English Soldier’s Long Lost Diary Supports Claim Of Hitler Child

It is not quite Boys From Brazil, but the discovery of a long-forgotten diary of an English soldier has led to a rekindling of the theory that Adolf Hitler fathered a child . . . and the little Führer was French. The diary adds support to claims that Jean-Marie Loret was the son of Hitler — conceived when Hitler lived in France as a corporal in World War I.

The diary belonged to Royal Engineer Leonard Wilkes who kept notes during his service in France. The little blue notebook contains an intriguing passage a few months after Wilkes landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day in June 1944: “An interesting day today. Visited the house where Hitler stayed as a corporal in the last war, saw the woman who had a baby by him and she told us that the baby, a son, was now fighting in the French army against the Germans.”

Last month, French magazine Le Point ran a story that says that Hitler actually sent money to Charlotte Lobjoie, Loret’s mother. While he never claimed the boy, the magazine suggested that Hitler did recognize his obligations to the mother and boy through the financial support.

Loret worked as a French railway worker before dying in 1985.

Historians have been long divided on the claim of Loret. Frankly, this is one time when it would be better to be fatherless, but Loret insisted that he was the offspring of the genocidal dictator.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. What’s the expected value of the costs of being known as Hitler’s incredible bastard?

    What’s the expected value of the Fourth Reich coming back and you owning it?

    Seems like a reasonable trade-off.

    But didn’t DNA tests prove this guy wasn’t sometime ago?

    “In 2008, the Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders traveled to Germany, Austria, France and the United States to collect DNA of the Lorets and of the last living relatives of Hitler in Austria and on Long Island. By comparing the DNA, Mulders claimed proof that Jean-Marie Loret was not the son of Adolf Hitler.”

  2. Ah, if he had just lived he could have been a Republican candidate for office, not President obviously, but he would have fit in with the Teabag wackos in Congress!

  3. As a Birther I would like to see his Birth Certificate. I would like to see Willard Romney’s as well. There must be a connection between socialized medicine in Massachusetts and the socialist workers party in Bavaria. Perhaps this guy’s mother was one of Willard’s grandmas. I always thought that the nickname Mitt was German and perhaps this is the tie in. Please advise.
    I escaped to Cuba so I can say what I want on this dog blog now without fear of retribution from the NSA for talking about persecution of free speech.
    There are other dogs on this blog arent there? Last night they were yakin at each other worse than the buds in my dog pack.


  4. Meh, Großvater would have looked more like the dolfie if he had the little ‘tasch.

    The only interesting bit I have heard from the whole sad story is that the family has paintings signed “Adolph Hitler” including one that is supposed to look like the guys wife. The only paintings of Herr H I have ever seen were signed “A. Hitler” so I’d like to see some decent art expert examine the technique to compare. The family could be quite well off I would guess if those turned out to be genuine.

    But really, both parties are quite dead so the story of Anastasia was more interesting than is.

  5. On the other hand, his parent-teacher conferences went over like the Blitzkrieg.

  6. From what I have read this is a very credible story independent of this post……

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