Report: Islamic Legislators In Egypt Allegedly Move To Allow Husbands To Have Sex With Dead Wives

Women’s groups are justifiably worried about the domination of Islamic parties in Egypt and the move to rollback on the hard-won rights of women in that country. Now, according to the Daily Mail and various other news sites, legislators are pushing not only to lower the age for marriage for girls but to protect “farewell intercourse” where a husband can have sex with his dead wife up to six hours after she died. If true, both pedophilia and necrophilia would be divinely ordained, according to Islamic clerics in the country. It is not clear if this is a hoax with some people in Egypt reportedly denying the report while others continue to report the story. [Update: A new article is contesting the truth of the necrophilia part of the story]

One law would legalize the marriage of girls starting from the age of 14.

The concept of “farewell intercourse” is traced back in the stories to Moroccan cleric Zamzami Abdul Bari who spoke on the issue in May 2011. He insisted that an Islamic marriage remains valid even after death — though in what passes for feminism among radical clerics, he added that a wife could also have sex with a husband up to six hours after death.

Islamic legislators are also moving to rollback on various rights for women, including the right of women to secure a contested divorce.

The “farewell intercourse” proposal obviously will attract most of the attention this week. However, the real concern should focus on the attack on women’s rights. Women made great strides under the prior regime — offering Arab women an island of opportunity in the Middle East. As one of the largest nations in the region, Egypt has the potential of destroying basic rights of millions of women. The terrible irony of the “Arab Spring” is that Egypt (like other countries like Libya) has seen citizens immediately using their newfound rights to seek the denial of rights in others. The fate of millions of women are now in danger from falling to the imposition of harsh Sharia law and religious edicts.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Wow, that really is sick. The world continues to surprise me with the stinking depths to which humanity can sink.

  2. A. Y. –

    I’ve often suspected that most males are programmed to mate with anything that wiggles.

    Apparently for some, wiggling isn’t even a prerequisite.

    I’m guessing – with our “can’t we all just get along?” warp-speed melting pot mentality – these cases will soon be coming to a courthouse near you.

    And me.

  3. When the Egyptians were in the streets at El Tahir Square a lot of Europeans were rolling their eyes and muttering. Many Americans on the other hand saw this as a Spring. You know the phrases: Spring Forward, Spring is here. Well, this French guy who hangs at our dog pack track was saying that “those people” were not ready for colonialism much less combining tribalism into democracy. He called it Springtime For Hitler in Germany. He said that there was some old hippie movie in America that used that phrase. He says its Autumn for Poland and France. I dont know how some movie could explain anything, but he predicted that these folks would be employing democracy to instill the dark ages. He says that American Exceptionalism is not too Exceptional now. I dont know what he meant by that one either. All I know is that if they tried that crap over here that Nancy Grace would be all over them like stink on…..

  4. Sorry, my Dogalogue machine which translate growl, grrr and bark into human lingo wont allow the S — word but it will spell out the word poop.

  5. I wonder if the dead woman had sex with someone other than her husband she would be stoned to death for infidelity.

  6. AN,

    Not bad for a resettlement of American Slaves to produce rubber etc….. The history of this country is vast….. If memory serves me…. I think a number of folks register ships there as it’s easier to do business…. Less restrictions….and piracy is still big business as well….

  7. And in the US, McCain tweets that he is headed to the floor to discuss the “ludicrous partisan imaginary war on women”. Big vote up today on the Violence Against Women Act.

  8. Do they all want to go to Allah so they can have 76 virgins. The virgins might not be accommodating. 76 against 1?

  9. mespo,

    I suspected as much simply from the headline.

    It is nice, however, to know that I can still be surprised by the depths of depravity capable by humans.

  10. PRANK? Gossip? From Huffington: “Update: Several Egyptian sources are claiming via Twitter that the story below is false. It has been suggested by some that a rumour may have been placed by sources loyal to former dictator Hosni Mubarak. More to follow.”

  11. “The terrible irony of the “Arab Spring” is that Egypt (like other countries like Libya) has seen citizens immediately using their newfound rights to seek the denial of rights in others. The fate of millions of women are now in danger from falling to the imposition of harsh Sharia law and religious edicts.” Well, just as in the U.S. with the Tea Party Republicans! Gov. McDonnell of Virginia will now require a vaginal probe before sex after death!

  12. You all realize that it is the CIA version of ALEC, which is promoting these srggested laws via their agent provocateurs.

    And a very old joke is recalled: The newly bereaved, a matter of hours old, widower complains to his friend: “A year?! What’ll I do tonight?”

    Seems like sick, but was not that the CIA purpose? Hate muslims. They are medieval, I remember somone saying. And of course, such a practice must be one from dark cellars. Or a new film genre. Vampires. What next?

    Remember Lehrer’s: “I’ll hold your hand in mine…..(and this is a new verse.)

  13. Dilbertnomore.
    Good questions. Were they meant for me? I assume not, as my name is not mentioned.

    But anyway, being uneducated this is somewhat the way it was.

