Meet Dr. Sharad Shripadrao Pandit, The Love Doctor

Dr. Sharad Shripadrao Pandit in Birmingham, England was accused in Coroner’s Court this week in an extraordinary case of alleged malpractice. The parents of Alina Sarag reportedly called the GP more than 50 times about her ailing over four-and-a-half months. They testified that Pandit accused them of mollycoddling the girl and said that her symptoms were the result of being “lovesick.” She then died for tuberculosis.

As the girl got worse and worse the doctor reportedly told the parents to take her to a faith-healer or psychiatrist. Even though the girl was vomiting ten times a day and had to be carried around the house because she was too weak to walk, her father says that Pandit refused to test for TB and said that the pain was entirely in the girl’s head or lovesick heart.

What is really amazing is that Alina contracted TB in 2009 after a girl at her school was diagnosed with the illness, so there was a confirmed case of TB in her school but no test was ordered. A simple phlegm test would have been enough to diagnose the condition.

Even when at the hospital, after she collapsed, no test was performed an x-ray reportedly found a chest infection. Nevertheless, she was sent to see a clinical psychologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital but was too ill to complete the assessment.

These cases should be raised with those politicians who continue to push for caps on malpractice (often a ridiculous $250,000) in Congress and state legislatures. Would $250,000 repay this family for the long agonizing death of this child?

Source: Telegraph

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  2. Holly, 2 things, 1 they might not have the funds for a private doc. 2) you get into a truat relatonship with docs and sometimes you feel that this is the guy who can help you and it is hard to get out of that mind set. I know I was caught in that kind of trap more then once.

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  6. If we never had doctors we would be suffering now. We tend to forget the amount of lives they have saved. If the parents were concerned and not happy with free NHS services they had a choice to take their child for private treatment, we tend to forget how lucky we are to have free medical treatment in UK. I feel sorry for their loss. Individuals need to appreciate how fortunate we are living in a country where you can get free medical attention at your doorstep.

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  9. “especially pork and shellfish. (They use more energy to digest than they give you.)”

    This sounds kind of fishy (pun only kind of intended.) Can you explain further?


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    When I was young I used to go into my grandma’s drawer and eat the packets of Equal….I’m sure that wasn’t good for me. Could it still be a cause of issues 20 years later?

    In regards to Hemp, it astounds me that industrial Hemp is still illegal in the US. You cannot get high from it (yes, an individual with a green thumb could turn it into a ‘marijuana’ plant…though those individuals are probably already growing marijuana anyways). It has the potential to provide everything from high quality nutrition to cloth, paper, fuel (both from biomass and from hemp oil), construction materials such as hempcrete (which outperforms traditional concrete mixes) and particle board, medicines, and many more.

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    I have to get back into researching and utlitizing information on healthier diets…I eat good as it is, but it could be much better…

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    Thansk for the info and kick to the rear.

  10. JCTheBigTree Your one anecdote does not trump the majority of people who have been victimes of med. mal.
    The doctor who paralyzed my face (“I promise you your face cannot be injured” despite pre surg test showed chances were gigantically high but test ignored until after op.), committed perjury, the Pa. Superior Court called it so (said depo testimony (2x) “different from and inconsistent with” trial testimony) his malpractice resulting in no one else being able to operate in the same area to try and fix the pain (which means everyone pays for med care, the pain and the effects of the paralysis) instead of the guy who caused the need) got away with it, the case forcibly settled by my attorney for bupkis and the doc being named sec’t of health for the sstate of Pa 4 weeks later.
    Public Citizen has said 85% of all malpractice committed by 15% of docs. but these guys get away with it, in my case the state, neurological surgeons association, and the court not caring a whit which allowed him to continue to commit malpractice (based oon the cases after mine a lawyer told me his defense of carpal tunnel op malpractice and doing a procedure well out of favor “I;m Dr. Jannetta so I can do that surgery.”
    Oh and btw, my initial problem, trigeminal neuralgia is caused by a borth defect, I could be fat as a house and lazy as a pig in mud, wouldn’t make one darn difference.
    The cap on med mal is only to protect the docs, the victime of these ‘physicians’ be damned.
    I do agree why didn;t they take her to another doc> Was this a result of the health care system there? But read the article, she was also mis (mal) treated at the hospital.

    I meant to have a different comment but once I read your reply (and some others…)

    At any rate what I was going to say was this happens all the time, esp to those with chronic intractable pain (sry that is my advocacy). Because pain is invisible most of us have numerous stories of numerous docs who have said “Oh, psychological” even when the symptoms, such as mine for trigeminal neuralgia, are textbook. I was the poster child for the symptoms and signs (I did not know that at the time) but heck “your pain can’t be that bad”. It takes many doctors, many visits before you are believed, and research shows this happens much more frequently when women complain of chronic pain (despite the higher incidence of disorders with chronic pain as the main/sole complaint)

    That doc should be hung by his toes and know a soupcon of the pain he brought that child and her family.

  11. Tort deform helps no one but the profits at company……

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