Unspeakable Science: Japanese Scientists Invent Speech-Jamming Device

Japanese researchers can finally claim to have invented a device that has left their colleagues speechless. Kazutaka Kurihara of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Koji Tsukada of Ochanomizu University, have created a “SpeechJammer” gun that can silence people by sending back their words to them to confuse their cognitive processes. I really need to get one of these for faculty meetings.

Here is how it works. The device records a person’s words and then fires it back at them with a 0.2-second delay. This derails the brain’s cognitive processes and causes speakers to stutter before silencing them completely. That has led to a concern that these mad Japanese scientists secretly experimented on Rick Perry during the prior GOP debates. The problem is that no one appears able to ask them the question.

The research is built on past use of a delayed auditory feedback (DAF) device used to help stutterers. If a stutterer hears his own voice at a slight delay, stuttering often improves. However, the same device on a non-stutterer produces stuttering.

One piece of good news for Perry and others is that the device cannot stop “meaningless sounds,” such as “ahhh.” That leaves most teenage speech, for example, intact.

The new device would appear this holiday’s must-buy item for the dictator that has everything. The scientists proclaimed “We utilized DAF to develop a device that can jam remote physically unimpaired people’s speech whether they want it or not.” Just in time for Vlad Putin’s return.

Source: Wired

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  1. Buddha – either the guy who used to regularly make you silly or the historical one – may have said that too, but I was paraphrasing Carl Sagan, Bdaman.


  2. and I don’t doubt what you say or the book. In fact I’m inclined to believe you. That was an interesting article you wrote the other day in re to IBM’s role in the Holocaust. So I learned something new.

  3. Mike,

    Your prediction may be getting some play in Texas at the moment….. Apparently barbara and laura bush were on the news last night…. And JEB will be here to spread his educational messages…..

  4. “Oh and Breipart didn’t threaten them he threatened THE PRESIDENT.”


    In the book I mentioned, “Family of Secrets” there is extensive evidence that Poppy Bush (GHW) who was trusted by Richard Nixon, helped engineer Watergate to move his career ahead. Jerry Ford, Nixon’s successor was pressured to make Poppy Bush VP. Also who would have become President if the Reagan assassination had succeeded? Did you know that Hinckley’s family were close friends of the Bushes?

  5. Gene H.
    Here I am getting into your fun. Can”t we also pursue the usual possibilities of foul play. If it was the CIA or other agency then the chances are null of course. Didn’t some LEO said they were pursuing all possibilities?

    Bdaman, As for electomagnetic pulse, did anyone see a white van which he walked by? Smile.

  6. Mike S.
    I’ll in my ignorance and suspicions buy the finger pointing out the Bushes.
    However had thought I read that Breitbart was a threat against Obama.True?
    And we know that Obama is capable. And can make a case, concealed in NS screen. to drop him as an agent of ?????.
    As for weapons, see my fantasy creation posted today.
    Fully CIA/FS/Mossad capability. Even the RNC could do it farming our the contract. Wear whole body armor everybody.

    Who knows, it might have been a contract from his “buddies” or other friendly fire.

    Must buy the book.

  7. Oh, Bdaman, you know there is a maxim in logic called Occam’s Razor.

    Just because you don’t use doesn’t mean you don’t know it exists.

  8. Oh Gene now you know there is ways to beat the test and if it was some electromagnetic pulse that through his heart into some type of arrhythmia how could that be detected.

  9. Oh and Breipart didn’t threaten them he threatened THE PRESIDENT.

    “We are going to vet him this time”

    “Wait til you see what happens March 1st”

  10. Bdaman,

    “Gene H has the United States ever targeted and assassinated an American citizen ?

    Answer: only the ones you know about”

    Irrelevant and fallacious reasoning. That’s an appeal to probability, (a mild) existential fallacy, cum hoc ergo propter hoc, fallacy of the single cause and the homunculus (middle man) fallacy.

    But you’ve branched out into new ways to exhibit poor logic.

    I’m proud of you.

    Not nearly as proud of you as I will be when the toxicology and micropathology reports come back indicating natural causes and you insist it was a conspiracy. Close. But not quite.

    Wait. No, no . . . I didn’t mean “proud of”. I meant “amused at”.

    1. Mike extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. :),


      I presented the proof, you haven’t refuted it.

  11. “So my question to you is who in the Bush Family did Breitbart piss off?” (Mike S.)

    lol, lol, lol That was truly inspired!!

  12. Gene H has the United States ever targeted and assassinated an American citizen ?

    Answer: only the ones you know about

    1. “has the United States ever targeted and assassinated an American citizen ?”


      Of course it has. Elements of the US Government probably killed JFK, RFK, MLK and tried with FDR/George Wallace/Ronnie Reagan. Curiously, the Bush Family has had interesting ties to all of those instances. See “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker. Also http://whowhatwhy.com/2012/02/29/the-jeb-scenario-can-you-say-president-bush-again/ So my question to you is who in the Bush Family did Breitbart piss off?

  13. Gene H & Bdaman.

    Just think what we conspiracy lovers can do in the meantime.

    I figured out a new weapon for secret use, just last night.
    it involves a high speed needle formed projectile fired by compressed gas.
    It will carry a dual component drug, composed of one meant to work if the heart is hit, the other within 60-120 seconds if other parts of the body is hit.
    The compounds are metabolized quickly and the metabolites belong to normal residue in a dead body. The heart having been stopped the short acting effect is adequate for the task.
    As it masks as SD syndrome, it will be determined as “natural death due to SD” causes. The causes to SD are poorly known and a closer check on patient previous anemes is of no value. Shock therapy to the heart is not effective. guaranteed.

    The projectile containing the components is dissolved in body fluid, and is painless on entry through the skin, or comparable to an mosquiteo bite, ie scratchable. No visible reaction in target. Time of action: 2-60 seconds; allowing for re-cycling the hit if needed. Some items can deflect it and armor provides shield for covered body parts, thus targeting of bare parts adviseable on repeat tries..
    No need to be on scene within range of possible surveillance systems while armed.

    This item is authorised in accordance with XYZ 123-444 Off Use Only.
    And use is prescrbed as in STR manual no. 54321, dtd 2001-09-11 issue M.


    We have the famous case of the attack on the street of a Bulgarian diplomat using a breakoff needle, but this is further refined leaving no traceble signs.

    Try selling it to the CIA, if they don’t buy it then they’ve got it-
    QED. Note: Salesman often disappear on such sales missions. Advise extract team armed with hand portable nukes and dissolution rays are recommended. These are expensive employees to replace! Waste will be deducted from your booty account.

    We conspiracists have such fun. If there’s not action, we create it anyway.

  14. Bdaman,

    Again, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

    Not that this would ever prevent you from veering off into wild speculation without any. The autopsy was just completed Friday. Why don’t you wait 4-6 weeks until the toxicological and microscopic studies are back from the lab before jumping strait into conspiracy mode.

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