26 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Dredd, I just knew someone would have trouble moving past all that bare skin. Didn’t know it would be you. : )

  2. Do you know that Arnold met Maria at a Kennedy family reunion? He was there as the date of one of Maria’s cousins. Then he met the housekeeper.

  3. pete-

    You’re a bad boy!

    Actually, there are many katz in the photograph, which was taken at the annual Katz family reunion.

  4. Were you looking for the word โ€œmerkinโ€, pete? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (corrected)

  5. Were you looking for the work “merkin”, pete? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    lol. I was enlarging… and suddenly there was this red circle with a darn cat in it. Occasionally, I find “that darn cat”, but not often enough…


    (I loved that show…)

  6. Matt dont see a circle but the pink ribbon but agree if we are looking at the same thing he does not seem like a happy camper.

  7. i thought i’d found it but it was just someone with a hairy… nevermind.

  8. leejcaroll,

    The Yorkie has a circle around it. Doesn’t look that content.

  9. Thght I saw a Yorkie sticking out of a bag (middle right corner of pic) but missed the kitteh and of course when I went back after reading this I couldnt look at pic without seeing him (her)

  10. There is very definitely a minority, two in fact.
    One is the lack of obese, which proves it is not in America, that and the stony beach. Also the mixed bag agewise indicates the same.

    the other minority are the caucasions. They just think they are the majority. Sheesh. Same mindset after all these years. Must be the ICBMs that convince them.

  11. Thought she was wearing a pink bikini . . . actually, she’s with the leopard.

    BTW . . . do you know the beach? Is it Brighton? Can anyone find a minority?

  12. This is the toughest one yet! I actually saw it but didn’t think it was a cat so I finally gave up & looked for the answer

  13. I found it without having to go below the fold!

    It’s going to be a gooood day.

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