Dead Letter? Egyptian Necrophilia Law Called Hoax By Mubarak Supporter

We have been discussing the story that ran on various sites about the consideration of an Egyptian law that would allow husbands to have sex with their wives up to six hours after death. Our last blog noted that some were still reporting the story while others have questioned the truth of the story. Now a story below appears to have debunked the story, at least in part. While not addressing the alleged consideration of lowering the age for marriage of girls to 14, the story says that the “farewell intercourse” law claim was made by Amr Abdul Samea, a supporter of the deposed Hosni Mubarak. An Islamic cleric did in fact say that Muslim men (and women) could have sex with their dead spouses up to six hours after death, but there is no indication that this view was put into a proposed law.

The Moroccan cleric discussed in the prior blog is viewed obviously as a fringe figure among Muslims.

It does appear that Amr Abdul Samea has done a considerable disservice to those who are fighting the increasing hold of religious extremists in Egypt following the “Arab Spring.” The exaggeration has taken away from the needed attention to the plight of girls and women in Egypt who may face one of the greatest rollbacks in rights in modern history. We have already seen countries like Iran and Iraq rollback such rights. It is not clear what he thought he was accomplishing but his use of any means in political discourse was a signature of his former leader, Hosni Mubarak.

As for the necrophilia opinion of this cleric, the Muslims are not alone in having fringe religious figures.

Source: CSMonitor

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  1. The comments here are not by the Ralph Adamo who lives in New Orleans. I wish this RA could contain his hatred and foolish BS long enough to reflect on his destructiveness.. I reget having anyone misconstrue his blatherings as coming from me.

  2. Nobody has ever said that my posts are BS, except Leftists, because I have substantial knowledge on the subjects I write about, and my posts are always thoroughly researched and well-reasoned. So, if you want to point to Leftists who do not like my posts, well that is perfectly understandable, as Leftist are by their nature liars and hate facts, research, logic, and even common sense.

    As for no ex-girlfriends of yours being doctors, I was making a joke based on a recent news item about a Dr. Anna Mackowiak. Lighten up.

  3. Ohhh, Eugene Volokh isn’t a Leftist shill? Hmmm, let’s see about that. Who was Volokh’s favorite politician? Answer: Volokh supported former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson in the 2008 presidential election.

    Why Fred Thomson? Thomson’s choice for his campaign manager tells all: “Although Spencer Abraham, of Lebanese descent, is a Christian, he is a career water carrier for Islamists of the most extremist stripe and made that the cornerstone of his failed, one-term Senate career and equally lousy tenure as Energy Secretary.”

    “Spencer Abraham was one of only two Senators in the entire U.S. Senate who refused to sign a letter calling on President Clinton to condemn Palestinian terrorism and Yasser Arafat. This was at the height of a series of homicide bombings in Israel in 1999 and 2000. As Energy Secretary, he gave top secret tours of nuclear facilities, as well as detailed information on how we secure them to Muslim nations who are our enemies. And he gave out undue post-9/11 awards to Al-Qaeda money-launderers . . . at the White House. The money launderers were raided by U.S. Customs Service agents. After he left the Bush cabinet, Spence became a lobbyist for Mid-Eastern Muslim countries that practice the Arab boycott of Israel and don’t really like us too much either. He took their money and until the Thompson race, did their bidding.”

    You are wrong, yet again, DHMCarver. In fact, you’ve not been correct about ANYTHING. This is really getting tiresome. Why don’t you do something productive, like maybe go visit your ex-girlfriend, the proctologist, for an colonoscopy?

    1. Ralph, for someone who says that he does not hurl insults, you manage to put a few in every post of yours. (For the record, no ex-girlfriends of mine are doctors.)

      Waiting for you to cite Pam Geller in this or the other thread (where, I note, others are calling you on your b.s.).

  4. Many Muslim leaders condemn attrocities commited by Muslims? ……Care to name a couple, DHMCarver?……………. Can’t think of any? ……….. Keep searching the Internet. I’m sure you’ll find some story somewhere fabricated by some Lefitst shill. Maybe you can find one of the Islamic leaders lying to the Leftists. That would be a could audience for telling lies. They love to listen to lies, and to spread them.

    1. Ralph, you are really kinda cute. On the one hand, you say, go out and find proof, and then on the other hand you instantly discount any proof one might offer by saying it will just be “some Leftist shill” or “Islamic leaders lying to the Leftists”. Really no point in trying to get, um, facts to counter your opinions….

      By the way: (they are not exactly leftist shills over at Volokh).

      If you do have any interest in learning a bit about Islam from a noted scholar, try dipping into this on occasion:

  5. DHMCarver: Again you resort to name-calling, this time by calling me a bigot. IAs often happens when two parties disagree over a period of time, Godwin’s Law will now kick in—appropriately, as I shall demonstrate, in this case.

