Stony Brook Calendar Changes Trample On Religious Privilege

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Stony Brook University (SBU), in an effort to “maximum instruction for students in the most efficient and effective manner,” will no longer cancel classes on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and will not include Good Friday and Passover in their spring break. The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) has sent a letter to Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., President of SBU, threatening noting that ACLJ attorneys have argued before the Supreme Court.

Many others are saying SBU’s new calendar strongly signals a hostility toward religious privilege.

The new spring break will fall at the more logical seven-week point in the semester instead of the twelve-week point, giving students more time to finish regular classes and study for finals.

Although finals are scheduled on weekdays, some Jewish students, out of the eight percent student population of 25,000, may choose to miss classes on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The administration found it hard to justify canceling classes for the religious holidays of only one religion.

Rush Limbaugh is about to explode.

SBU can find ways to accommodate those students who choose to skip classes on religious holidays other than canceling classes for everyone. In an environment of diverse religious holidays, all clamoring for equal cancellation of classes, SBU has taken the only rational path. It is understandable that those religions, that have lost the prestige of being favored by the cancellation of classes, would feel slighted.

H/T: Howard Friedman, Christian Post, WaPo, Stony Brook Press, NY Patch.

18 thoughts on “Stony Brook Calendar Changes Trample On Religious Privilege”

  1. Eye just Want to THANK Rabbi Adam for His Presence–and His Wisdom and His Words–he was Always a Friend to Me when eye was a Student at SBU–when eye was on Campus–eye Thank G-D for His Presence–one of My Happiest Days–was Just joining other Students–to have a Sabbath Meal–with The Rabbis Family–and all my Prayer with him–that he is Well Protected by The Guardianship of Angels–that was a little over a Decade Ago–when The Rabbi shined his Smile of Light on Me and told Me about my ‘BirthRight’–
    This seems to bee going up to SUPREME COURT….So–eye Just Pray that–The Wisdom and Favor of DANIEL and JOSEPH Robed in Justice–bee With ALL of Our Davidian Lawyers and ALL who Defend Our STAR….against The Goliath of AntiSemitism–that would ABUSE My People–The MINORITY on Campus–refusing Our Right to ‘PassOver’ and Enter the NEW-YEAR of Our Liberation–and G-D protect All Students of The Jewish Minority at SBU just Hoping to make it to and from Classes without getting dragged–we are Clearly The Lambs on Campus–ROBBED of Our Liberation Day–the MOST important Time symbolically–Our Passover–we are powerless and defeated by injustice–unless–we are Shielded by Legal-Forces of Justice–the Robbing of Our Liberation Day is the symbolical equivalent of Casting US back into Bondage–IF you are from the Inter-Faith center–(if that still exists)–and IF Our Master of Liberation Magic-Man Mo-Mo with the Snake-Staff and the Parting-Waters Means Anything to Your FAITH–then please–STAND with My People–Stand with The Rabbi–PRESERVE the Existence of Judaism at STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY–eye know there are Plenty of Conscientious Muslims who do NOT want to Lose Kosher Rights–EYE Know–because when eye was In School–BOTH Muslim and Jew would Choose the Same Mediterranean Style spot to eat on campus–because BOTH preferred Cleaner Options–what you do for JEW you do for YOU and you do for DEMOCRACY….And eye Also call My African Brothers to Sign the Petition For the JEWS….that we KEEP are Right to PassOver into Liberation–for we were Slaves just like You!–AND from what eye Heard MOSES married an African Woman–and NOW there is a Whole Tribe of African Jews–sons and daughters of Moses–
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    And those of you–who Feel–you have been FORCED to Choose–between your FAITH and your Academics–when Exams are deliberately scheduled ON your Holiest Days–eye want you to know–the HOLIDAY is in you–the FAITH is in you–and Nobody can take away–LIBERATION–for that American Concept is not Restricted to just a Few Days out of an entire year–the Concept of Liberation–is the Foundation of Democracy which we Walk Upon daily on The Bricks of America–and our Passover is as our Statue of Liberty–sometimes a little covered in Ice–but Always Standing with US….Every Day–not just for Jewish America but for ALL AMERICA….and Every African American who Wishes to Celebrate HIS Liberation from Bondage and His Story of Coming out of Slavery–would bee a Brother at My PassOver Table–as we were in the 1960s when One Swastika oppressed US all and signs went up to read–ugly sayings–and Josephine Baker–couldnt use a Hotel Lobby because of Her COLOR….and She became a Mother Guardian to My People her and her Banana-Dance–

