7 thoughts on “Your Morning Solar Flare”

  1. Blouise,

    I agree. And inspiring that we live, to view it.

    But our leaders seem to be convinced the Americo-centric view is better.

    Do you suppose the Vatican agrees with them, and has abandoned the accomodation with Bruno and Gallileo?

  2. Even more interesting to me is that if you put the Earth inside the loop on that CME it would look fit with plenty of space around it, a very small dot. The scale of the universe is mind bending.

  3. Perhaps this one was not large enough to threaten power network control, or maybe our technology is not vulnerable anymore. Of course it does effect F-layer radio linkage, for those dependent on that.

  4. Here is the video NASA released showing it in both real and false color. Massive ejection of magnetic plasma, which fortunately was facing at an angle away from Earth. A flare of this magnitude can pose some risk to astronauts and satellite communication.

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