    Would you say that I am also a bigot because I believe that Nazis and Neo-Nazis are a barbaric cult? Maybe not, but what if the only thing that changed was that the Nazis had the foresight to call themselves a “religion”? Suppose that the Nazis now say they have abandoned all worldly ambitions, and intend to concentrate on “higher spiritual objectives” of non-violent global conquest, compassionate enslavement of inferior peoples, and peaceful extermination of the Jews.

    Suppose further that because Naziism is now a “religion” rather than a political movement, that the Nazis demand the following rights and privileges appropriate to their new identity:

    – An end to Naziphobia in the media, especially war films showing the Nazis in a bad light.

    – Tax exemption for all places of worship including airfields, munitions factories, extermination camps etc.

    – Destruction of all blasphemous cartoons of Adolf Hitler.

    Ahhh, in light of these “dramatic changes,” I would then be a bigot for calling the Nazis a barbaric death cult. After all, the majority of Nazis are peace-loving peoples, and were not involved in mass-murders. No, those were the acts of isolated “extremist” Nazis. Sure, most of the Nazis went along with all the goals and objectives of the Nazi leaders, and not one of them raised any objections whatsoever to the violent acts of other Nazis, but let’s not condemn the entire Nazi “faith”! Such expressions of disapproval of Nazi acts, practices, goals, objectives, or anthing destructive that Nazis do is Naziphobia, and demonstrates bigotry.

    I think I have your viewpoint down cold.

    Furthermore, having failed to discredit Herodotus because you had no argument to begin with, you attempt to discredit well-documented works that describe what the Islamic movement is all about by trying to inject a “guilt” by association tactic. So, because Oliver North, Michele Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and/or Glenn Beck could be said to like Erick Stakelbeck’s “The Terrorist Next Door” (2011) and the movie/DVD entitled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” (2005), the reader is supposed to infer that those works are unreliable or untruthful, even though you know absolutely NOTHING about them. Nor do you care. to know anything. The fact that each of those works has involved diligent research and analysis means nothing to you. As long as they do not say anything positive about Islam, they, by your definition, must be “hatchet jobs.”

    To you, Islam is basically good, and only a few extremists are bad, if that. Just go back to the above representation of Naziism as a religion and substitute the word Islam. Then you agree 100%, do you not?

    You also fecklessly attempt to point to extremist in other religions. But there is HUGE difference between Islam and every other religion. When a Jew or a Christian commits an unlawful act of violence in the name of their faith, they are roundly CONDEMNED by the leaders of their faiths. But when Muslims commit unlawful acts of violence in the name of Islam, THERE IS NEVER ANY CONDEMNATION FROM ANY LEADERS OF ISLAM. Not a peep. If anything, those Islamic leaders PRAISE and REJOICE in the actions against the Infidels (Civilization).

    That is why you will do whatever you can to AVOID seeing the movie Obsession, because in that movie, you will hear many leaders of Islam telling the TRUTH. Islamic leaders don’t mind telling the truth about their desire to kill Infidels and destroy Civilization–when they are talking to their own people. That is what the movie shows. Of course, they are just as happy to LIE to non-Islamic world, because they know–deep down– that people WANT to believe that Muslims are really a peaceful people. Just like the peace-loving Jews and Christians in Germany wanted to believe that the Nazis really weren’t going to oppress them, let alone exterminate them. I am not going to believe the fairy tale that Muslims are peace-loving, and if that makes me a “bigot” in you truth-averse eyes, then so be it.

    1. Ralph, the yeshivas and the settler movement assassinated Rabin — yet who are the most powerful political actors in Israel? Ditto Baruch Goldstein. So don’t preach to me about how Judaism and Christianity always condemn their extremists.

      And you are just wrong about Muslim leaders not condemning Muslim atrocities. Many don’t, but many do.

      I was waiting for Godwin’s law to kick in — I am only surprised it took you this long.

  6. DHMCarver: I am very tempted to call you names that would very aptly apply to you, but I’ve refrained from doing so. YOU are the one engaging in puerile name calling, and are merely repeating MY characterization of YOUR responses.

    You can laugh all you want, if that makes you more comfortable with your delusions, but that does not change the facts; i.e. that Necrophilia is a perversity that has existed in Egyptian “culture” for centuries. As for modern Islam–it remains what it has always been: a barbaric death cult. In the unlikely event that you want to really learn something about Islam, I’d suggest that you read Erick Stakelbeck’s “The Terrorist Next Door” (2011) and see the movie/DVD entitled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” (2205) in which you can hear directly from the leaders of Islam what their beliefs and goals actually are.

    And don’t forget to get that tattoo I suggested, or at least put the quotation on a 3×5 card in front of your computer. The message might sink in eventually and help you to grow. You’ll thank me one day.

