Zimmerman: Shooting Was “Life Altering Event”

George Zimmerman has gone public for the first time with a new website, therealgeorgezimmerman.com, and a paypal link to raise funds for his litigation costs. The website is a smart move, but Zimmerman used the occasion to describe the shooting as a “life altering event.” That is manifestly true except for the fact that he was speaking of himself, not Martin.

Zimmerman states “On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life. This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.” He goes further to warn that he “cannot attest to the validity of these other websites.”

I am a bit surprised that no one looking at this first statement (guaranteed to be picked apart by the media) would pause at the use of the phrase life altering when referring to the shooter rather than the deceased individual. Just for the record, in the next public letter, Zimmerman may want to avoid saying that he hopes to make “a killing in this outreach campaign.”

The motto of the site is the quote from Edmund Burke that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.” The site includes pages on “My Race” and an “album” of photos. In a particularly bizarre addition, the photo album shows graffiti saying “Long Live Zimmerman” — not exactly the most inspiring statement of support.

Lawyers often create litigation blogs and web sites to allow their clients to release documents or facts in support of their claims. However, these sites require careful scrutiny and, as here, may backfire with ill-advised language.

Here is the full statement:

I am the real George Zimmerman,
On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life. This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.

It has come to my attention that some persons and/or entities have been collecting funds, thinly veiled as my โ€œDefense Fundโ€ or “Legal Fund”. I cannot attest to the validity of these other websites as I have not received any funds collected, intended to support my family and I through this trying, tragic time.
I have created a Paypal account solely linked on this website as I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters personally and ensure that any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense, in lieu of my forced inability to maintain employment. I will also personally, maintain accountability of all funds received. I reassure you, every donation is appreciated.
George Zimmerman

Source: USA Today

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  1. HO HO the “Battle of the Petitions.”

    Supporters of George Zimmerman from the “Conservative Treehouse” started a petition to the White House to have various people investigated for having violated George Zimmerman’s Constitutional rights. His civil rights. Apparently, charging him for a crime after he killed an unarmed, innocent kid was not a good excuse for an unprovoked attack on the poor guy’s civil rights. So they were having problems getting signatures.

    You can see it here:


    Some of the signatures are prank-signatures, like “zimmermanlies” & such….


    Suddenly a guy from an opposing website put up a petition to the White House to investigate GEORGE for violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights. It’s found here:



    I invite folks to sign one or the other. I think it’s hilarious and after all, the First Amendment gives us the right to petition our government for redress of wrongs!

  2. There’s another way the shooting was life-altering. Whereas before the shooting, anything Zimmerman did could be talked away, lied away, covered up, disregarded, and officially “undone,” that appears to no longer be the case. It appears that nowadays, if he says something and later “doesn’t mean it,” that counts against him. Nowadays, if he lies about something and the lie is thin and unbelievable, that comes back to bite him. New deal.

  3. O’Mara’s motion to recuse Judge Lester is very telling, and it makes me feel just brilliant that I was predicting that this was going to be ALL ABOUT GEORGE’S CREDIBILITY, PERIOD, when it came down to the SYG thing. If O’Mara can risk putting George on the stand, he can make that defense, and it’s still not a very good one. If he can’t even risk putting George on the stand (as in, “if he’s cross-examined we’re dead meat”), he has NOTHING going for him. So having recused the first judge who was on the case, and now saying that a judge who has made unassailable rulings in the case until now is “prejudiced” because he considers George’s credibility low AFTER O’MARA HAD TO ADMIT THAT GEORGE DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH, this does not look good for George.

    As an aside, since Shellie is accused of perjury, why haven’t there been search warrants executed for the homes and vehicles AND COMPUTERS of George and Shelli Zimmerman, at least — if not Taaffe as well?

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  5. Re: psychopaths in high places.

    I think we have rather more psychopaths in high government positions than the proportion of them in the general population. In the general population, I think the current estimate is three (3%) percent. In government, from top to bottom of government, federal, state, local, even municipal, I think the proportion is higher, and is bound to be higher and is getting higher and higher, too. Why? Because the real defining characteristic of a psychopath is that he has no conscience. (Notice to all: In the masculine pronoun I am including the feminine and in the singular I am including the plural.) Since he has no conscience, he does not suffer from guilt. If he does something that would make another person suffer from guilt, the other person has a harder time doing similar things back to him because the other person, not being a psychopath, does suffer from guilt, even if he justifies in his own mind the fact that he needed to do the deed in question. So psychopaths automatically have a slight edge in every transaction that has to do with people acquiring and using power. This slight edge will propel a psychopath to a higher hierarchical position than the next guy, and will do so pretty predictably. Things as they are today, many little deeds involving hurting others who do not deserve it can lead to great success in either the corporate world or government.

