A Man Of The People? New Study Suggests Gingrich Is Indeed In The Mainstream . . . Of Washington

A new study would indicate that, of all of the candidates this year, Newt Gingrich may come closest to the 99 percent . . . at least on the issue of adultery. Washington appears to be leading the nation in adultery.

The website Ashley Madison is a site that helps married people find lovers. It found that Washington has the highest per capita membership among the site’s 13 million users.

Let it not be said that this city no longer leads the nation . . .

Source: Washington Post

13 thoughts on “A Man Of The People? New Study Suggests Gingrich Is Indeed In The Mainstream . . . Of Washington”

  1. If he was catholic he would not be doing it with adults and you could not call it adultry.

  2. Can’t really say who the female equivalents have been. Their exclusion from the top works against them.

    But the former French finance minister kinda turns me on.
    And the Swedish one we lent for a while.
    But then you know already that am weak for strong smart women. Smile.

  3. Women are attracted to bright shiny objects. As are men too.
    Albert Einstein was one, who knows how long. And Gandhi was constantly having to fend them off. They clapped his hind end while helping him to the table.

    I cast no stones, as my house is also of glass.

  4. Sexuality and politics are age old companions. Then again, by the same token hypocrisy and politics are also long term lovers. Generally, political status provides groupies for the ugly. I present Newt as exhibit A.

  5. Gingrich charged with 84 counts of ethics violations & then forced to resign. Looks like he IS in the lead!!

    The big question is HOW a guy like this has ANYONE willing to vote him into the President’s office!!??!?!

  6. A poltical science professor, Dr. Mecktenzimer, once told me that Washington runs on three distinct items: booze, babes, and bribes. After thinking about it for a while he added, “maybe not so distinctly.”

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