    More on Google under (Pen/Stage/Art/Holocaust-Survivor::Tree-Name::SHANNAH SCHILIT)

    Rachel X

  2. Really pure and simple.
    Believe whatever you want
    Practice whatever belief you want


    Your claimed religion should not allow you to break a single law.
    Your claimed religion does not mandate anyone else, nor the government, nor any other entity from making any sort of allowance for your beliefs

  3. MM:
    I read the entire comment from the Dogalogue machine to the dog pack. It has to be told in dogtalk in grunts and growls and so it took me a while to relate the verse and chapter. Charlie the Labrador has decided that he is a gifted dog and needs to say his piece. So, he is going to Dogalogue class to learn how to use this Dogalogue machine and just may be barking in once in a while on this blog. In fact, the pack wants to start a Dogablog of our own.
    I wonder if that stoned out university would set aside one day a semester for Dog Day. That would be an across the board recognition of a supreme being without regard for one religion over another. Dog is a Supreme Being and it dont take no college degree to know that to be a fact. That would get the Stonybrook folks off the hooks with all the people religions and back in good graces with the one and only you know what. Dog Day–April 1st. No foolin.

    Dont mind me, just a DogTalkin (or barkin and growling and gruntin in this computer device)

  4. TalkinDog:

    I’ve always thought that human religion — at least the Single Spook Animism kind — stemmed primarily from deifying demented dyslexia.

    Aside from simple inability to read three-letter words in the proper order (Hebrew reads right to left, I understand), Sir James George Frazer pretty much said it all in The Golden Bough: a study of magic and religion:

    “The very beasts associate the ideas of things that are like each other or that have been found together in their experience; and they could hardly survive for a day if they ceased to do so. But who attributes to the animals a belief that the phenomena of nature are worked by a multitude of invisible animals or by one enormous and prodigiously strong animal behind the scenes? It is probably no injustice to the brutes to assume that the honor of devising a theory of this latter sort must be reserved for human reason.”

    For Man’s Best Fiend, I can only add:

    Dog’s Plan

    Dog shared Its plan with George last night
    Which gave him such an awful fright
    He stayed awake till dawn’s first light
    Too scared to run and hide

    Dog’s Plan concerned our land’s defense
    And naked, fierce belligerence
    And dreadful leaders proud and dense
    Who waltzed while others died

    He’d often heard barks just as dumb
    But this one left George cold and numb
    For by the sucking of his thumb
    He knew that Dog had lied

    For Dog had nothing planned at all
    It merely longed to see men crawl
    And women moan and babies bawl
    And peoples petrified

    The Book of Dog contained no clue
    That what appeared as Doggie-doo
    Would sicken not just me and you
    But others, too, beside

    Sometimes George thought he understood:
    Dog wanted him to do some good
    By bombing nature’s neighborhood
    With Power’s pesticide

    But George had garbled up the rhyme
    Which led him then to pantomime
    An offer of Medieval Time
    To those he’d terrified

    He claimed he lived to do Dog’s work
    Yet only seemed to play the jerk
    With curling lip and cynic’s smirk
    Upon his mouth so wide

    His reckless swagger left appalled
    A world aghast at one enthralled
    By perquisites and servants called
    And makeup reapplied

