9 thoughts on “Romanian Sandstorm: Television Station Caught Creating Its Own Weather Story”

  1. Reminds me of when an investigative news agency many years ago staged a news clip demonstrating the “dangers of the side-saddle gas tanks in a particular brand of pick-up truck.” They staged a test collision where a car slammed into the side one of the trucks and it erupted in flames. Turns out, the ignition was aided by a model rocket engine installed to assist in the truth of the situation: because all truck gasoline tanks come with emergency rocket engines to ensure a clean burn.

  2. Talk about a slow news day.
    (And I am going to send this to my nephew, a TV meteorologist)

  3. ARE
    Remember the coverage of the teabag demo in DC vs a comparable std protest one of equal size?
    Well, now things are happening so fast that even the FAUX can’t keep up.

  4. They are trying to become the local FAUX affiliate. I’m sure Murdock is looking at them as we speak. The producer will have to go as will the cameraman. FAUX will show them how to use old footage of demonstrations to splice into a “news” stroy when your side has a poor turn out. I am sure that by now FAUX has figured out how ot put leaves back on trees in the old footage so it is not so obvious as their last attempt at blatant propoganda. Of course, it is wasted effort since FAUX viewers are too stupid to notice such little items.

  5. 707 – that sort of funny because here it is the local TV weatherclowns that have pointed out global warming. At first they were pretty direct about it but I am guessing they took a lot of heat on the subject because they look sheepish and use a lot of weasel words when they point out that the last couple of decades have been the warmest on record and it is getting warmer. One or two of them still make reference but they are pretty careful not to offend the wingnut faction

  6. Frankly,
    What says they are not now? Koch may not be sponsoring, but who is paying for suppression of “it’s getting warmer”-news?
    In the meanwhile we drink the Koolaid.

  7. If we detected and commented all these it would be net down condx. Woe We Wait times. Or was it World Worst Wait?
    Honest producers and journalists are often mysteriously dying on real field trips to places like Syria. Called FFM.
    Friendly Fire, Mutherf—-r”
    Few of those left now.

  8. Its probably only a matter of time before the US media pulls this with weather reports. They already do it for politics, kicking up dirt & making news where none exists, in scientific reporting, hyping ‘studies’ with no concern or background for who did the study, what methods did they use and was there a peer review, and also for economic reporting where the dollar value gets attention but not the cost.

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