Coulter and O’Donnell Find A Point Of Agreement And Guess What It Was . . .

A couple of past students went to the debate between Ann Coulter and Lawrence O’Donnell and were surprised b one exchange. Despite being continents apart, I became a point on which Coulter and O’Donnell agreed. While some would say this is a sign of the apocalypse, I say it is merely an expression the great unifying healing force that I send throughout the world.

One student sent me this tape, which was taken at a bit of a distance. Around the 40 mark, O’Donnell agrees with my take on the Citizens United case. I am told that Coulter then also agreed with my take, though it comes in part 5 of the tape (which my student could not locate).

This has opened up a whole new horizon for me. In light of my success in uniting Coulter and O’Donnell, I have decided to first move on to the Middle East to open talks between Iran and Israel. Following resolving that dispute this week, I will tackle the more difficult and potentially explosive Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray divide.

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  1. Lottakatz-

    As you undoubtedly know, Alice Roosevelt was the only daughter of Teddy Roosevelt by his first wife. During T.R.’s Presidency she was a party girl, one of the few women at that time who drove her own automobile (with a heavy foot!), and a general hell-raiser much loved by the Washington newspaper columnists. One of T.R.’s advisors asked him if he couldn’t do something about Alice. Teddy said, “I can run the country or I can run Alice, but I can’t do both”.

    1. HenMan,

      If I recall….FDRs wife was not much better……as I recall…the story…they had some tax issues that needed resolving…. A bright attorney working for the government was assigned to help Eleanor….. His name was rehnquist….. She then got him a job clerking for justice jackson….. And the rest is history….. Apparently he even slept with her…. This is from one of the professors that helped write the ucc and associated hornhook….

  2. @lottakatz: Alice Roosevelt was a socialite, daughter of President Roosevelt. She was speaking in the same sense as you for attending a party or social or political event; she liked (and engaged in) sharp tongued humor, and she found polite chatter boring. So — make her laugh, a little mean-spirited gossip can be fun. 🙂

    1. Tony,

      If you think mean spirited gossip can be fun….. Stay away from kids hockey games…. Just sayin..

  3. carol levy, and we can’t forget the amount of damage that can be done on the state level either. It’s scary.

  4. (Sry meant to add especially if we lose more Supremes (and I think I read Ginsburg?Souter wants to retire(?) ) and the repubs get to the ‘hiring’

  5. Lottakatz – Like you heard that and, like you, can’t recall who said it. It is a strategy that, sadly, makes sense. They already were able to obstruct a lot of what this president wants, consolidate power in both houses and we’re screwed. (well unless you like what the repubs have in mind for us).

  6. Limehouse,

    I was at a all night poker game and my sides hurt, do you know why?

    I think it was because everyone was giving me the finger.

  7. Gene,

    [Pierre Sargent} — He’s back! Like a barney coming up through the boil.

  8. Bdaman,

    Apparently you don’t understand my point.

    You complaining here about problems you encountered on some other poster’s blog is simply inappropriate. It’s like going into traffic court and trying to file a suit for breach of contract. It reeks of you trying to get people here to somehow take your side to chastise Dredd or take him to task for his editorial choices on his blog. This is simply not going to happen. He is free to set his policies and enforce them in whatever manner he deems fit. It is his blog. Just like he has no say over policy here, none of us have any say over policy over there. At best, you are barking up the wrong tree. At worst, you’re trying to drag others into your beef with Dredd.

    Choosing to either “add some substance to the topic of C.U. Coulter,O’Donnel or shut the fuck up” is entirely your choice. Again, you are free to say what you like. You are also subject to challenge for what you say. Personally, I like either of those two choices.

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