Iranian Court Orders The Death Penalty For Christian Pastor Convicted of Apostasy

The Iranian Sharia courts have given the world a steady stream of horrific judgments — using the pretense of a legal system to mete out religious-based and perfectly medieval punishments. They have now added a fresh outrage. Despite worldwide condemnation, a trial court in Iran has issued its final verdict that Youcef Nadarkhani, 34, be put to death. His crime? Converting to Christianity. During the country’s Sharia law, such apostasy is punished by death.

We have previously discussed this case and the demand that Nadarkhani renounce his faith or face execution. Nadarkhani was arrested two years ago and many in Iran have demanded his death as demanded by the Koran. Under Islamic law, he was given three chances to recant to save his life.

Various countries have demanded his release, but Nadarkhani can now be executed at any time.

The “court” found that Nadarkhani had in fact practiced Islam from age 15 (considered adulthood under Islamic law) to 19 when he converted. Notably, another court found that he had not practiced Islam as an adult but was still guilty of apostasy because he was born into a Muslim family.

There appears a crackdown across Iran against Christians generally.

Source: IBTimes

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  1. swarthmom

    angel soft and quilted northern and the koch brothers

    i think i see a pattern here

  2. Yes, I agree and here is a list of Koch bros products to boycott.tpkoch bros boycot

  3. “It’s only our value as consumers and voters that matter. And they do mighty well steering us in both categories. Don’t you agree?” (id707)

    Don’t know if SwM agrees but I sure as hell do.

  4. SwM,
    All of you have more genuine knowledge than I do. I only (serendipitously?) stumbled on this link. It was like Watergate and Wikileaks all rolled into one.
    The whole smear.

    Responsible scientists, even foreign ones, giving their best and being crushed by commercial interests and ignored by government departments. In Argentina, delegates to a conference discussing the miscarriage problem in brood heifers were thugged by over one hundred ranch hired hands. Read it, it’s there to see.

    Do tell me more. Do you feel we have any influence in this GMO roundup matter? I really wonder.

    Like so many things they have the money and the power.
    It’s only our value as consumers and voters that matter. And they do mighty well steering us in both categories. Don’t you agree?

  5. idealist, I have a relative that worked for Monsanto under Shapiro. Have been following this for years. Would never purchase round-up.

  6. JC said just now:

    “JCTheBigTree1, February 23, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Anything related to Monsanto and the FDA is scary… The number of executives that have jumped back and forth between the two organizations basically tells you that they are one in the same. There are similar companies doing the same”

    And you trust your agencies. Ever heard of EPA, FEC, XYZ, etc.?
    If Congress is bought then why not the rest. Revolving doors.

    I might move to India. Spend my reclining days there, pun intended.
    It’s no paradise here, so that is no illusion I’m selling.

  7. Swarthmore Mom,
    GMO free food.
    Tell that to the food animals fed on GMO corn, soybeans (our biggest export crop), alfalfa. etc.

    The issue of passing on antibiotics, glykophosat residue, etc as a result of RoundupReady GMO crops has been studied and shown negative results, particularly as all know regarding bacterial resistance.
    For more on that see:
    The name seems facetious, but it’s serious. Read it and learn more about bacterial antibiotic resistance acquisition that you can sleep well with.
    Don’t let the chemical compound diagrams scare you off, the text is quite readable.

    Has any of the commenters read the article?
    Read it and then comment. Sound like a rant? OK, it’s your world.

    Ignore it if you dare. Never prior to this have I had a place to propagate it.
    Am not a Monsanto hater, but could become one.
    Did you know that the State Department tried to force India to use RoundupReady eggplants for domestic production. Their Supreme Court ruled against them. Talk about hegemony.

    AY, have you been tanking too much today? Am not from the midwest.
    You say: “…Yes….you belong right where you’re at….keep up the good puppetry…. ” What puppetry? State a case or stop the garbage.

    I would not stick my neck out if it had been Joe Rant who put this letter to the Secretary of the Agriculture who was planning to take away all safeguards on RoundUp alfalfa, a chief feeder crop for beef, etc.

    i was offered a dogburger in Singapore when getting final fitting of a custom tailored suit. Can’t recommend the suits. ´Didn’t try the dogburger; although the ladies there have other talents than cooking, says the male pig.

    Read it, then criticise. I’ll bet you wonder the next time you eat steak.
    Ask JC. He knows all about organic food raising, including beef.
    Now he’s gonna check his meat supplier for the alfalfa input, he said.

  8. I hear that they eat dogs over there too and perhaps we need someone to bark up for the dogs.

  9. I707,

    Yes….you belong right where you’re at….keep up the good puppetry…. North Carolina….Minnesota….Illinois….Sweden..he’ll you’re here…. That’s what matters the met right…. Btw….how are those gas prices…..

  10. AY
    Am a poor boy from North Carolina, “a valley of humility between two mountains of conceit”, we proudly proclaim.

    Hope others are still reading because now am gonna go off-topic with something worth everyone’s personal attention. JC at the Iran thread asked for it. I think it everybody that eats, breathes and hope that their children will to, should know about The EU parliament asked him to inform them.
    How it went after that I don’t know.

    JC and All others please NOTE.


    All the man writing to the Sec for Agriculture was asking was to not take away “guard zones” around RoundUP alfalfa. He had the responsibility to chair the FDA committee for detecting and countering plant and animal diseases as it applies to our food supply. He identified the grave problem with a microfungus linked to miscarriaging in first time breed heifers. He had other evidence of the negative effects of RoundUp noted in studies over several years: appearance and overgrowth of aggressive new microorganisms, reduction in production in small cereal grains. etc etc.

    It’s all there: There should have been a storm, but after brief media notice it disappeared. Dr Huber who wrote the letter was later invited to the EU parliament to present his findings re GMO and Roundup. He has 20 years of studiying glyphosat the main ingredient in RoundUp and 35 studying agricultural plant diseases.

    Read it if you want to know how you are fed.

    He summarized his own opinion by saying he thinks we are at the tipping point as to a viable food chain. Let’s hope we have time.

    The facts he reviewed in more scientific tone, and am sure he is not inclined to hyperbole.

  11. I707,

    Seems you have been around here for awhile…. Reincarnated from the Midwest I presume…..

  12. I suspect that this si Rick Santorum’s wet dream, if you just substitute Christianity for Islam.

  13. Yeah, thanks. But I thought he ought to have an apology, for reminding me not to jump in. It’s a wonder I’ve never been killed IRL..

    The kudos were nice to hear, of course. But time to grow up.

  14. idealist, You bring an interesting perspective to the dialogue here, and you are not timid about challenging conventional wisdom.

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