    The length of life was max 30 years in the early times. When a woman started menstruation she was expected to be wed in less than a year. This was true in Europe as well, in Christian Europe. So it was not pedophilia then. Today. Perhaps, I do not know. And according to JT, if I recall correctly from above, the praxis of farewell copulation is a new practice approved in the last decades.

    So one would have to evaluate how widespread it is, before assigning the label necrophiliacs to all muslims. The return to child marriage is of course a return to the Egypt prior to Nasser’s revolution and secularization. Thank you Arab Spring. But it is the people’s will. Or is it? Most are still wondering. Why would falasists, the strictest of all be enforcing this. Some tradition from Saudi? Perhaps. They are the worry of all secular Arabs.

    INHO, it would seem to be the next step in radicalization. The suggester or ordinator should have been killed in accordance with Sharia, as a prophet of of false theology. But some get all the breaks, particularly fiery preachers, as you may have noticed in America also.

  14. In the early years of my practice I had several clients who claimed to have had that experience. But then I stopped handling divorce cases.

  15. Old jurisprudence joke:

    Q: “How can you tell the difference between a hooker and a lawyer?

    A: “The hooker will stop screwing you after you’re dead.

    If this rumor turns out to have some basis in fact, it would appear that Egyptian men can now become lawyers for at least six hours.

  16. Christians — men and women — eat the flesh and drink the blood of a dead Jew every week — and have done so for over two thousand years. In terms of repellant monotheistic religious practices, then, six hours of necrophilia does not sound so bad when compared to two millennia of cannibalism.

    But since all monotheists claim the existence of one-and-only-one Invisible Sky Wizard, no sect has any basis for criticizing the religious practices of the others because the same ( One = Same) Invisible Sky Wizard either dictated the practice or saw no reason to object to it. In theological terms, one often hears this concept elaborated as The Omnipotent Sparrow Doctrine, which postulates that not a sparrow falls to earth but that the Invisible Sky Wizard either causes it to fall (“bad sparrow! bad sparrow!”) or — through deliberate inaction — allows it to fall (“you’ve got it coming, sparrow!”).

    The Omnipotent Sparrow Doctrine also has a counterpart in domestic American political terms where one frequently hears the Republican party denouncing the Democratic party for “losing” countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. even though the inhabitants of those countries never knew that America owned them and so could dispose of them in whatever way Republicans wanted — unless thwarted by despicable, powerless Democrats. Of course, the idea that the despicable and powerless can thwart the will of the omnipotent only disproves the concept of omnipotence, but then monotheistic theology never did have logic as one of its strong suits. As legend has it, Benjamin Franklin logically disposed of monotheism by telling a room full of squabbling monotheists (each denouncing the others as “heretics,” “goyim,” or “infidels”): “either one of you is right or all of you are wrong.”

    Bottom line: those Americans who place their country (and everything else) “under” the one-and-only-one Invisible Sky Wizard have no grounds for criticizing what an Egyptian believer in the same one-and-only-one Invisible Sky Wizard says the Single Big Spook told — or permits — him to do. America has more than enough real problems of its own to solve without obsessing over what Egyptians do or don’t do to their dead, Americans have more than enough real problems of their own to solve without obsessing over what Egyptians do or don’t do to their dead, whom in any case they bury before the end of the day.

  17. I have had more than one of my American friends tell me that sex with their wives would have proven more enjoyable had the woman in question not died shortly after saying “I do” at the wedding altar.

    Once, while working as a manufacturing planner and engineering computer programmer for the Hughes Aircraft Company, I noticed a cartoon that someone had stuck up on a bulletin board. It showed a groom and a bride standing at the altar, with little balloons above their heads showing their individual thoughts:

    His: “Oh, boy! All I have to do is say ‘I do’ and I get to have sex whenever I want.”

    Hers: “Oh, boy! All I have to do is say ‘I do’ and I never have to have sex again.”

    True stuff. Every bit of it.

  18. In America, Catholic priests and ultra-orthodox Brooklyn Jews may only have sex with living boys — I think. While not exactly legal, for political reasons law enforcement in certain cases decides not to intervene for fear of alienating “tightly knit,” “insular” voting blocks.

    Criticism of Muslims and devastation of their countries, however, may proceed apace.

  19. Darren, well played, sir:-)

    SWM, excellent article link, you beat me to it- now that I’m back online securely I’ve got to get to this blawg earlier! 😉 There’s an American corollary to the article that I’ve been looking for but can’t find as yet; just think about the anti-women measures that have been proposed in the last couple of years, that’ll do.

    The 14 year-old marriage threshold is troubling. My granny was married at 14- her husband was 16 and they went from Ohio to Tennessee in , literally, a covered wagon. They beat the odds and lived to a rip old age but they were destined to die young and broken by the lives they led as subsistence farmers and no birth control- 10 kids 5 dead at birth or in infancy by 35 yo. Big difference between being traded into the life or taking it up voluntarily as a way to lead a better life.

