Tourist Beaten, Robbed and Stripped Naked In Baltimore As Crowd Laughes

A video has emerged from last St. Patrick’s Day that shows a brutal attack on a tourist in Baltimore who is beaten, robbed, and stripped naked as a crowd stands around and laughs. No one reportedly called police and someone stood filming the scene of utter inhuman and depraved conduct by the crowd. [Update: A second video of the brutal attack has emerged]

On the video, the tourist is largely passive when he walks a few feet toward a man, who proceeds to hit him in the face and causing the victim to hit the ground with considerable force. The man appears dazed as people proceed to beat him and steal his clothes and belongings. The tourist is stripped of his car keys, watch, money and iPhone.

Until the video was released, the man never knew what happened. He woke up at his hotel with cuts and bruises and no memory of the horrific attack.

Obviously, the place to start is the person who thought this was a funny scene and posted the video on YouTube. Then there are the people who brag and laugh about the attack on the video.

While the victim appears white and his attackers black, there has been no suggestion that the attack was a hate crime or racially motivated. There has also been relatively little outrage nationally about this attack.

I count at least a dozen separate crimes on the film from repeated assaults to robbery by at least seven different people. Some, upon seeing the man in a helpless state, immediately walk over to strip him of any valuables rather than offer assistance or call the police. It is the lack of humanity shown in the film that makes these people so dangerous to society — they show no feelings or sympathy for the victim who is merely an object to be taunted and abused.

Source: CBS

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  1. who ever said that the guy was looking for it ? or that he didn’t look passive when walking towards the other guy is blind. They took his watch, and he went towards him to get it back and the other guy punched him in the face.
    These types of videos are the reason our society is so disgusting . Not even videos, just actions and people in general. People are the worst animals on this planet.

  2. al sharpton always pushes (orally) for the rights of everybody? why isn’t he in baltimore trying to get some results for this white brother & asking his less than human people to apologize? here’s proof the he & his un”blessed” people are true animals & need to be caged.

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