiful Norsk Skogs cat head. She had adopted my wife when the neighbor moved 3 houses away. After her starving, refusing to go home and eat, for 10 days I gave in and gave her food. Which the neighbor had already acceded to our doing.

    Some people don’t value cats’ lives. The neighbor didn’t and arranged to put away her other cat, unknown to us..

    A dog is fun, overwhelmingly fun. But a cat’s trust is very moving indeed.

    Saved from diabetes, she got her daily shot and lived with us 3 more years.
    She’s buried with my Kerstin.

  2. Have double checked on Pets Spa washing machine — PETA got a hold of the video and marshalled its troops. Apparently the company is kaput.

    For what it is worth, the inventor claims the product was misused — ti was designed to quickly delouse and rid cats of infestations and contaminants . while keeping cleaning agents (and claws) off humans. The devise was supposed to be used a piece of medical equipment, and operators were advised to sedate animals.

  3. Exactly — what about the manufacturer? It intentionally created a torture device expecting it to be used (commercially!) as a torture device and it was so used.

    If I were that cat, murder would be on my mind.

  4. Whoever put that poor creature in that machine should be shot. That video was not even slightly funny. That was brutal torture.

  5. The poor kitty is either planning the demise of the bather or is suffering a deep depression induced by having seen the entirety of its feline dignity swirling down the drain.

  6. When I grew up we had gordon setters (a sporting dog – for hose wh arent familiar a setter but with tan and black markings – like a dobie). QWe also had a swimming pool. To our amazement my father actually had to put them in it to prove to them they could get out if they got in. They wanted nothing to do with that big expanse of water. (other then that the were pretty smart)

  7. Here is the breakdown on dogs regarding swimming and bathing. If a dog is a swimmer by trade look at the paws. If the dog has webbed feet it is a water dog. Labs and other water dogs dont necessarily like human bathing.
    This labrador will swim every day, twice a day. This lab doesnt need a bath right now thank you. My bud, Mister Meow, is a Linx Point Siamese. Hates baths.

  8. A sweet photo. Wrapped in that towel, it makes me think that its readying itself for a round of boxing… (Forwarding it to my cat-loving friends. Thanks.)

  9. LOL! Great picture. In general I agree re: dogs. But I’ve got one (Golden Ret; i.e. not in my avatar pic) that really doesn’t like a bath. She’s also just a wader in the lake. Yes, she’s a bit off. 🙂 But she’s sweet.

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