    The two stories here on today’s instalment of the blawg featuring 14 year old girls is kind of amazing. On one a debate regarding the civil rights of 14 year old students and the legalization of bartering away the person of a 14 year old girl. I grow less patient and understanding as I grow older: f**k those old, perverted clerics/legislators and the God/Allah they rode in on. Same for the Republican/Christian radical Governor’s too. Throw in the Brooklyn DA that is shielding Catholic and Jewish baby-rapers. Someone needs to file an EO case against him and the city/state- that’s some sick stuff. You’re either with baby-rapers or agin’ ’em, I know where Mr. Hynes stands.

  20. Lotta, I assume you read the article previously. I read it wo days ago and took the opportunity to post it today. It has caused quite a major dust up in the Arab world.

  21. SWM, yes, I read it a couple of days ago also, I didn’t realize it was causing a ‘dust up’ though. Thanks for that info, I’ll have to search around and check out the response.

  22. Not so fast……while not positively confirmed there is a strong possibility that the story is a fabrication. The following is from the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan’s blog, dated 4/26/12…..

    “A reader writes:

    Regarding the necrophilia story – apparently there is zero confirmation that this is true. Numerous people, including Sarah Carr, a journalist who I respect and trust, wrote into the Daily Mail to contest the reporter’s story (see her comment on the article time-stamped 11:06):

    If Lee Moran had troubled himself to do a little bit of research beyond translating an op-ed and a TV talking head, he would have discovered that in fact, a draft law to allow men to have sex with their deceased wives does not exist. If Mr Moran’s googling had been more thorough he would have discovered that this rumour was started by a local wacko who, alas, has a public platform by virtue of the fact that he owns a satellite channel.

    There is no evidence that such a bill exists or was under discussion in parliament at any point. Where’s the video? Apparently this rumor was started by a TV personality famous for not being particularly accurate, the sensationalism of the story led it to be passed around on Twitter as if it were fact, and the Daily Mail – a true paragon of journalism – picked it up as well. (To be fair, so did Jezebel.) Please don’t propagate this unsubstantiated crap.

    Allahpundit also casts a critical eye:

    A cleric in Morocco did indeed approve the practice of, er, “farewell intercourse” within the past few years, but unless I’m missing something in the Al-Arabiya story, the evidence that the bill exists — and that the NCW has complained about it to the speaker — is purely Samea’s say-so. Half a dozen other articles I read today about this all point back to the Al-Arabiya article; as far as I can tell, no one named in the story has spoken to any media about it or otherwise confirmed that what Samea claims is true.

    And who’s Samea? According to the CSM, that’s curious too: “Today, Egypt’s state-owned Al Ahram newspaper published an opinion piece by Amr Abdul Samea, a past stalwart supporter of the deposed Hosni Mubarak … ” … Al-Ahram is controlled by the Egyptian government, which I assume means it’s heavily influenced by the ruling military junta. And the junta, of course, is invested in discrediting the Islamists in order to defend its prerogatives against parliament’s growing power.

    An Egyptian reader adds:

    It’s simply amazing how a stupid baseless rumor travels half way around the world and makes its way into one of my favorite blogs. The idea of “farewell intercourse law” was too ridiculous even for the Egyptian twittersphere to believe, and that is saying something. Here’s a snapshot (with some commentary) of the article where this idea started. My translation (of the part on the right with white background):

    So we hear, in these happy days, those who talk about the necessity of issuing a law that allows for girls to marry at the age of fourteen or another law that acknowledges what some call ‘farewell intercourse’ which allows the husband to sleep with his wife in the six hours after her death. This is what comes from the traditionalist that aims to take away women’s right to work and study and corner them with the most backward and ignorant interpretations of religious text.

    The commentary on the left with black background talks about how the article doesn’t mention the source of who these are who about these laws. Then it goes on to ask that this person be questioned about his sources and how he is hired by a national newspaper and is paid with tax money. The lines at the top (with red-ish background) introduces the issue.

    Let me tell you a bit about the author of the article. This guy used to host a TV show during the days of Mubarak. He was the kind of phony independent “opposing” the actions of the government for not exactly following the instructions of the great leader. This was the route that the smart people would take to grow in ranks in the Mubarak regime.

    I’m not an Islamist, and don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood and I’m still shocked by the Salafis win in the past election in Egypt. However, I’m shocked that any of this would be linked to Islam in anyway.

  23. If the above proves out, I think we should all be a little humbled. Seems like we’re just as likely to jump on some crazy story as a Glenn Beck devotee who believes the UN is about to set up a World government.

  24. this is bul*s*it,,, dumb legislators,, Islam dos,nt allow such stupidty,,, before you believe such stupid thing,, read what Islam tells about the dead ones,,no one is even allowed to see the even naked body of dead ones, thats why most muslims do not want to have a post mortem of their dead ones

  25. True? Not true? It is still nice to know that I can still be surprised by the depths of depravity capable by humans as this story is a fine example of depravity no matter the veracity. The burden of depravity merely shifts.

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