    I know a forensic psychiatrist who worked on contracts once to evaluate people who applied for jobs with some Nuclear Power installations. Naturally, they wanted their applicants screened to rule out lunatic “PUSH THE BUTTON QUICK” types such as, say, perhaps, George Zimmerman. And I am not at liberty to find out what KINDS of people they would screen out after his evaluations were performed. But I wonder: Are psychopaths not peculiarly suited to certain jobs?

    The only person I have really ever had responsibility for is my son. He says I did great, but I always go back over stuff from his childhood and feel guilty about not having done something differently. So how would I be, say, as the state official in charge of running the day-care centers? Too much conscience can be a problem.

    Funny Story: My kid and I were in Oregon visiting friends and he was about 10. I was paying attention to a friend I hadn’t seen in years and she and I were sitting in the room (where my kid would be sleeping that night) that had some construction ongoing in the walk-in closet. My kid came in and tried to get my attention and I said, “Honey, I’m going to speak with Jan for a while and I’ll see you in about a half hour, OK?” He walked over to the carpet-less, cold, unwelcoming closet, lay down on the floor, and said, “It’s OK Mom, you go ahead and chat as long as you like, I’ll just wait here.” For a second or two I was disoriented and then I said, “Honey, it’s the Jewish MOTHER who gets to do the guilt thing, not the KID!” He went out to play.

  6. Woosty thank you thank you!

    Love ALL the Tom Lehrer stuff. I can’t decide which ones are my favorites. Do you know the Lizzie Borden one?

    This is making me wish I could find some of my old stuff, the “Bad Judge Rap,” the “Constipational Rap,” the “Miz DeShaney, now don’t you make a fuss” (“For there’s no special-relationship tween Joshua and US!”)

  7. pete1, April 12, 2012 at 6:43 pm
    pete, sorry I didn’t see this sooner….when I hear drums it usually signals joyful nekkid dancing round a happily tended fyre…..when war breaks out I’m frequently caught w/my clothes hanging on a bush, just out of reach….


    I’m so lucky I don’t live in parts shariafar!

  8. I have registered at Hushmail.com and sent you an email from there.
    I assume the email will reveal my address there.

    Have very little knowledge of Mexico City, although was there a week on business. Was immediately warned by my greeter/fetcher not to visit the parks for walks/jogs. The police were known to prefer them for robbing folks. True? Didn’t test it except to watch Davis Cup doubles, BTIAS, ie but that is another story. Ended with thrown cushions protesting the rude and unfair tactics as seen by the Mexicans. Shall we guess John McEnroe was involved. Oh yes, was taken to nice restaurant with only rich mexicans to enjoy suckling pig (cochinilla pibil???). Not a VIP. Our sales manager there wanted details on whether our system worked or not. .
    But you have so many foreign and good restaurants in America.

    I suspect GCM’s fortune would help survive and have a good one there.
    But you were assumedly joking. I recognize poorly other’s irony.

  9. Idealist707, wow, thanks!

    You know what, get onto “www.hushmail.com” and get yourself a free account, and if your handle is recognizable to me, I’ll start speaking with you on that web-page and send you what poetry I can still find. My problem is that I have been uprooted a lot and a lot of my written stuff is missing. Recently a youngster I love a lot (12 years old, unrelated to me) accidentally erased my thumb-drive full of stuff, so how many of the whale poems have survived? I don’t know.

    Remember, make your handle recognizable to me, OK? I’m MalishaGarcia@hushmail.com so you will recognize me without trouble.

    I’ve never been to Japan. I have no passport, thanks to the wacko ex husband, a few corrupt courts and my inability to hire an entire law firm to work for me for a year undoing the harm stupid and malicious people can do with a combination of negligence and laziness. So it looks like petals will have to be homegrown for the foreseeable future.

    I could probably escape paperless to Mexico and live there as an illegal alien, though…after all, Garcia-Marquez spends a lot of time in Mexico City and I hear they have great hair-dressers there too!

    Be well.

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