U.S. Troops Given “Guarding Angels” To Protect Them In Afghanistan . . . From Our Allies

While our troops are being gunned down by Afghan allies and the President of Afghanistan is calling Americans “demons,” the Administration remains committed to spending billions in that country and keeping U.S. troops in harm’s way. The solution? Have U.S. troops serve as “Guardian Angels” to protect other U.S. troops so our allies do not kill them while they sleep.

Americans are also now allowed to carry weapons when working in ministries and with Afghan officials. They are also told to position their desks facing the door to see if visitors have come to kill them.

The measures follow the death of two U.S. military officers working in the Afghan Interior Ministry — gunned down at their desks.”Of the approximately 80 NATO service members killed since 2007 by Afghan security forces, more than 75 percent were in the past two years.”

Of course, there is that other possibility — leave the country to its own devices and decisions by pulling out U.S. troops.
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  1. To All and PJ.

    As to recognizing the unwelcomeness of invasions:

    Tell them to go to the library and take out a book on Indian history.
    I’m reading one now. Up to the time of Ashoka now.

    Like many dictators, he had to fight for his throne. He was not his father the king’s favorite. So he killed 99 of his brothers (allegedly) to get his throne, and let the 100th become a monk. At the end of his career, before retiring as a buddhist monk, he wrote his regrets over all the lives lost among the conquered civilians in his last campaign.
    I know you are not interested, but it’s a great book—not an endless parade of battles, names, dates, etc. But still reveals the esoterica of Indian history research.

    You and other have heard the phrase: Thus spake Zarathrusta.

    Well, so did Ashoka speak to his subjects. His long speech outlining his Edicts as they are called have been found on monuments all over India,
    They were not translated until after 1905, which is another astonishing tale.
    His was apparently the greatest empire until the modern India was founded.

    His ideas are said to be recognizable to Nehru, Gandhi, etc for their fixation on human values, in spite of his ruthlessness against enemies internal or external. He wrote extensively on the rights of the state to inject itself into every aspect of society, how to detect insurrection, how to torture.
    It is said (hyperbole?) that prior to ascending his throne he descended to hell to learn the latest forms of torture. Do you recognize this today? Ask Obama where he hung out before his ascending to presidency.

    Next week a lecture on the first city in the world, a completely uniform society. Only genes were allowed to differ.

    You recognize nonsense don’t you?

  2. Idealist,

    That was a lesson I learned a long time ago. Sadly few people in the USA have. Just look at the comments above about afghans not appreciating the US military’s “help”. I wouldnt know where to start trying to change a perspective that warped.

  3. Bring our troops home NOW!!! This bloodshed is absolute NONSENSE, and it is only profiting the very wealthy in this country. Cant You all see this for yourselves or are we so used to being screwed we cant stand up against the very rich. There are way more of us than them!!!

  4. Calling Afghanistan an ally is like asking Dahmer to baby sit your children…..

  5. 2001: Support our troops, don’t send them anywhere.
    2012: Support our troops, bring them home.

    I don’t mind tax dollars being spent on defense but our wars all seem to be preemptive, started and continued by false flags.

  6. What a mess the MIC keeps us in, milking our cash for schools etc and lives of our relatives (here all lives lost are our kin—-on both sides).

    Every post has been expected but interesting. Particular thanks to AnArmyOfficer, giving those who’ve never been “in the Army now” some little feeling for what it’s like there.

    Just to riposte a bit. Afganistan is not and won’t be the last (thank god) to stick it in us in the guise of “friendly”. So don’t point out them as being especially sneaky, etc. That a cheap and worn tactic propangandawise..
    That was JH we can thank for that.

    You know what JH, Alexander the Great”s army had the same problem in the same area (actually the Indus valley) when his offensive strength weakened. His local satrapies and allies began to snipe at them and re-take the territory ceded to them. Allies are only that as long as it is profitable. Ask any diplomat of any country.

    John and Dredd pointed to the controlling elements.

    And Sling slings his usual.

    Life goes on while we bleed moral strength, resolve, money for progress, and blood of our kin.

