23 thoughts on “Assumption of the Risk — A Demonstration in 30 Seconds”

  1. OS,
    Whoever did that got cactus spikes in his butt—-but they don’t have any in Utah perhaps. How did they get the roadgrader in? Maybe it was Indians who packed it.

    Wow, and I don’t often say that.

  2. O.S.-

    I think I’d prefer just to fly over the “airport” and enjoy the fantastic scenery. That’s a beautiful place and the photography is outstanding. Great video!

  3. HenMan, then there is always the approach to the Hidden Splendor, UT “airstrip” if you are bored on a weekend afternoon. The airport location chart says there are no services at this “airport.” No kidding. The camera is mounted under the left wing, so there is a parallax illusion that his wheels are not on the runway, but he does grease it onto the “centerline” as it were. As if he had a choice.

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