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-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Pictured is Patriarch Kirill I, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. Something is different between the two images. Can you spot the difference?In the left image the Patriarch is wearing a $30,000 Breguet wristwatch and the image on the right, it’s miraculously disappeared. After Russian bloggers noticed the expensive timepiece, the Church released the second image with the watch airbrushed out. Just one problem – the reflection of the watch on the table is still visible.

At first the Patriarch insisted that he had never worn the watch and that any photos showing him wearing the watch must have been doctored. He lied. The Church has since issued a statement claiming “The guilty will be severely punished.”

Patriarch Kirill, the country’s ethical compass, publicly backed Vladimir V. Putin in last month’s presidential election.

H/T: Pharyngula, New York Times, Why Evolution Is True.

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  1. Gene H-

    Good answer, but the actual difference is much more difficult to find.

    In the left photo, he is wearing black panties and a matching bra. In the right photo, he is wearing pink panties and a garter belt.

  2. It is rather funny that idealist707 knows so much about everything. I have yet to see a thread that they have not taken over. It is no wonder that they are so lonely. They have bored everyone around with the infinite knowledge.

  3. BobEsq, re your comment on atheists fascination/fixation on religion.

    As for atheists, I had made some deprcatory comment earlier above in the thread comparing the patriarch to the pope and his believers unwillingness to follow his advice vv reproduction but following his advice on their souls.

    Not an atheist, particularly as they say in foxholes. Am fascinated of the primary religfions, the little I know of them. And of mankinds’ need to not be alone in this world.

    The most pitiful people I have seen was docfilm of a tribe in Africa who had no beliefs, other than their way of life, and they had no beliefs nor ceremonies nor songs even.
    They drag their dead out into the bush and let nature take care of it.
    At least some cultiures build towers where vultures can feed.

    My mom was a non-church going Christian but I decided at ten years after 2 Sundays with the neighbors in church that no one followed Jesus like he intended. So am a non-participant too.

    And am yes fascinated by religion, and man’s need for it.

    Just a final point; I admire people who observe the rites of passage:: birth, acceptance in the faith, passing into adult life, etc. But never entered that fold.

    I make most of my food from basic stuff, the pizza tonight is the first ready made in weeks. No blood pressure probs, so no salt restrictions.
    Got to get my pacemaker replaced due to old battery later this month, which worries me. How’s it going with you, if I may ask?

  4. BobEsq,
    My previous wordy post disappeared. We got net troubles with cell broadband here. 4G gone, 3G shaky
    AY says what he says. He seems to be alone on that. But let him call the roll. Voices and styles can be reminiscent. After-listened voice mail I left yesterday for the first time ever—-was astounded to hear my 10 year older brother talking. He died five years ago. You have heart problems. Me too.

    No tricks here. Just an American ex-pat who’s lived in Stockholm since ’68.
    Am so old my mil svc was before we sent many to Nam. ’60-62 Sig Off Ft Huachuca, AZ, USAEPG.
    Lost my wife almost 5 years ago after long cancer fight. Had my own for two years ago. Still finding out who I am. Which have explained one time following MikeS. example.

    So that’s about it. Wordy anyway.

  5. Bob, Esq.


    That being said, there’s something more to be said about self-awareness and self-restraint. Otherwise witness Bill Maher; another fanatical atheist obsessed with religion.


    Excellent example to prove your point! Tip of my hat to you.

    If I may offer from that ancient source: “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:” (Jeremiah 5:21 – New International Version [©1984])

  6. Bob,

    Good to see you around….. Although I should have health issues…. On those students present I have escaped the bullet…..

    FYI, i707 has been around in some form or another….. Knows way too much info about folks on here that is quite dated…. They claim to only have been around for the 6/7 months…. It still escapes me how they knew about patty…. Call me a skeptic….. Possibly coptc is spy….

  7. Idealist,

    I’m not pulling rank, just pointing out that you haven’t read enough posts in the past two years to get the reference.

  8. Blouise,

    That being said, there’s something more to be said about self-awareness and self-restraint. Otherwise witness Bill Maher; another fanatical atheist obsessed with religion.

    And as my friend A.J., who runs a restaurant, likes to say — “The salt is on the table.”

    N.B. Although I don’t add salt to my food, my need for frozen miocrowaveable convenience has won out over the 4 gram salt per day diet.

  9. AY,

    Heart and diabetes meds no problem. Low salt diet has been duly ignored.

  10. BobEsq,
    I thought the first sentence was pointed at me. If not, who was the object?
    Pirsig I endorse.
    And don’t pull rank, or are you just being kind and saying simply it was before my time? Kind? What a laugh.

  11. “The kitteh is either under the pointy hat or hiding in the vase behind the liar.” (Gene)

    Silly you, it’s in his beard.

  12. Bob,

    The reflection of human frailty is always on the table … a reflection of the zeitgeist.

  13. Idealist,

    You haven’t been around here long enough to get the point.

  14. That is a serious watch for a man of the cloth to be sporting! I wonder how his followers dismiss that bit of extravagance?

  15. Ah, he entered a Concordate with Putin which is timeless. Instead of calling him on a phone or putting it in writing he did the photo thing. No end date on Putins right to use the church to control the minds of the flock. Shearing season is coming up. Watch your wallets you dumb religious Russians.

  16. The kitteh is either under the pointy hat or hiding in the vase behind the liar.

    Oh. That’s not what the contest is this morning? Never mind.

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