Police Near Pittsburgh Called To Retrieve Overdue Library Books . . . From Four-Year-Old

Police in Freeport, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh have finally tracked down Katelyn Jageman aka “The Bookkeeper.” Jageman has been living on the lam with a collection of overdue library books and an outstanding overdue book bill of $81. That is until the library dispatched police to hunt her down like a reference book in the learning aisle. It is notable that Jageman started her life of crime a year earlier than Hailey Benoit, the notorious bibliophile from Massachusetts.

Library officials insist that they tried to get the book back and then Donna Michael, President of the Freeport Area Library Board, called in the heat.

The $81 bill represents a rate of ten cents a day over a 204-day period.

Soon however, the Freeport Area Library Board will not have to enlist police to seek out scofflaw bookholders. They have developed books that will defend themselves as shown in this demonstration:

Source: MSN

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  2. I carry 3 library cards and love each library. One very good reason (apart from all great books, cds, dvds, magazines, newspapers, computer access, art display that changes each month, donation shelves where you can donate old magazines or books that are sold for .25 to $1.00, etc. is the fact that they only keep records of the books, etc. that I have out. They maintain no history, just current events. Since they couldn’t find the Bush administration emails that were deleted, the FBI shouldn’t mess with librarians.

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