Our Lady Doesn’t Like Your Ladies: Catholic School Cancels State Championship Appearance Due To Presence of Girl On Opposing Team

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy, a conservative Catholic school, has forfeited its team rather than compete in the state championships because the second baseman for Mesa Preparatory Academy is no man at all. Second baseman Paige Sultzbach is a girl and, according to this report, Our Lady of Sorrows has religious objections to its boys playing with a girl.

The forfeiture in Arizona Charter Athletic Association state championship at Phoenix College was explained as a religious objection to the girl based on the fundamentalist beliefs of the Catholic school. Of course, this is not a contact sport but the mere presence of a girl on the field appears to be a religious obscenity for the school. Many were shocked by this Talibanesque moment but the school is staying mum on the issue.

Our Lady of Sorrows is run by the U.S. branch of the Society of Saint Pius X which opposes the reforms of the Vatican II Council in the 1960s and broke with the Catholic Church in the 1980s.

As someone raised Catholic, I have no idea where such a religious objection comes from. Notably, in the prior two games against Our Lady of Sorrows, Paige didn’t play out of respect for the opposing teams religious beliefs. I am not sure I would have recommended such an accommodation. I do not see why Mesa must adopt a sexist rule out our deference to another school when there appears no segregation of genders on these teams under league rules.

Mesa Prep athletic director Amy Arnold “I respect their views, but it’s a bit out of the 18th century.” I would say that that is a bit harsh for 18th Century people.

Our Lady of Sorrows may find play a bit more to its liking in the Tehran league.

Source: AZ Central

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  1. “try to imagine Michelle Bachmann speaking Latin.”

    Now that’s just plain ol’ funny, Mike.

  2. As Swarthmore Mom pointed out, the Society of St. Pius X is not recognized by the Church and there is a lengthy history of disputes with the Vatican. Its founder was a French archbishop, now deceased, whose views of separation of church and state pretty much mirrored those of Cardinal Richelieu. There have been several failed efforts at reconciliation, but I don’t know the status of those. As for the society’s views on the place of women in the family unit, well, try to imagine Michelle Bachmann speaking Latin.

  3. Not unless you had to listen to the girls afterwards. The commentary was not complimentary.

  4. bettykath,

    Who is the crazy mathematician from Chicago who was sending bombs made of wood?

    Girls can’t beat boys at sports on a level playing field. Just reality. When I was in Junior High I was on a boy team that beat a girl team at volleyball. Totally pissed them off.

  5. One of the most exasperating features of Fundamentalists of all stripes is that they take what would have been normative attitudes in religions of years past and regress them to medieval levels. This is another way of saying “Fundamentalists” are crazy.

  6. She’s probably a very good player. Maybe they were afraid they’d be beaten by – (gasp) a girl! Can you imagine the shame? the indignanty? Horrors!

  7. CLH, “At least there people are too cold to be sexist, or racist, or whatever-ist. I hope.

    I’m sure there are prejudices there as well, but there is enough room for you to find your own cabin in the wilderness and be well away from them. I understand the bear and the moose aren’t discriminatory.

  8. murphycat

    Why do you people keep getting pregnant? Do you think that isn’t a burden? Keep complaining.

  9. Would someone explain why women are the last group on the planet that it’s okay to discriminate against and the country/world is not up in arms??? If this was an African American player (or any other race, but still male) this kind of stuff would not stand. In fact, Our Lady of Sorrows would be barred from playing in the league. I guess she could use a strap on. Would that satisfy them? (Sorry for the crude language, but this is rediculous) How stupid and backwards!!!

  10. I agree. I would not’ve expected her to not play in the past. However, I can see why, being the championship, she would definitely play this time.

  11. Ask the church about that. Or ask Tom Hanks. Don’t ask Geena Davis. There’s no crying in baseball. Do you know that Brad Pitt got his movie debut in Thelma and Louise. Poor Harvey Keitel.

  12. You say they broke ties with the church? Wow, I wonder who ended up with the money and property….. Just like the Greek and Russian orthodox, they pay no mind to what the pope has to say……

  13. These idiots are just that. Idiots. This school, run by the American Taliban, ruined these kids lives by forfeiting a chance to play for the state championship. As Swarthmore Mom stated, they are not even “Catholic” anymore. These guys are so bad not even Pope Benedict will stand behind them. Very sad.

  14. Brain. Still. Hurting. I’m about at the point of simply throwing up my hands (and maybe my breakfast?) and walking away from people in general. I think Alaska has nice weather in the winter. At least there people are too cold to be sexist, or racist, or whatever-ist. I hope.

  15. It’s amazing how extremists of all faiths continue to hold outdated and religously unsupported views.

    Why is it that we normally only hear about about Islamic extremists and not Christian or Jewish extremist? This article is a nice change of pace.

  16. Shiiva H. Vishnu, I keep banging the clock and it continues to stubbornly read 2012. It must be broken.

  17. Well, you put these Catholic ball players on a field with uncovered females. Short of executing them, there is nothing more you can do to them.

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