Fatwa Issued Against Women Running Beauty Salons

It appears that even running a beauty shop can be an offense to the faith, according to leading Islamic experts. The latest such move came from the Islamic seminary Darul Ulum Deoband in India has issued a fatwa against women running beauty parlors as unIslamic and a violation of Sharia law. This follows a fatwa last November against birthday parties as unIslamic.

The Darul Ulum Deoband is a highly influential Islamic seminary both inside and outside of India. The clerics at the seminary issued the fatwa last week — barring women from operating such businesses as “against the norms of parda.” Parda refers to the Islamic veil for women

Yet, we have also seen that in other area there is a recent ban on men working in such businesses under Sharia law.

There is an obvious effort to prevent Muslim women from adopting habits or styles of “Kaafir” women, as shown in this flier that was recently placed on Reddit.

Source: One India as first seen on Reddit.

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  1. Since the pious Muslims understand this worldly life to be a temporary life and the Hereafter to be an eternal life, we will follow our beloved Prophet even if he commands us to jump in a fire. He was granted divine knowledge from the almighty so how can we compare our logic with his. He also informed his companions that all his followers will enter paradise except for those who reject his statements or actions.

  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, Or maybe is it because they hide their faces and hair. So it will be useless having a hair salon in Islamic countries.

  3. Perhaps, I haven’t made clear before; I’m the one doing the cross-cultural contact here. Not the Swedes. And not from the immigrant side either. It has been important to declare am American, since such approachs and inquisitiveness has “always” been a negative one for the immigrant when coming from Swedes. But the American identity brings a smile from them, and they open up. They are clearly able to separate an American, with his common traits with them, from our government.
    Poorly written. Maybe you understand anyway.

  4. Keith,
    Will keep an eye open for you. Your post to me opened a new view of how people reason there, and do so here, if I think about it—-we just don’t face the problems in quite so dramatic degrees. We only decide to continue kissing USA on their cheeks (you know which ones) and send token forces to Afghanistan after great soul-searching. I particularly like the silk-gloves image.

    As for terrifying, show me a region or in many cases not surrounded by American bases for years. Makes them feel secure? You betcha as Sarah would say. Or probably Big O. too.

  5. Pete,
    Muhammad said that nuclear engineering is only allowed for perfect Americans under a few conditions:
    1- they have to build at least 15,000 devastating bombs.
    2- they have to try at least two of them to wipe out two complete cities (one of which is only known for its fisheries)
    3- point those 15000 at a hair trigger towards every region on earth with people on it, to make them scared and compliant.
    4- Then produce a society with some conscientious objectors that drive Volvo’s and grow their own organic food, and give them the right to voice their opinion in public to validate the image of a free society with diversity of opinion.
    5- Finally make blogs to show people how free we are.

    I promise you ladies and gentlemen, this is not pure cynicism. I invite you to give it a thought…Believe me there are people around this earth who see us as terrifying….
    And yes, we hold the door for one another, hug our children and weep to the story of Mother Theresa.

  6. can women become nuclear engineers, or did muhammad (in the 6th century) forbid that one too.

  7. Idealist,
    I did notice your abnegation, many times. Sometimes I feel like drowning for holding such eccentric views. Do you feel the same way?
    I really wish I can join everybody in our society and be happy. But I’m confronted with a public opinion often very antagonistic to mine when it comes to world affairs. It’s not a very pleasant feeling. Around the build up to the Iraq war especially. I was very critical of my friends who opposed the war. they opposed it with silk gloves: “They understood where the other side was coming from”. All of them by the way feel a sense of “vindication” after the election of an African American. They think fairness and justice has been done that way. It’s a bizarre approach to fair public debate.
    It’s as if your dad goes and kills somebody on the street, some of your brothers disagree with him, but understand where he comes from. And later a slight majority in your house votes for your mom as the keeper of the safe that contains the gun. And somehow the whole house feels a sense of justice….
    Oh well, I’m sure you know where I’m coming from.

  8. RAH,
    I understand the need. If we look at it as proof of old patriarch’s doing, then we can find much older ones on our lawbooks. They are probably not recorded in the Bible, as such behaviour was perhaps regarded as normal in all likelihood.

    Send the Republicans here on a sex and rape investigation. Maybe our ladies can give them a physical demonstration. Here, a no is always a no, whenever it’s said.

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