American Taliban: Pastor Worley and How To Solve The “Homosexual Problem”

It appears that there is nothing quite so inspiring for a Sunday morning like a good old-fashioned homicidal homophobic homily. Pastor Charles L. Worley has propelled himself into the national limelight with a hate-filled sermon that lays his faith-based fantasy for homosexuals — concentration camps with electric fences where they would be left to die off. In what could be viewed as a violation of the tax-exempt status of the church, he rails against President Barack Obama and says that it would be impossible to vote for him.

The Pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in the town of Maiden, North Carolina gave a raving sermon on the “way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers.” Worley was set off by Obama’s statement that he personally supports same-sex marriage. Here is his Christian response:

Of our President, gettin’ up and sayin’ that it was all right for two women to marry or two men to marry, I’ll tell you right now, I was disappointed bad. But I’ll tell you right there, it’s as sorry as you can get. The Bible’s again’ it, God’s again’ it, I’m again’ it, and if you’ve got any sense you’re again’ it! I figured a way out–a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers. But I couldn’t get it passed through Congress. Build a great big large fence, 150 or 100 miles long. Put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals. Have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. Feed ‘em, and- And you know what? In a few years they’ll die out. You know why? They can’t reproduce. If a man ever has a youngin’, praise God it’ll be the first’n.

I am actually “again” concentration camps designed to kill millions of people, but then again I do not claim to be the (blunt) instrument of God. The Br’er Rabbit dialogue is also a bit strong. I have lived South most my adult life and I have not run into a guy who actually says “if a man ever has a youngin’, praise God it’ll be the first’n” outside a 1930’s talkie movie. It appears that grammar is the gateway to homosexuality.

He then turns the sermon to voting and his public insistence that he does not want to have homosexual relations with the men in front of him:

All of these…man, I’m gonna preach the hell out of all of us. Hey! I’ll tell you right now, if somebody said, “Who you gonna vote for?” I ain’t gonna vote for a baby-killer and a homosexual-lover! You said, “Did you mean to say that?” You better believe I did! God have mercy! It makes me pukin’ sick! To think about–I don’t even know whether y’all are say this in the pulpit or not. Could you imagine kissin’ some man? My God, I love you fellers.

Well, I am not sure about those “fellars” but I passed “pukin’ sick” a couple minutes ago.


78 thoughts on “American Taliban: Pastor Worley and How To Solve The “Homosexual Problem”

  1. Nothing will happen to his tax exempt status. The Catoloc Church was advising parishioners during the run up to the 2008 election that voting for a Democrat and in particular President Obama would be a sin and they are not only still tax exempt but are also receiving billions in public funds and driving the bus in health care policy. When politicians allow religion to be a cover for all manner of outrages this kind if behavior is n surprise.

  2. His followers really do need to stand up and confront him directly. They should not condone nor participate in this evil.

  3. Fron the church website: We affirm and celebrate our diversity as a gift from God, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, economic status or gender.”There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. And I could not find Pastor Worley listed anywhere. So, they may be thumpers, but this Worley thing may be the exception. Let us hope so.

  4. JT needs to get a little further south of Washington; the dialect isn’t all that exotic.

    And, while I’m in the opining mode, Jill, his “followers” are not likely to confront the good pastor; they very likely agree and, indeed, listen to the words that drip from his venomous mouth as if they were pure honey. Indeed, that’s why they come; to hear the truth spoken.

  5. Is there any law that says churches must defer to the Constitution. Nor not say what is in their hearts.
    I thought it was clear a long time ago how they are.

    This is pandering to the “piss on the rednecks” audience.

    Far better if we spent our time reviewing what our persecutors say and write, particularly the parts we are not to supposed to hear or notice.

    But picking out redneck preachers for disdain is too simple for this sophisticated place. If you dig in the manure stack you know always what you’ll get in the shovel.
    So why bother, unless you are like racists, that is looking for someone to look down on. Always good for a pick-me-up!’

