14 thoughts on “Uber-Grandma Hits The Parallel Bars”

  1. Nal, truly?
    I never had that kind of strength, even as a teenager. You must be a hulk.

  2. My 70 year old body has warned me against going anywhere near a gym unless I have at least a 30-day supply of food, Ben-Gay, and pain pills on hand and my Medicare card in my pocket.

  3. He could be replaced by a good-looking pole, but she was astounding.
    Thats a US number? In dancing there is real competition apparently.
    Mais la chanson, c’etait merde.

  4. My computer her at the Dogalogue machine is too old to make the video work. It is only 50 in dog years.

  5. Nal,

    I know Austin is the hotbed for perpetual youth….. But a little charity here….. It’s not Austin and no one has beautiful zilker park or deep eddy……

  6. I think I will use a qoute from ****frankmascagniiii**** to describe my thoughts

    ““The best sermons are lived, not preached.”

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