Police Identify Prostitute Who Stole Half A Million Dollars From Diamond Dealing John

We previously looked at the robbery of a diamond dealer in New York who picked up a prostitute at a bar and then woke up at a hotel without what is now being reported to be half a million dollars in diamonds. It turns out that the suspect, Erika Cooper, 34 (AKA Bianca Williams) was not the swiftest thief. She was not only captured on the security cameras of the Cosmopolitan Hotel but the victim, Kurt Kaiser, had her home telephone number. She is now the subject of a manhunt in New York.

Kaiser said that Cooper waited for him to fall asleep before she fled with the diamonds. What is most remarkable is that Kaiser still gave Cooper a rave review (with one reservation and it was not her alleged tendency to steal you blind) when contacted about the theft, telling media “She was young, hot, beautiful face, but flat-chested.”

Cooper has two prior prostitution arrests from 2007. In the meantime, Kaiser who offered a measly $5,000 reward for recovery of the half a million dollars worth of diamonds promptly withdrew the reward offer after Cooper was identified. I am beginning to understand how Kaiser has remained unmarried this long.

Source: NY Post

12 thoughts on “Police Identify Prostitute Who Stole Half A Million Dollars From Diamond Dealing John”

  1. Even if there really were 1/2 million in diamonds carried into that hotel, how can he prove that he didn’t offer them in exchange for services rendered?

  2. “break yourself b**ch, make a pimp rich”.

    A diamond deal that falls through at the last minute.

    A beautiful woman in a bar.

    The possibility of drugs, ruffies, ketamine?

    Disappearing woman, diamonds, brief case.

    OK, so maybe a poor confused diamond salesman is on the level. But does this sound like the plot for Leonard, Pelecanos, Patton, maybe Jim Thompson?

    Who actually owned the diamonds? Who was the client? What about insurance? Who is actually on the hook for the diamonds. Who runs Erika/Bianca? Ever date her before? What about her wife-in-laws, stable-mates, friends, associates?

    “young, hot, beautiful face, but flat-chested” Who talks like that after they have been ripped off for half a mil?

    I don’t think you have to be chief of detectives to think this is unusual.

    As for Erika/Bianca, if I were the crucial link in $500,000 rip off I think I would turn myself in.

  3. The bicycle ride is great, but this is what I call a picture of assumption of risk.

  4. This man’s no diamond courier. They put their diamonds in the hotel safe before they even enter their hotel rooms. Sure they can be robbed at gun point, but not tricked like this. Also, where’s the insurance co? They’re the ones who should be offering the reward. Stay tuned. This guy probably had nothing but CZ’s and is looking for his 15 minutes….

  5. Can he actually prove he had the diamonds to start with? Can the police prove she actually took them? I’m thinking she is not in that big a pickle and he should be speaking to her a bit nicer – assuming she is not enjoying the high life in the Carribean with a half mill of his stones

  6. If she was stupid enough to get caught make her give the diamonds back. Minus the $5,000 reward.

  7. There is a witness from the bar who reports that he said that “She looks like a million dollars!” Complete defense at trial. Whaaat, he wants her to pay him for playing games with a limp excuse for fun and games. How do we put a value on his jewels anyway? He says that they were diamonds. He also said that he wanted to make friends with her. Diamonds are a girls best friend. There should not be an arrest. This is getting to be a joke.

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