Baltimore Moves To Sell Off Historic Sites

The great American selloff continues with cities and states selling parks, government buildings, and other sites (here and here and here and here and here) to raise money — as we continue spend billions in Iraq and Afghanistan where our allies have called us “demons” and sought to create governments that deny basic rights to citizens. Even national parks are being pushed on the chopping block. The latest such example is Baltimore which is preparing to selloff over a dozen historic sites.

Baltimore’s Shot Tower will go to the highest bidden. This was once the tallest building in the nation back in 1828. The sites have been allowed to deteriorate due to a lack of funding and upkeep by the city. So we are pouring billions into the coffers of the Karzai family and other corrupt allies while we auction off historic sites and parks. Rest assured, we are continuing to fund the preservation of historical sites in Iraq — a nation now holding the largest oil reserve in the world.

Source: CBS

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  2. They should save the extra steps and just give the US historical sites to Karzai.

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  5. it would serve them right if trojan bought the tower and made a condom advertisement out of it.

  6. What genuinely worries me, improbable as it may seem, is some Hindu extremists will blow up the Taj Mahal—-it’s Islamic in origin.

    Remember the Golden Temple attack? Although not islamic it was attacked anyway.

  7. Mespo:

    they do that a good deal in Virginia, someone has a farmhouse from 1826 and they think it should be on the register of national historic places. The only Washington who ever slept there was Chris Washington in 1975 after a night of drinking with Jim Jefferson.

    Most are run down and just plain nasty. But people keep them with all of their warts and seem to love them, probably for the bragging rights to say they live in a 190 year old house.

  8. Bad example. If someone is willing to buy that ugly tower, I’d say sell it. Old doesn’t mean worth keeping in every instance.

  9. I guess I should go visit it before it gets sold off. I’ve always wanted to go see the tower.

  10. One day of the expense of the wars we have going on would pay every student loan currently owned and all of the ones in default…..makes one think conundrum…..

  11. To me it is a real conundrum. When I lived in NYC the wolman rink, a skting rink in central park, was under repair, by the state or city, for a very long time. Trump came in and fixed in wiith 2-3 mths and folks were able to skate.
    I dislike Trump but he sure swoopedin and took care of it.

  12. mulberrybank:

    sure why not, you own it.

    Although I dont know why you would when you can use it as a draw to a business and also charge admission and sell souvenirs to tourists.

    Probably some preservation society will buy it or some rich guy.

    That is what happened to Colonial Williamsburg, it was a dump and I think John D. Rockefeller Jr bought it and fixed it up.

    In a free society that is the way it should be.

    If you want to save something get a group of people together and buy it. Personally, I dont care about the Shot Tower. It is somewhat interesting but there isnt that much architectural or structural significance to it in my opinion.

    Just because it is old doesnt mean it has any significance.

    Why should I be forced to pay for its upkeep through my tax dollars?

    And for that matter why should I be forced to pay for war with my tax dollars?

    The 2 stem from the same thinking.

  13. ” … cities and states selling parks, government buildings, and other sites (here and here and here and here and here) to raise money — as we continue spend billions in Iraq and Afghanistan where our allies have called us “demons” and sought to create governments that deny basic rights to citizens.”

    That is the way of psychopaths, who occupy way too much of the population composing “the government.”

  14. OT
    Obama was of course right. Who would exchange him for any of these circus nuts? I say nuts, as they aren’t funny enough to be clowns.

    And Jebbie Bush, even if they dressed him up as Santa, he couldn’t be sold.
    Two Bushes were enough. How about it, our Bush expert? No names mentioned.

  15. Frankly.

    Do? Do?
    Haven’t we done it?
    The world is appalled.
    Even Medvedev gave a “poor guy” look at Obama at the end of their exchange.

    Here monuments are monuments and remain so, regardless of who owns them. Similarly K (kultur( marked buildings are untouchable except for maintenance/repair. You might get an apartment house re-zoned for offices. But taking out the walls, etc; no way.

    So what are the restrictions on those declared national monuments?

  16. Some day, if we are lucky (and I wouldn’t bet that we will be) our grandkids will look back & wonder what the hell was wrong with us. In much the way that we can’t understand the hysteria of Salem or Nuremberg they will weep at out insanity & what it cost while being baffled that we could have ever been this stupid.

    But then again, if we do enough damage & really do destroy everything worthwhile about this country our grandkids will not be able to think such thoughts. That would almost be better.

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