Tunisia Rejects Sharia As Basis For New Constitution

Over the years, I have not hidden my opposition to Sharia-based legal systems and the types of grotesque forms of justice that they mete out to their citizens. There is little good news from this area of the world as revolutions in Libya and Egypt go careening toward Islamic states. However, this week we have a modicum of good news. Tunisia’s governing Islamist party has decided to oppose a move to make sharia law the main source of legislation in a new constitution. They appear to be doing better than our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan who are increasingly applying harsh Islamic principles.

Ennahda leader Rached Ghannouchi told journalists “We are not going to use the law to impose religion.” That may be the single most encouraging statement I have seen in months. While I still oppose religious based parties and campaigns (including in our own country), this is a critical start for Tunisia in possibly following the model of Turkey rather than Iran.

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  1. The Catholic Church cannot only read it can lobby. It has been looking with envy at countries where the priests pass the laws. Here they do it by proxy and I have the “privilege” of paying for it via my tax dollars. Did you know that over60% of the budgets of charities for which the Churc takes credit are fund by the taxpayers through grants and contracts? Of course it is not just the Catholic Church but the seem to be the best resource and most prominent.
    Oh yes, it is good about Tunisia.

  2. “We are not going to use the law to impose religion.” … now if the Catholic Church in America could only read …

  3. The optimist in me agrees with the Professor. The pessimist in me agrees with Talking Dog. The skeptic in me says let’s see how this plays out.

  4. The Nazi Party figured out that the best way to work around religion and impose complete tyranny is to co-op religion.
    Recall please that Concordat between Hitler and the Pope. Nothing innocent about it.
    Tunisia will have some co-op deal with the Imams. When that call to prayer hits the loud speakers outside their Parliament, the feet will be a running.

    Dogs dont cotton to religion.


  5. Frankly,

    I think it’s total control over every aspect of the person….. Nothing human in that discourse……see Nazi Germany early 1900s……. See Roman empire as well….. See US most recent…….

  6. While the current emphasis is on sharia because it is currently the most regressive, brutal and inhumane example of religious insanity can anyone point to a religious based government that is not all those things?

    Does not matter which version of cosmic muffin they use the people demanding faith-based law always use it as a cudgel to enforce the small mindedness and grotesque “morality” they think keeps them in control of their world.

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