Au Revoir Quebec, Hello Vermont

The Turleys left Quebec with great reluctance yesterday after four wonderful days to go to Vermont, our next stop. Before leaving, however, we went to the beautiful falls outside of the city.

The Montmorency Falls (Chute Montmorency) are just minutes outside of the old city and are wonderful. The falls come off the Montmorency River and are 275 ft high (and 150 feet wide). That is 98 ft higher than Niagara Falls. We loved going over the suspension bridge and stopped to sing “Oh Canada” (well, we sang our own version that we have gradually prepared to praise everything from the country’s flaky pastries to its majestic moose). There is also an aerial tram (Funitel) (but we did not take it since we preferred the steps).

I was able to get my military history fix of the day. On the other side of the falls are the remains of the fort and redoubt built by General Wolfe. However, the landings below Quebec City were successfully repulsed by General Montcalm at Montmorency Falls in 1759, at the cost of 440 British soldiers. As I mentioned yesterday, both Montmorency and Wolfe would later die in the brief but critical battle on the Plains of Abraham. It was a thrill to stand in the redoubt looking over the city and imagining Wolfe at that same location hundreds of years earlier.

We left Quebec for the drive to Vermont. Our GPS took us by back roads South so we got to see a lot of Canadian farm areas. We are staying in Randolph, Vermont at the picturesque Three Stallion Inn. Today I give a speech on morality laws at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, considered by many to be the best environmental law school in the nation located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Here are some more of Benjamin’s pictures from Quebec:

13 thoughts on “Au Revoir Quebec, Hello Vermont”

  1. Benjamin’s use of light in img 0603 is really quite spectacular. He seems to be capturing the essence of a scene. I have no idea what sort of training is involved, but this young man has real talent and would put professional instruction to good use.

  2. Enjoyed the talk today – please say hello to Art W. for me.



  3. I had always planned on visiting these falls on a repeat visit to our beautiful neighbor to the north. Being one ot the approximately six million adopted adults who’s ammended birth certificate doesn’t satisfy the Fed’s requirements for identification and who are denied a copy of their original, I am prevented from obtaining a passport.
    The freedom to travel outside the country is denied to milliions of adopted persons due to no action of their own, but due to the six billion dollar (in 2006) industry of U.S. Adoption. A healthy portion of that six billion goes to lawmakers to help ensure no changes take place.

  4. Those are some great pictures. Our daughter has a very good friend at Vermont Law School.

  5. I have to echo the others and say “More great photos, Benjamin.”

    Keep up the good work and you might end up in a gallery some day.

  6. You mean they’re not…. Since when….I’m gonna have to call bob newheart and mary frann……oh wait….I can’t that was an imaginary Inn…..

  7. Beautiful pictures and apt description of the ARW…… But, don’t most of the residents of Vermont still wish they were part of Canada…..

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