Former Senior Scientology Officer Testifies Against Church Head David Miscavige

The Church of Scientology is trying to dampen down another scandal from a former high-ranking member. Debbie Cook ran the church’s Flag Base in Clearwater, Florida for 17 years. A former “captain”, Cook has offered testimony and given interviews detailing alleged physical abuse by church leader David Miscavige as well as a hellish trailer known as “the hole” for bad scientologists. It has been a bad period of Scientology which recently saw a French court uphold its fraud conviction in France.

Cook testified that “I witnessed Mr. Miscavige physically punching in the face and wrestling to the ground another very senior executive at Scientology International level.” She also said that Miscavige ordered another scientologist to slap her so hard that it knocked her down.

Then there is the hole, described as a pair of double-wide trailers with guards posted at the door. She said that she and others were forced to sleep on the floor in trailer infested with ants and fed “leftovers, slop, bits of meat, soupy kind of leftovers thrown into a pot and cooked and barely edible.”

She described demeaning forms of punishment and eventually was given $50,000 in exchange for promising not to speak ill of the Church or its leaders when she and her husband left the Church.

The Church denies the statements but has not announced a libel action — a curious omission for the notoriously litigious church. Of course, a libel lawsuit would trigger discovery and a claim of truth as the ultimate defense to defamation.

Source: ABC

23 thoughts on “Former Senior Scientology Officer Testifies Against Church Head David Miscavige”

  1. The thing of it is, how in the world could The US gov’t continue to be so incompetent and continue to allow this dangerous CULT to maintain their tax exempt status. I’m disturbed that they refuse to investigate this deeply fraudulent cult.

    Good for Debbi Cook! It IS hilarious that the “church” has not filed a libelous action. That says it all!

  2. Holy Moley, what an interesting story. I could just see couple of out of shape executives going at it at a church and they were supposedly in charge….it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I’ll just kick back and vape on my esmoke and chill out.

  3. Hey Bron,
    Dianetics turned my career around as in I started making good money with little effort and it got rid of weekly multiple migraines. The tech is real. Sorry you ran into some flat ball bearings.

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