Government Completes Study of Study of Studies

This seems like something ripped from the pages of The Onion, but the Government Accountability Office just completed its study of a study ordered by the Pentagon into studies ordered by the Pentagon.

In 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was interested in the growing number of studies at the Pentagon and their costs so he ordered a study of the studies. Yet, by the time that the GAO was recently called in the Pentagon researchers had only been able to look at nine studies, but was unable to “readily retrieve documentation” for six of the reports. The GAO criticized the study of studies in its study. However, the Pentagon has announced that it only “partially concurs” with the GAO’s report. Presumably, it will have to study those findings further. The ball is now in the Pentagon’s court.

Source: ABC

15 thoughts on “Government Completes Study of Study of Studies”

  1. next week they start conducting interviews for the job of interviewer.

  2. Can’t the Pentagram just cut out all this useless talking and studying and for once get down to the brass tacks of spreading freedom? Now that we’ve given 5 million Iraqi refugees their freedom and they’ve returned the favor by welcoming us as liberators, we should set our sites on the real source of trouble in today’s world: Greece. Those whinny socialists over there are a danger to all us law-and-order authoritarian vigilante justice anarchist types, and we should bomb them back into the stone age.

  3. This subject peaked my curiosity so I gathered some reference material on the GAO’s study of the Pentagon’s study of studies. After laboring on my own study of the GAO’s study of the Pentagon’s study of studies I was called into a meeting so I asked a colleague to take a few moments to study and complete my study of the GAO’s study of the Pentagon’s study of studies.

    Success. My colleague’s study of my study of the GAO’s study of the Pentagon’s study of studies was completed (aka the study of the study of the study of the study of the studies). Unfortunately by then the word study had lost all meaning; when we remember what this study was about I will post my colleague’s study of my study of the GAO’s study of the Pentagon’s study of studies … here.

  4. Don’t worry about the aging Facebookers et al.

    They’ll have distance courses on quaint ancient techniques: “Talking Face To Face” 101, and one even for Dummies too. Of course it will require the latest hologram channel, but you have that surely.

    Distance courses are fun. Have you heard the latest rage:
    “How to treat your surrogate sex partner” by a Kinsey descendant. subvoice: “all model coverage guaranteed”

    Shop ALEC today.

  5. Frankly,
    Thanks lots for your genuinely warm picture of passing times.
    i guess we’re different here in Sweden. A pop of 1500 is a metropolitan area here, not a tiny town. But then all things are relative they say.
    Remember my motto: Keep on shopping.

  6. As for the study of studies – it would actually be a good idea to take a look at how they are done, who does them, who profits and what sorts of results they generate. I’m afraid they would find that the majority are done by the usual group of “beltway bandits” leaches attached to the Federal treasury and too often find that additional money should be shoveled to the beltway bandits.

  7. My MIL lives in a small town >1500, and the daily trips to the post office there keep her in contact with many of the other residents. She often talks about running into so-and-so and chatting for 20 minutes about grandkids, aches & pains, new jobs etc. But, she is old and I don’t know if such tradition will continue as the current twitter/facebook/SMS generation ages or not.

    On the other hand, USPS delivers for Fed-Ex and UPS in that tiny town and thousands like it across the country. Neither of these darlings of free enterprise can afford to do the work so they hire USPS to do it for them. Yet the PO makes money (or did until a year ago) had they not been forced to prepay their retirement for 75 years into the future they would have had an extra $5billion a year to make many of the changes required to stay in the black

  8. idealist707 1, May 14, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Let me dedicate this … to all those … “Going Postal …”
    See how editing reports of reports helps? 😉

  9. Let me dedicate this very late cross-post to all those who diligently worked to preserve our post office dys-system on the pages of the “Going Postal…” thread.

    I had made my modest contribution by showing how other
    resources replaced the “contact unit” which you know as post offices. Gotta keep up with the terminology of bureaucracy.

    Why now? The nostalgia expressed for the village post office polluting the pages of my local in Raleigh,NC. So here it is, my praise of prograss and the agrobusiness. You know what: the corps never let us in on what their next revolution they’ve got in store for us.

    The Village post office.

    Has the USA pop. fled the country because there are neither jobs nor sustenance for a small farmer or anyone else? I believe it has. Have you heard of agrobusiness. Well, that’s who took over the countryside folks—-more or less, from state to state.

    So, those with romantic dreams of country life, forget it. Exchanging gossip at the post office ain’t what it used to be, and probably never was either. Haven’t you noticed how most village folks drive by their village store (if it’s hanging on) and drive into the nearest center where the glitter and the glitz awaits with its tingle-tangle. Welcome all with dollars and or plastic. No plastic, well we can fix that, sign right nere.

    So the rural post office is just a relic of the past. Just like the general store, the blacksmith, the radio repairmen, and the gas station. I’ll betcha some of those are things you’ve never seen.

    You know what killed the small dairy farmers here? The big dairy set a minimum which most small farmers could not meet. That’s how commercialization does it to our countryside.

    Now cows are big business, polluting the air, polluting the water, keeping Monsanto rich along with big Pharma who gives us via milk our daily dose of synthetic hormones, cow hormones, and the pink slime industry who feeds our kids at lunch.

    So wherever you are the PO is a relic. But hey, what’s more economical: one postman visiting 30 homes or 30 cars visiting the old post office? Uhhhh, excuse me, where does the postman pickup the mail? At the mall, where most of you will visit once this week.

    Get it. The times they are achanging——and I ain’t Bob Dylan either. So don’t blame him or me.

    So make sure you got the net, drive that one through the legislatures. So your kids can make up for all the teachers who are being cut out of the schools now.
    It’s called distance education, and Alec provides the courses with guaranteed equal time for creationism, etc.

    Progress! You betcha, and she don’t own the phrase. So I’ll use it for now.

    Your friendly reporter from the village news center, the village post office, closed 20 years ago today by the corporations

    I wonder what else they have in store for us? They never tell me. You? Nuh-uh? Funny isn’t it. I mean it was us, all this United States was all about, or did Benjamin Franklin give us a winkon what was coming, if we’d paid attention.
    Postmaster General? No,no, no.

    He was our first FRANCHISER. He franchised newspaper publishing in several states. Sound businessman, he was.

    So rest assured in the hands of your nearest corporation.

  10. They haven’t figured out the Koch brothers system….. Get one written that disputes all of the rest….

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