    1. Ralph, the only thing I will thank you for is that in your latest post you revealed your true colors to the Turley blog. In case you missed it, most of the folks on this blog are not down with bigotry. The only reason I am taking the time to respond at length so that other folks reading this blog do not think that the sources you cited are in any way reputable. “The Terrorist Next door” is a bit of anti-Islamic hackery published by that political group masquerading as a publishing house, Regnery Press — trust me, any “source” praised by Michelle Malkin and Oliver North is not going to get any respect from me, or from anyone outside of the Fox “News” echo chamber of hate. And as for “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”, it is also a hatchet job of bigotry and anti-Muslim propaganda, with shady backers, endorsed by Glen Beck and Limbaugh and the like, somehow connected to right-wing Israeli groups, The only people associated with it who were moderately reputable scurried away from the “documentary” on its release: “Khaleel Mohammed, an associate professor of religious studies at San Diego State University and the only Islamic Studies Professor interviewed discussed the meaning of jihad and its misuse by extremists. Mohammed later distanced himself and apologised for his participation claiming he had believed the film would be “used objectively, focusing on (the) fanatics who seek to spread violence” rather than Islam itself.” See:'s_War_Against_the_West

      Ralph, terrorists do not represent Islam — any more than Christian Reconstructionists represent Christianity, the Aryan Nation represents white people, or Baruch Goldstein or Yigal Amir represent Judaism. If you have allowed yourself to believe that the violent extremists and murderers who kill in the name of some twisted version of Islam are the true representatives of the faith — as so many people in this country do — then you have given those killers their dearest victory. There are somewhere on the order of two billion Muslims in the world. This small coterie of thugs and murderers do not speak for that whole — but the only way the thugs will be defeated is if we in the West stop empowering them by giving them an influence far, far beyond their numbers.

  7. DHMCarver: “The real learning comes after you know it all.” I’d suggest that you get a tattoo of that quotation to remind yourself of how little you know, and that ignorance is nothing to be proud of, contrary to your deeply held conviction.

    Predictably, you could not come up with any facts or evidence to refute what I’ve said, and so you’ve merely resorted to a common default tactic when no facts or evidence are being argued: blow smoke with puerile and jejune name calling.

    I will not stoop to your level, and instead, will give you some more evidence:

    “Herodotus visted Egypt around 450 B.C. and it has been suggested by SOME that his observations [regarding Egyptians and Necrophilia] amount to nothing more than a Greek caught in a cultural rivalry trying to portray Egyptians in a bad light (Tridon, Crobez, Vidaihet, Paugain, & Boissenin, 1994). NONETHELESS, OBSERVATIONS MADE BY OTHERS AT A LATER DATE mention that women embalmers were trained to deal exclusively with female bodies, THUS SUGGESTING THAT HE [HERODOTUS] MADE REALISTIC OBSERVATIONS.” Psychology and Criminal Justice, Janos Buros et al., June 1998 [Emphasis added].

    1. Ralph, you will have to do better than puerile name calling and an untraceable citation to a textbook on modern criminal psychology in order to convince me (or anyone) of your understanding of classical literature — let alone how you make the jump from a tale told by Herodotus (a.k.a. The Father of Lies) to the practices of an Islamic nation 2,500 years after he wrote. (To remind you — that takes from ancient Egypt, through the Macedonian conquests, through the Roman Empire, through the Islamic conquests, and through various revolutions in governance, imperial conquests, Nasser, etc. to the modern age.) Back to my original point — if you are citing Herodotus to justify your anti-Islamic bigotry, I will keep laughing at your posts.

  8. Carver?

    Say what? Try again…. Your communication has failed…. I do not understand if you’re trying to be insulting or not…. If so….. Tell the commander you have failed this mission…. Copy….

  9. You’re right, DHMCarver, I don’t know what came over me. I now realize that all those terrible crimes committed by Muslims–even on other Muslims (you know, stuff like terrorism, cliterectomies, stonings, honor killings, and just plain old mass murder to keep everybody in line)–must never have happened. So it stands to reason that Necrophilia doesn’t happen in Egypt to any degree whatsover as well. Your cold logic is ineluctible. Or if it does happen, it has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, because those acts are carried out by a “minority” of the “faith.” And as for Herodotus, yeah, he must have been a con-man, and I’ll take your ipse dixitism on that too. All history books should be thrown out and replaced by politically correct tomes anyway, don’t you agree? Thanks for pointing me in the Blind-eye Leftward direction.

    1. Ooo, AY. I am so hurt when someone who has demonstrated ignorance of religion calls me out on my knowledge! And presumes things about my beliefs! And Ralph, your knowledge of classical history is sooooo….. underwhelming. And your demonstrated knowledge of Islam also leaves me in awe…

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