    You don’t have to love these people (although Jesus says you should, but that’s him). No, but it is wise to realize that they were not born with these defects. So, how nice it would be if “No child left behind” could be used to prevent these growth handicaps.

  6. How many judges were later found out to be fruits? Talk about being a hypocrite. Don’t piss off the rednecks. They have guns.

  7. I am a liberal and I have plenty of guns too. I just wish more liberals would have guns because we might need them if this guy or his ilk come to power.

    If they wish to come get me for my opinions, I will not be going quietly.

  8. Does the name Jones come to mind? Don’t drink the lemonade. And don’t put yourself in a place where you might be forced to.

  9. When I moved to Texas, the southern baptist preachers were still raging about catholics from the pulpit. Now they and the catholic hierarchy have joined together to defeat Obama because of his pro-gay and pro-birth control agenda.

  10. Even worse, the Catholic Church actively campaigned against Kerry who is a Catholic and he lost the Catholic vote by a wide margin. They also fought against what JFK said about his religion playing a role in his presidency.

  11. This Final Solution (Die Endlösung) type of speech of hatred would sound so much better in German!! Especially since this hick can’t even speak English properly! Yet we continue to think that “only” the Germans could be and were so barbaric and cruel, go figure!

  12. Steven,

    I know how to speak English. The American version. Make sure your spell-check is properly turned on.

  13. I quite agree. The lesson of Nazi Germany is that any country could have this happen if the people are not vigilant. Hopefully this preacher and his sheep will stay small and isolated in the hills of NC.

  14. If you white and you live in the south or a border state, you are in the minority to a very large degree if you are an Obama supporter. My friend had her car keyed recently because of her bumper sticker. I was accosted by a christian group at the polls on Saturday handing out their rating cards. They didn’t even list the democrats, of course, but they rated a republican candidate for the state school board that is not a creationist an “F”.

  15. Arthur,

    Would you like to hear a good Texas joke? Hey Mr. Texas man, what are you doing to that sheep? I’m just helping it over the fence.

  16. Swarthmore mom: in northern Arizona we do not dare have an Obama bumper sticker.
    Too many steep cliffs, too many Meth head Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin supporters. Not a good combination.

    As to the video, nothing but hate speech, pure and simple. No doubts.

  17. shano, Nearly had an incident outside of Amarillo in 2008 on the way to Colorado. I know what you mean.

  18. SwM,

    I’m not convinced. Almost everyone was nice enough. I’m from Oregon. I know how to deal with the Texas pukes. But you want to do that on your own territory.

  19. Stay out of Waco. The only thing the guy in Ruby Ridge did was sell a couple of rifles. Big deal.

  20. I stop in Waco once in awhile for a Starbucks or lunch at a local cafe on the way to Austin. Outside of there there is a billboard with Obama’s picture on it. It claims he is a socialist. lol

  21. @Matt Johnson (all in fun, my friend) –

    1. No, but if you hum a few bars, I might recognize it…

    2. Since “Mongeese”😉 are native to Asia and Africa, doubt they’ve ever met a rattlesnake; cobras maybe, rattlesnakes, not so much

    3. It’s easy to mistake a mongoose for a weasel, but it’s even easier to mistake Worley and Phelps for weasels also…

  22. Matt, You probably have good independent coffee shops. Portland is known for them. Waco does not. lol

  23. Here’s a story for you:

    Mark Traina, New Orleans School Psychologist, Stirs Up Firestorm With Tweets About “Black Thugs”

    A school psychologist in New Orleans is under fire for posting racially inflammatory comments online amid a debate about the school system’s treatment of black and special education students.

    The Jefferson Parish school system is investigating Mark Traina after some of his postings — including “Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!” — were highlighted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

    Traina’s comments – including “Serpas should be warning people to STAY THE HELL OUT OF NEW ORLEANS! These Black Dudes will Kill You!” – were posted on his Twitter feed and on the Website. In an April Tweet, he wrote that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman was “the real victim and held his ground.”