    But mom and Dog had always seen
    That newsmen wore their glasses green
    In Emerald City’s vapid sheen
    And they, of course, complied

    So few observed or told of ills
    As boy George, green around the gills,
    Downed fantasies like poison pills
    Which left whole countries fried

    But Dog said not to sweat the small
    That sycophants would dance on call
    At his inauguration ball
    And have him glorified

    Upon the stage he struts and frets
    A player poor without regrets
    As good as little ever gets
    Absorbed in pompous pride

    His monologue no rhyme consults
    His thought the human mind insults:
    A sound and fury that results
    In nothing signified

    His hour upon the stage unfilled
    The audience leaves hardly thrilled
    At having bought bad tickets billed
    As drama unsupplied

    Reviewers chose to see his clothes
    Where he wore none, which only shows
    How power blinds and money glows
    In circles rarified

    He chose to write his own critique
    Which papers printed: cowed and meek
    Too scared and bought to try and seek
    The truth unsanctified

    He thought himself both shrewd and deft
    Yet brain-wise he had little heft
    His flighty visions only left
    Our nation vilified

    But, anyway, the plagues will come
    They need no fife or beating drum
    To herald where they’re to or from
    This, Dog has certified

    So George was left alone to weep
    Betrayed by Dog, in doo-doo deep,
    As shadows cruel began to creep
    Up on him as he sighed

    Michael Murry, The Misfortune Teller, Copyright 2005


  5. I actually agree with Nal. It is illogical to suggest that they cancel the classes for everyone to accommodate the few.

  6. Justice Holmes,
    Can’t we do without religious holidays?
    Now Santa has replaced Christ, the Easter Bunny Christ, do we have any left? Not living there so update me please.
    I remember Channukah bread from ’63 in Los Angeles, mums. But a general jewish holiday? Just my ignorance showing.

    When we visited Nara in Japan (brag) it was April 8th and Buddha’s birthday they said. But not a holiday for that there. (He has the world’s largest wooden structure (temple) in his honor there. That’s more than the USA can say I think—-although the wooden timbers came from the USA west coast forests.)

  7. May be it’s the cynic in me but when this kind of thing happens I often wonder if there isn’t some right wing plant who says “we really need to keep this war on religion chant goin. I think I can get ‘stony brook’ to do this really stupid and gratuitious thing and then we can go crazy”. Political theater to rile up the ” religious base”. Just wondering?

  8. TD,
    Looks like folks here are leery of humping dogs, particularly the ones who can spell it backwards. Funny, why should that scare them?

    No, really you play “Can you top this” with yourself, very well.
    So, top of the morning to you.

    As for Limburger, may the big crunch take him and his ilk with it.
    May a wave of PC righteousness strike our media channels.

    However, keep the porno; it helps discharge the overcharged.

  9. Stony Brook or State University of New York at Stony Brook is an institution of higher learning. It is not a religious institution.

    If one wants a religiously affiliated institution of higher learning, transfer.

  10. Elaine M. 1, March 24, 2012 at 10:12 am

    Dredd and anon nurse,

    I’d prefer that he implode.


    On second thought… 😉

  11. You mean, mean rush hasn’t exploded…. One can hope…. This seems to he a rational option…for the school at least….

  12. A segment of Maddow’s program this week advanced the idea that the “war” on religion is, in fact, the interpretation of the loss of special privilege by the “victims.” The letter from the ACLJ adds to the evidence in support of that idea.

  13. Dredd 1, March 24, 2012 at 10:02 am

    “Rush Limbaugh is about to explode.”

    We can hope.


    Ditto to that, Dredd.

  14. I belong to the Church of the Jesus Chris of the Ladder Day Labradors and we celebrate each monday in the fourth week of the month, if there is a monday in the fourth week, as DOG DAY for dyslectics. Dog spelled backwards is you know what. So, my dog pack does not show up at dog obedience school on those days. On all other days we are obedient and celebate. Except when we are celebrating and go into hump mode. More on that later.

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