Should Romney Pick Palin As Running Mate?

One could honestly wonder whose side Sen. John McCain is on this election. Yesterday, McCain gave Mitt Romney a bit of unsolicited (and unhinged) advice on how to beat Barack Obama: do what I did in 2008. McCain went on CBS This Morning and said that the best thing Romney could do it to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate. He appears to be making a joke but one wonders what is more interesting: the fact that McCain might suggest it or that his prior running mate is now an obvious joke as a disastrous choice for a candidate.

When asked to suggest some names on Wednesday, McCain initially offered only one: “I think it should be Sarah Palin.” he laughs at the thought of it.

Palin quit her job as governor of Alaska before completing her first term and started a reality show instead. She has made millions ridiculing “intellectuals” and wrapping herself in a proud cloak of ignorance on policy issues. As a result, she has become one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Yet that is the person McCain wants Romney to pick to run in what would at best be a close election.

Despite widespread views that Palin cost McCain critical percentage points in the 2008 race, McCain long seemed to have embraced a clinical form of denial and refused to accept that he made a colossal mistake. Of course, it would immediately improve the employment numbers by guaranteeing work for Tina Fey.

For my part, I believe it is the most inspired suggestion since Christopher Walken insisted that what was missing from the Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was a cow bell.

Source: CBS

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  1. Gene, True enough but they might look like they are competing for upper class twit of the year.

  2. Oh, make no mistake, I said “tactically”, Smom. I wasn’t endorsing him. lol He just looks moderate enough on paper to more salable than most of the names mentioned to this point.

  3. It would definitely be the dream ticket for the very wealthy white male, anon nurse.

  4. Now there’s one that has some independent/moderate appeal, Smom. Tactically, probably the best suggestion so far.

  5. TD,
    “…drop the Mitt which means My in Swedish. We will see how a snowball has a chance in Haiti.”

    Mitt also means “middle”. Suit him better?
    And a snowball in Haiti has about the same chance as selling one in Stockholm today. We had a snowstorm an hour ago. Happy Easter Bunny to you too.

    Speaking of loaned things: You’ve heard of the drink called Mai Thai, it became popular after coming from mainland USA to Hawaii. Well, we’ve got a Thai carry-away only a couple of blocks from me with thai man and wife cooking and a Swedish lady fronting the cashregister.
    It’s obviously called Mai Thai to get the interests of those from here who were in Thailand and drank many Mai thais there on the beach or bar.

    So, what’s the point?
    Mai Thai, means in Thai “not thai”.
    Mai means simply “No or not”
    Mai dee, no good, mai aou, no have, mai dai, not true, etc.

    So I learned some market Thai in ’65.

  6. Just for the record from someone in AZ who should know:

    Mitt’s grandpa made his in Mexico starting and running a plantation. Whether it was a slave plantation can be discussed. So, if Mitt came from money, it wasn’t old money.

  7. I never have forgiven the North Vietnamese for releasing Mad Dog John McCain — at any altitude less than 10,000 feet, without a parachute. They sure got back at us with that move.

    I always thought that McCain picked Sarah Palin for a running mate because he needed someone to lend intelligence, integrity, humanity, and vision to his ticket, at least as far as he understood those qualities. He does like to “joke” sometimes, though, like when he goes around drooling: “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” Hilarious stuff. Every time I can’t avoid seeing his lips move while he exhales lies, I think:

    “Up Yours John McCain”

    Well, “Up Yours!” Mad Dog John McCain,
    And what’s that stench I smell?
    Why could it be an albatross
    That you wear like a bell:
    A dead, decaying necklace that
    Suits leper losers well?

    I do hope that you keep it up
    Attacking us who learned
    In Southeast Asia lessons that
    You’ve only ever spurned
    An asinine amnesiac,
    Your coming loss you’ve earned

    That fetid, feathered bird you wear
    So proudly on your chest
    Sure ought to help you win two states
    And that’s about the best
    That fools like you could hope to win
    While losing all the rest

    Just like a bomber pilot you
    Just shit on those below
    And never see the ground beneath
    Where people you don’t know
    Look up and curse the vapor trail
    From hot air that you blow

    And do team up with Holy Joe
    The Judas Lie-berman
    Who trashes “his own party” for
    The Faux News Murdoch clan
    And Zionist Likudniks who
    Promote the fascist plan

    Each day we’ve lost two more GIs
    Through years that number four
    Now with your “surge” you’ve doubled that
    With killed and maimed galore
    Among Iraqis — Afghans, too —
    And still you cry for more!

    You have no honor left to lose
    You sold that long ago
    For dreams of fighting ‘Nam again
    And just as badly, so
    Your plans for poor Iraq amount
    To nothing we don’t know

    You’ve nothing new to add of worth,
    Just more of what we’ve had:
    A litany of lies and death
    And “leadership” so bad
    That more of what you offer could
    But make more widows sad

    Please go away and save us all
    The boredom of your screeds
    We’ve seen and heard enough from George
    And all his lousy deeds
    We really do not care for you
    And your pathetic needs

    So “Up Yours!” Mad Dog John McCain,
    And you can kiss my butt
    Your stupid brain has slipped some gears
    And left you in a rut
    Espousing war that no one wants —
    Except the senile nut

    Michael Murry, The Misfortune Teller, Copyright 2007

  8. Never have I worn such an outfit but I would have to go with the blue tourmaline as it matches my eye color better. lol

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