Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all of our bloggers and readers that are celebrating today. The fluffy interloper came last night and left an array of goodies for the four kids and Molly.

Our kids are “double-dippers” — getting both Passover and Easter this week. Among the candies and items this year, the bunny left each kids a small snow making tube to compensate for the lack of snow — and snow days — in Virginia this year.

We are preparing for our annual Easter Egg hunt when we invite all of the neighborhood kids for a massive search for hundreds of eggs.

I will be making our traditional mustard-herb coated lamb tonight with a good Cabernet. We have to do two for the guests and Leslie and the kids have made hilarious cupcakes that look like rabbits burrowing in grass as well as shark cupcakes. She has also made strawberry cheesecake that will be lucky to make it up until dinner.

Happy Easter to everyone — now hop to it and eat more chocolate!

Jonathan Turley

27 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!!”

  1. In chronological order (of when the celebrations historically started), Happy Spring, Passover, and Easter.

    We had a great day with my brother, and ate a fine feast, ending with a fantastic berry crumble.

  2. To get (most) everyone, HAPPY EASTER, HAPPY PASSOVER and HAPPY SPRING.

  3. Good to hear from the “faithful” bloggers. I hope that you are well and had a peaceful holiday. Thank you for allowing me to visit from time to time! Frank

  4. frankmascagniiii

    I have those sayings printed out and will keep, THANKS!!

    One in particular I will lay on a friend of mine.

    ““Meanness don’t just happen overnight.”

  5. Lotta,
    You were fighting something which was broke. My fighting a MODEM coop problem with op sys, and with telephone help from IP provider should be easy.
    Well after 3 long calls they gave up and said take it all to our shop.
    The next morning same problem, but got the news that the net had been down since almost exact the time I tried to connect the day before.
    Talk about slow internal notifications
    Good luck.

  6. Easter is now past and I will tell you my “How I spent My Easter” story. I had hoped it would be a day of glorious transformation but it was not to be. Like SWM above I am at a different life stage: no kids, no colored eggs and no big Easter dinner with family. How I could have let the household become bereft of chocolate (one of the blessed symbols of Easter) I don’t know but it is. I do have some a bit of libation so I was though good to go for todays quest.

    I work on a Mac with a Windows partition and Windows had become ‘fragile’ as Windows is wont to do over time. Then I got the dreaded “Hapilli” virus which is just corrosive. My virus protection caught it but didn’t purge it all (not uncommon with this virus, I have read) so it’s corrosive nature and constant, phoenix-like resurrection (apt for the last week) just killed IE, and my already fragile OS started to fall apart completely.

    I decided that today (or probably yesterday by the time I get this typed) was THE DAY, and wonderfully symbolic at that!. I will re-install Windows. I installed it initially with no problem, re-installed it regularly on my old PC with no problem so what could go wrong? Everything it seems.

    Since about 1:00 am Sunday morning I have been messing with it off and on save only the time it takes to visit here and say happy holiday. Total failure on the re-install. I finally called the Geek Squad to come and do it next week. Then I decided to try to find out why this wouldn’t work so I’ve spent the last several hours reading everything I ever downloaded from the Mac site as well as trying to remember what a little program named “Boot Camp” does and why it was on my now erased Windows partition since it was a Mac file, something that had bugged me for some time. Senility takes its toll. 🙂

    Right, it’s the app that lets you format your Windows partition and format Windows. And (after a bit more reading) you do that from your MAC PARTITION!!! And it should work for a re-install since the app is resident on the Mac side and just puts a clone on the Windows side. I remember that. Now. 12 hours later.

    So I’m having a beer in celebration (of what I hope is POWER and DOMINION over my gadgetdom) and will give it a shot tomorrow (today, later) and may not even need outside assistance. Or it won’t work either. Or I’ll destroy my Mac partition too and things will get really ugly. 🙂

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