Cereal KIller? Murder Suspect Challenges Jail’s Denial Of Favorite Cereal

Holly Grigsby is obviously cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. The murder suspect has challenged jail conditions that deny her access to the cereal and other items in the commissary of the Snohomish County Jail.

Holly Grigsby and David “Joey” Pedersen are accused of the aggravated murder of David “Red” Pedersen and his wife, DeeDee. Prosecutors also believe that the Oregon couple killed an Oregon teenager and a disabled California man. Both are white supremacists and police say that Grigsby said that they killed the Oregon teen, Cody Myers, because his name sounded Jewish.

The two defendants have been denied access because they are classified as maximum security inmates. More importantly, the jail has limited access to cocoa puffs and sugar cereal because they are used to make jailhouse hooch. It turns out Grigsby has been charged with various infractions including trying to brew booze in her cell.

Defense attorney Pete Mazzone is arguing that the denial of access constitutes a constitutional violation, presumably in equal protection because I cannot see the eighth amendment violation. They might have better luck with Superior Court Judge Linda Krese over the denial of their demand for Almond Joy bars.

Source: Herald

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  1. If you had ever been in county jail you would know that meals are sometimes cruel and unusual.

  2. OS and MD,
    Both I regard as culturally acquired problems. And not the only ones
    In the 20’s in the South 30 percent of mental in-patients were ascribed to vitamin B deficiency. That’s why we got B supplementation I presume.

    Just as the poor black have migrated, so have many poor whites.
    Diseases spread, in many ways. Vector research is fascinating regardless ot the disease, social, economic, medical, etc.

  3. I am with Dr. Wilson on this one. I have been at this business for four decades and am quite familiar with high carb overload in people who had poor impulse control wiring from the beginning.

    Of course, we cannot blame the carbs and high fructose corn sugars for the racism–they brought that to the table without the help of junk food.

  4. WLW, MD

    Thanks for the headsup. I realized later in life that cornflakes, milk and lots of sugar, caused collapse after 15 minutes as a child. Whereas oatmeal. butter and sugar with milk was OK. The symptoms mentioned matched.
    That’s not the whole picture, but a part of mine.

    The question we ask are links and remedies for “reversing” this syndrome.
    And I thank goodness this was before they discovered the many uses of HFCS. It even damages the liver, I understand.

  5. The problem is a policy which denies prisoners classified as maximum security access to the commissary, apparently regardless of a history of misconduct. The story reflects they are pre-trial detainees and were classified based on the crimes they are accused of (without providing any hearing or other ability to fight the classification). If so, that raises a real question as to the propriety of the commissary restriction for someone who has not been convicted of a crime. It appears there may be a specific basis to deny Grigsby due to her conduct in custody. The story doesn’t reflect any basis for denying Pederson access to the commissary other than his classification.

  6. As a physician with long-standing interest in neuroscience, we now believe that the combination of excessive fructose mainly from sugar and HFCS and high glycemic carbohydrates over time triggers a chronic brain dysfunction disease we call Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain syndrome or CARB syndrome.

    People with CARB syndrome have poor impulse control, mood swings, anger management issues and a long list of brain dysfunction symptoms. The most dominant symptom is craving foods with sugar or high glycemic carbohydrates. Cereal is a toxic combination of these two food elements. These two bozos fit the description of CARB syndrome to a T. No, I wouldn’t give them access to this type of food–their brain’s are already fried.

  7. Blouise!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you serious about Norway?
    Dunno, myself.
    But in Sweden you don’t get any choice at all. Ask what you may. It will be ignored. So much for how soft we are here.

  8. I don’t think they have a legal leg to stand on, but if they want that crap give it to them and let the world know that it’s the cereal of killers.

  9. If one wants that kind of special treatment during incarceration one needs to have committed one’s crimes in a country like Norway.

    Here, in the wild, wild West we’d still serve gruel … if we could get away with it.

  10. I think that they will be able to get Coco puffs as their last meal request if they so choose.

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