Reading On The Run: Woman Photographed Reading Nook and Drinking Coffee While Speeding Down Highway

I was on CNN this morning discussing the comments of the Pennsylvania judge on the assaulting of an atheist. On the way back, the CNN driver took I-66 and we passed this scene of a woman drinking coffee and reading her Nook . . . while moving over fifty miles an hour during rush hour.

We could not believe our eyes so the driver pulled along side while I took a couple of pictures. Even when we passed an accident with a trooper at the scene, the woman barely looked up from her electronic book. This went on for thirty minutes as we drove along on 66. It was truly unbelievable, particularly since traffic would stop and then speed up with the rush hour traffic. We were amazed that she did not hit anyone because she barely glanced up and seemed totally engrossed in the book. Unfortunately, traveling down a highway, my cellphone did not allow for a particularly good picture. At one point, she briefly took her hand off the wheel to both drink and read. Notably, the CNN driver said that recently he was behind a wreck after a woman plowed into a car while doing her makeup. This woman, however, topped even my prior sighting of a guy talking on the cellphone and eating at the same time while driving. At least he was looking up.

24 thoughts on “Reading On The Run: Woman Photographed Reading Nook and Drinking Coffee While Speeding Down Highway”

  1. As much as we try to be clever, this isn’t the least bit funny. If they weren’t guilty of doing this themselves, more legislators would have passed laws forbidding it.
    The human brain can only handle a certain number of interactive transactions. Talking or texting impairs the ability to pay full attention to driving, moreso that eating or adjusting the controls, though each can kill you when combined with sudden external inputs. Then, the overloaded brain tells you to step on the wrong pedal or delay your reaction into the danger zone.

  2. JB PhD
    Let’s all chip in and buy the professor a phone with better resolution and a 3X zoom. With a windnoise canceller, he could have taken a deposition also.

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