    Whatcha gonna do folks.? Gum the problem? Bah, humbug.

  7. AnArmyOfficer – thanks for your prospective. My kid has his turn in the barrel over there and became a big fan of 1970’s John Kerry. He lost friends, both American and Afghan and he still says “how do you ask any man to die for a mistake?”

    I fear this is going to drag on even longer at the expense of a lot more needless deaths and we will never fully account for what we as a nation have done let alone repay those of you we made do it in our name or those we did it to.

    Stay warm

  8. If there’s any killing going on while people sleep by and large Uncle Sam is the culprit. He’s like that Uncle that molests his nieces & nephews over the holidays.

  9. Surprisingly enough, this wouldn’t shock most of us over here. Having changed our weapons status (magazines loaded instead of in a pocket) since the rash of recent incidents over the past few months let us all know that the degree of seriousness of the events was relatively high.

    I, for one, do not relish the thought of having to watch my back while working with our supposed allies. I fear enough for my friends who do just that in some of the coalition compounds here.

    As far as assigning U.S. Troops to watch the others while they sleep…. we do that already. It’s referred to as “tower guard” on the perimeter of our compounds to watch for external threats. Putting additional guards to watch for internal threats would effectively mean that nobody ever slept. The compounds don’t have an inexhaustible number of Soldiers to stand guard every time someone goes down for rest.

    Or rather, they COULD do that, but then nobody would ever go out to patrol, interface with the people, or generally do what they came here to do. So…. mission derailed (in a sense).

    As far as bailing on this nightmare and leaving them to their own devices? I’d love to. Working in this dusty and hot hell for the “appreciation” of the government (read: Karzai) isn’t worth it. Making the populace happy, and seeing the appreciation on THEIR faces is well worth it though.

    Unfortunately, I can’t see the merit in sticking around. It seems as though it would take (literally) several generations to fix this mess. Education is likely the single major roadblock to these people to graduate out of the stone age. They have technology, use it to their advantage in some places, but have no desire to take ownership of much of anything. Having grown up with wars and oppression, it’s no surprise…. but I can’t say that it’s our place to fix more than a hundred years of their misfortune.

    (Yes, I know we supported their insurgency against the Russians, etc., etc, but that was minor vs. a full scale occupation and counter-insurgency operation paid for by American lives)



  10. Afganastan has given new meaning to the word “allies”. it is time to stop “helping” people who don’t want to be “helped” by us. Whether we are talking about our allies in Egypt, Pakistan or “insert your choice here” all the leaders want is our money and “money” can’t buy you love.

  11. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…State, county, and municipal governments, in a classic third world model, are selling off public assets to cover their short term budget problems. Maybe the next go-round the boys at the Pentagon will look up “sucessful Afghan occupations” at http://www.thingsthathavenevereverworkedforanyonebeforeandneverwill.com.

    We seemed to be comfortable with wasting countless money and lives in these misadventures as long as we can pretend the mission wasn’t a failure. Our government is like some stupid drunk who gets his feelings hurt and keeps arguing until his friends tell him to leave the bar. Then has to attempt to make his point until the bouncer throws him out.Then he keeps screaming out on the sidewalk until the police show up, forgets what he was mad about in the first place and starts arguing with the cops until he gets arrested. We should have gone home a long time ago.

  12. It is just like we said to Nixon concerning Vietnam: “Dick, pull out now like your father should have.” and Nixon’s man Haldeman (who was always one who held a man) replied: “Dont change Dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in ’72.”

  13. There’s a clear case for setting up TSA checkpoints at the entrances to any building or base used by US personnel in Afghanistan.
    The TSA have done a wonderful job of keeping the Homeland Battlefield safe for Americans. Nobody ever gets shot. So set them up on the Afghan Battlefield.

    Homeland Battlefield – Afghan Battlefield – Whole World Battlefield – indefinitely
    Problem solved. Simple.

  14. The corporate war complex making billions off of these wars won’t let that get in their way.

    180,000+ war contractors…getting paid in CASH…

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