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-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Pictured is Patriarch Kirill I, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. Something is different between the two images. Can you spot the difference?In the left image the Patriarch is wearing a $30,000 Breguet wristwatch and the image on the right, it’s miraculously disappeared. After Russian bloggers noticed the expensive timepiece, the Church released the second image with the watch airbrushed out. Just one problem – the reflection of the watch on the table is still visible.

At first the Patriarch insisted that he had never worn the watch and that any photos showing him wearing the watch must have been doctored. He lied. The Church has since issued a statement claiming “The guilty will be severely punished.”

Patriarch Kirill, the country’s ethical compass, publicly backed Vladimir V. Putin in last month’s presidential election.

H/T: Pharyngula, New York Times, Why Evolution Is True.

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  1. If you look really really REAAAAAALLLLY hard at the little reflection of the wriist watch in the highly polished table surface, you will see a teeeensy tinesy little picture of George Zimmerman’s broken nose — at about two o’clock.

  2. Just to be clear, isn’t the ONLY purpose of an expensive watch so that you can show everyone how rich you are? Cheap watches actually keep better time.

  3. You leave the Holiness alone, God will punish you for messing with his holy son.

  4. I missed it-damn. The Russian Orthodox church is proving a problem to landowners in Russia. They are trying to reclaim land which the Soviet’s confiscated and sold/gave to others. Lot of resentment against them. Who would have ever thought Czar Nicholas and the Czarina would be canonized. Incredible.

    As for the watch, the chief Pastor of the First Baptist church in Dallas was given a very high end Mercedes by his flock to celebrate 30 years of pastorship (or whatever they call it).

  5. Thank you AY, sheesh it took someone long enough to sink it after my huge assist.

  6. I hope that the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church is celibate. I doubt that he believes humans are descended from Primates.

  7. I didn’t know there was a Gulf of Tonka….. That is funny….. How about learning some real history id707.5 its the Gulf of TONKIN….. The lie that started the Vietnam WAR….. Not a damn conflict as people would like you to believe…..

  8. “The Gulf of Tonka was nasty.”

    How I know! I had a big dump truck, but my brother got giant crane and bulldozer! Boy, I was ready for some pacification on his face.

  9. I moved from Ohio to Norway this last summer. I was a Naval Officer during Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonka was nasty.

  10. Gene H-

    A man who calls himself “The Primate” has a fragile ego, which causes him to take up strange lifestyle choices.

    Besides, that table has no scratches on it. Thus, no kittehs will be found in his household. Elementary, my dear Watson.

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