  24. What’s to worry about America?
    Nuts on top, nuts on bottom. That evens out to one nut.
    Now if we knew the name, we could eat it and go home.

    Mske any sense out of that? Neither did I.
    But could say the same of much here today.
    One millon monkeys = (please fill in)

  25. junctionshamus,

    There aren’t any “Mongeese” in the United States because they have a hard time surviving. The weasels don’t want to mess with rattlesnakes either. The weasels are smarter than mongeese.

  26. shano,

    The question, idealist ,is why do Americans love these kinds of con men so much?
    They don’t. They’re just indoctrinated.

  27. SwM,

    Good point. What is the ATF known for? Why not let the local police arrest Mr. Personality when he was in town on one of his supply junkets?

  28. Matt, I think their chef goes all the way to Austin to the Central Market. Saw the security vehicle there once. The goods in Waco are probably not high enough end for them. lol

  29. junctionshamus,

    Ruby Ridge trial is old news. The guy involved in that got a pickup truck. He gave the rest of the money to his surviving daughters.

  30. junctionshamus, I don’t know. I am not a native Texan. I know there is nothing out there but ranches and now lots of wind turbines. The good part is within in a few miles you will leave Texas and enter New Mexico.

  31. SwM,

    Matt, I think their chef goes all the way to Austin to the Central Market. Saw the security vehicle there once. The goods in Waco are probably not high enough end for them. lol
    Who’s the chef? I thought their compound already burned down.

  32. Matt, I thought you were talking about Bush driving in from Crawford. ha ha You were talking about David Koresh. I got confused as I thought you were talking about the present. Crawford is near Waco, too. Ken Starr is now there, also.

  33. @ Matt Johnson – Ruby Ridge – 1992, Branch Davidians – 1993. Not so far apart, Fast & Furious – 2008? A long string of failures, I think.

    @SwM – Re: Whackos from Waco – An old song by Timpothy P. and the Rural Route 3: “(I’m Proud to Be From) Dumb-ass, Texas”

  34. North Carolina Anti-Gay Pastor In 1978: Gays Used To Be ‘Hung, Bless God, From A White Oak Tree’
    By Annie-Rose Strasser on May 22, 2012

    The anti-gay North Carolina pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church has been facing backlash over his recent sermon in which he said the US should pen in “all the lesbians and queers” with an electrified fence and wait for them to “die out.”

    But it turns out Worley has been saying offensive things about gay people for decades.

    Jeremy Hooper dug up this bit of hate from Worley in 1978, in which Worley says that “40 years ago” gay people would have been hung “from a white oak tree”:

    WORLEY: I’m God’s preacher. I just believe the book. Living in a day when, you know what, it saddens my heart to think that homosexuals can go around, bless God, and get the applause of a lot of people. Lesbians and all the rest of it? Bless God, forty years ago they’d have hung ‘em, bless God, from a white oak tree, wouldn’t they? Amen.

  35. Matt – Years ago, people on my fire crew told me not only did I not have both oars in the water, I didn’t even know what lake I was on. But even you have me confused. Sometimes being plain-spoken is for the best.

    BTW – It’s a Triumph, not a Harley

  36. Churches should not have tad exempt status anyway. It’s not fair. It’s a business– not unlike theatre.

  37. I would have done something a little different from this Pastor. I will give them the opportunity to accept the Lord, and if they rejected, just have them placed inside these so called FEMA camps. They are going to be later on anyway. Jesus loves everyone, but hates sin. If you want to live in sin, well, Sodoma had its chance to repent. It is going to happen again, and I am sure the smell of their wicked ways are getting to God’s nose. Get out the way. Jesus is the solution.

  38. Getting a bunch of people every Sunday to hear you rant is a particular kind of activity. You just can’t DO it all by yourself. And when you do it with your little crowd, you stay with the songs that work best. That one works very well because nobody in your audience is willing to stand up and say, “hey wait a minute, I was…”

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